Do you Trust Your Case in Neil Foth's Court Room?

Here is the truth people.  All of your deep dark secrets are at the fingertips of people that have the following qualifications

  • No security clearance
  • No credit checks
  • Extremely limited background check
  • Supervisors with minimal oversite 

Over the past month, we have started at the bottom level of supervisor supervision where we were asked to send an email, which was sent yet never opened.

We informed a District Court Judge that his employee was dipping into files for personal gain and had proof of one such instance and that was ignored.

We were directed to a deputy supervisor who never returned the phone call.

We have emails sent that are time stamped with actions taken by the people in question and their steps to obstruct any investigation.

We have a district court judge interjecting himself into a case on behalf of an employee, admitting it in email and then trying to cover it up in the public records.

We have a courthouse employee suddenly represented by a team of lawyers that this person couldn't afford and a last minute appearance entered into the record of
the case.

Why is there so much silence and effort being made to protect these people?  The District Attorney's Office and Judge Kelly both have the information in front of them and will have actual files next week.

If this can happen to me, couldn't this happen to you?  The answer is yes!!!  Information is loosely watched and people use this information for their personal gain.  Imagine all of your deepest darkest secrets being read and decisions being made about your future by people with zero ethics.

Until JOCO can address this instance you should all be worried especially if you have a case in Judge Neil Foth's courtroom.  Loose lips sink ships! 

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