Monday Judge Neil Foth Update or is it Justice Protection Order?

It is another Monday and yes the judge is still at work and still overseeing the divorce cases of the people of Johnson County.  I am sure that you are all secure knowing that right?  A man that umm can't be compromised is deciding the fate of kids, fathers, mothers, grandparents and of course MONEY.  

I am sure that Valentines Day was a wonderful day at the JOCO courthouse.  Full of whispers, secret meetings, notes, snooping in files, fast-tracking some cases ahead of others, allegedly.  NOTHING is more romantic in Neil's courtroom than a little dipping where he shouldn't or maybe he thinks its ok or maybe he was lead on to believe it was ok or whatever the story is up there.

Regardless of all of this, you should all feel good when your case is in the hands of Neil and company.

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