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JOCO Judge Neil Foth sits on Throne because of Daddy's Legacy

That is right folks, Judge "alter the records and step in the shit" Neil Foth isn't really here in JOCO for his merit.  I mean come on, the guy was an ambulance chaser before being appointed to the courts in 2009.

NOPE, NEIL had a daddy that actually made something of himself and now Neil is hiding being daddy's legacy and is apparently above the law in JOCO and KS.  How else is it that with the proof that this blog has that nothing has happened?

Sadly, the case in which the files were obtained were in a case involving another once great Kansans son.  It could be Supreme Court justice son vs Supreme Court justice son in court.  

The files will be released on Monday to all parties involved and they can take the actions they see fit since nobody in the county seems to have a clue.

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