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Neil Foth Disclosure Part 2 - The opening Salvo

 I understand your concerns regarding name closeness to the court system. However, people within our court system get divorced just like anyone else and there are procedures that are followed to avoid the kinds of issues you raise. I will try to clear up some misperceptions you have and otherwise try to make you feel more confident in the handling of your case - as you request. Perhaps I can clear things up more quickly and directly than whoever you are calling.

First, before I continue, every time I think of Neil and his toupee and old shriveled skin and his wealthy wife banging younger men I can't help but picture the old hormone monster from Big Mouth

The opener that set it all off.  Keep in my mind that at this point I was simply asking to have my case moved out of JOCO due to my concerns expressed in the previous email and post below in which he read.  Divorce is handled at the state level and doesn't vary based on the county BUT the people judging your case do. Also, notice the immediate redirection of him answering instead of pointing me to a 3rd party.  There are some out there that believe that the AA is the one that answered the email instead of the judge.  I have spoken with several judges on Linkedin and in JOCO in the past 2 months and they have found this response very unusual.  Especially when you take into consideration the number of grammar mistakes that the app picked up whenever I cut and pasted it

SO, after receiving his email of lies, douchebaggery, neglect to address unethical concerns and questions brought up I decided to do a dive into this man's own personal history.  You see........  Having had a court employee live with me for a couple of years I hear ALL THE GOOD GOSSIP.  I hear about ALL THE SCANDAL, I hear about WHO IS FUCKING WHO and I hear about the personal lives of judges.  I remember that Neil was divorced so I just had to look into his own case to see if he practiced what he preached and sure as shit NO.  The douchebag had an outsider brought in for his own case because his wife or himself come from money and influence and can pay for fairness.  The rest of us, including me, who was upper middle class at the time couldn't even begin the PAY TO PLAY scheme that exists inside the walls of this institution (excluding my current judge who seems to be the only fair man in this county). 

Wouldn't that piss off anybody residing any county let alone the county that PRETENDS to be above all scandal? YET has a notorious history of judges, lawyers, court clerks, supervisors, IT employees and even a fucking DA that were scumbags.  YET Neil FOTH gets a pass and so do the people stealing files and involved in the cover-up from JANUARY 16th becasue ????

I HAVE KEPT A LIST OF ALL THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE BEEN INFORMED OF THESE ACTIONS that hold positions of power and supervisor roles in BOTH THE COUNTY & THE STATE.  THE NAMES WILL BE LISTED AND THE LIARS WILL BE EXPOSED FOR their own personal ethics violations both in this case and others.  I am ONE HELL OF A RESEARCHER.  Ask around.. . and as of yesterday morning, I have absolutely nothing to lose.  I will drag this on for the next 10 days not because I need time but just to watch those of you that were complicit in the coverup that hasn't been directly linked already enjoy the squirm.

I fully intend on expressing my first amendment rights despite officers of the court trying to shut me down.  YES, they are so scared that they have filed papers to silence me...  SUE ME!  I don't have a nickel left lol and will probably not make another nickel in the time I am choosing to remain on this planet. 

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