Joco still doesn’t care?

I am in Joco today to find out the truth behind the cover ups and lies that took place in December and January. Will they ignore the proof of the printed screenshots, emails, time stamps, exposed files and concern from victims of the abusive power that some have in JOCO starting with a morally corrupt Judge in Neil Foth and trickling down from there.

Neil is an elected official and should be held accountable for betraying the trust of the citizens of our district. We do after all have Judge Protection Order weighing in on family court issues. Reminds me of the South Park skit where fat sally Struthers watched the food donations for the starving people in Africa. 

Why would so many people want to cover up their misconduct?  Let’s remember that supervisors still haven’t even read emails sent that they asked for. Why is it that a county employee is allowed to log in through their bosses computer to access files and transmit them out of the courthouse?  And then be trusted to enter personal case info into the system?  

Don’t worry people your secrets are well protected on JOCO. Lol. 

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