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Judge Foth Disclosure Pt. 3 - Names in the files

We are in the middle of redacting personal
information on case files that were transmitted out of Neil Foth's office and should have enough up by Sunday. Unlike the office of Judge Foth, we would like to preserve the privacy of the below-mentioned people

For now, learn the following names

  • Phil Marquardt - Son of a former Kansas Supreme Court Justice
  • Doug Ott - KCMO Businessman
  • Jeff Reddin - JOCO Businessman
  • D. M - JOCO Housewife 

The sealed case files of a personal business lawsuit were sent from the JOCO courthouse to computers outside involving the cases of the above-mentioned names or whose personal health records were violated.  The reason for the theft, blackmail!  

Where is the head of the JOCO Courts on this?  How about the District Attorney's office?  Chief Judge of Kansas?

Contact them today if you are concerned about your personal privacy in the JOCO court system.

  • District Attorney's Office100 N. Kansas Olathe, KS 66061Phone: 913-715-3000

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