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JOCO District Court Neil Foth File Gate - Disclosure 1

On January 16th, 2019 Judge Neil Foth, Mr. Protection Order himself was informed of the misdealings and unethical actions taken by those in his employment and for over 2 months now nothing has been done.

In fact, the Judge never addressed the concerns I shared in his reply back to me... Why is that?  Why would a sitting district court judge in JOCO overlook provable claims of unethical behavior?  

The following is a snippet of the email I sent to the judge

From the time I was told by NAME that there was a court order in which I had no say in regarding fees of maintenance and child support that she herself admitted weren't figured with accurate information this whole thing has been onesided and flown through the courts with a rubber stamp that it seems that either she has had access to or others have been doing her a personal favor.  I am sure that nowhere in there my disabilities have been considered, my cancer, the falsification of my income etc...  all which should be crimes on a court order.   I know of several times in the past that she has used her access to gain information into cases she wasn't allowed, used information to stalk former friends of hers, try to get money out of former employers of mine etc... 

So how is it that JOCO courts continue to allow this behavior?

And when asked how he magically got assigned to my case the DAY AFTER I was nearly killed by the OP police department I was given this excuse... and notice the TONE when he finishes.  REAL PROFESSIONAL and not defensive at all..

First, I have made no orders in your case or interfered with it in any way. NAMEis of course my administrative assistant and I have naturally discussed the matter with her over recent weeks. However she’s quite capable of representing herself since she evaluates pleadings and cases like yours every day. Your case was assigned to Judge Wonnell because apparently one of you filed for divorce once before and the case was previously assigned there. NAME filed a motion yesterday that she wanted a hearing on. I told NAME that Judge Wonnell probably would not handle her case and likely didn’t even know it existed. I notified him of the issue and was correct - he didn’t even know you had your case. He said it would be randomly reassigned which is standard procedure. However, his temporary administrative assistant did not understand that it should not be randomly reassigned within the Family Court. LMFAO LIES There are 19 District Court judges in Johnson County and only 5 handles Family Court matters such as your case. While any one of them (excluding myself) would probably handle your case without bias or partiality, all would recuse themselves to avoid the appearance of possible partiality and the lack of confidence you express in your email. I don’t think the temp AA really understood where NAME worked. Not everyone in this courthouse knows each other, as you seem to believe. I probably know half of the other administrative assistants. Regardless, your case was randomly reassigned to me. I quickly notified the Judge’s administrative assistant that she needed to reassign it again outside of the family court judges. She removed the Family Court “flag” in the computer and put it back in for random reassignment. It’s currently assigned to civil Judge Gurney. I don’t know if Judge Gurney knows NAME or would even take a Family Court case. Your case may get randomly reassigned again if he rejects it but it is completely out of my hands. Your implicit accusation that I did, or would actually try to hear my own assistant’s case completely unfounded and frankly preposterous. THEN WHY DO I HAVE SCREENSHOTS OF YOU DOING IT?
            Regarding your other concerns, I don’t know what you mean by her, “using (my) name to serve (you) with papers.” To my knowledge, you have not been formally served with anything. You also make arguments as to why the Ex Parte Temporary Orders are incorrect. These may be valid and possibly even winning arguments, but you need to make them to the judge who is hearing your case. To do that you need to be in the case, not arguing it from a distance to whoever you can get on the phone or to me by email. I advise you to consult or retain an attorney. I hope this answers your questions regarding our procedures or otherwise increases your confidence that your case can be handled impartially within this courthouse. If not, this email is not an invitation to some kind of dialogue. Please do not reply.

WHAT A DICK!  Seriously, what type of Mickey Mouse operation are they running there?  The incompetence of the TEMP?  The AA that works there not filing the papers right?  His name just randomly appearing in the lottery???

Sorry, Neil, you are full of shit and as a Judge, you are supposed to be above any questionable behavior.  Put this with the protection order your wife filed in your divorce case and what exactly are you?  Definitely not a man, maybe a douchebag...  A lying douchebag.  


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