Judge Neil Foth knew of a lot and did nothing? Joco Courts the same? Ks Bar Now involved?

For the past 2 weeks, the JOCO courts and one specific judge have known about an ethical violation that came to light due to a divorce case being held there and
the threats made to a defendant to use whatever powers were needed and would be willing to say whatever would be needed to screw the defendant over.

The goal of the defendant fairness.  It isn't the defendant's fault that the person attacking him works where they do and their responsibilities line up with those of the court case against him.  Not to trick, trap or get people fired, just fairness.

In the past several months, attempts at fairness have been laughed off and have been met with returned threats of action. So be it. 

Here are the FACTS today

1.  The court is rigged from the legal help desk to the judges in the family court against the defendant due to the plaintiffs' relationships with supervisors, employees, and judges.  All facts 
2.  Judge Neil Foth has received in writing a complaint followed up by a complaint filed to the county with evidence of how this employee has previously proven themselves to be untrustworthy within the computer system which would cause anyone with an IQ over 60 to proceed with caution and only signed documents once properly served by the county. 
3.  Judge Neil Foth and Katherine Stocks have not taken any action.  Instead, after receiving these documents an attorney was suddenly produced for the employee of the courthouse.  
4.  Email time stamps can prove that Judge Neil Foth has been engaged in the proceedings as recently as 1039am.
5.  The paperwork filed recently by someone that Judge Neil Foth holds in extremely high regards is full of lies.  Lying on even a single court document violates all codes of conduct county officials sign.  
6.  By sitting on all of this and possibly enabling his friend has Judge Neil Foth himself broken the basic code of conduct that even the janitors have to sign to work at the courthouse. 
7.  Is there a separate legal system for those connected on the inside of the JOCO courthouse and those who were left stranded and near homeless?  
8.  There is a $1,000,000 life insurance policy at stake and a house in Blue Valley at the center of this matter as well for an incentive. 
9.  Judge Neil Foth was caught in his own admin assistants divorce case file and then when caught, tried to cover it up with a story and THEN have it deleted from the system.  THE COVER-UP NEIL THE COVER-UP
10. There isn't a single dispute by the defendant on property or custody, this should have been an open and shut case.
11.  JOCO court employees are trying to say that they don't have my address despite me knowing otherwise.  And if they can't find me then they are the worst investigators on the planet (sorry deputies you are the only people there I respect lol)

Those of you that are verified members of the media and would like copies of all documents please let me know at the contact info on the left.  Text or email works. 

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