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There are those that cash checks from within the walls of the JOCO courthouse that believe that they can strip me of my 1st amendment rights.  They have gone as far as to schedule a hearing to show that I am in CONTEMPT of a court order for later on this month.  They are trying to hide under the umbrella of a clause that in 99.9% of all other cases would hold merit BUT when you work for the courts, try to use your powers to influence decisions inside the courts, blackmail from the courts then I am sorry the place of your employment is fair game.

Liars, cheats, sneaks and those with something to hide are always afraid when people start talking, especially when it involves the truth, your abuse of power and CRIMES.  Soooooooooooo please forgive me if I speak out against the criminal enterprise and the coverup that has taken place since the end of November 2017 and honestly well before that.  

Do I plan on attending this hearing?  FUCK NO. Come shut me down.  I have close to 40 posts set up to be made regardless of where I am through apps that work on timers.  

Judge Foth and his merry band of sneaks and thieves can only hide for so long.  Their name is already MUD in the legal world and let's be honest, I haven't even gotten to the really good stuff yet.  

If you are a county worker then rest assured that the Code of Ethics and Conduct that you sign and are supposed to follow is meaningless.  If you
have ever been written up or terminated for breach of any of the clauses then you have a legal case against the county/state.  If you have ever had a ruling in Judge Foth's courtroom then you should consider it null and void.  it means nothing.  The man is a coverup artist and is so unstable that his own wife filed for protection against him.  Yes, a FAMILY COURT JUDGE is such an unstable individual that his wife at the time had to file for PROTECTION against him yet this moron is allowed to rule over cases involving other families???  

His team has been proven untrustworthy of keeping court documents secret and the common decency one expects when dealing with the courts YET they are still allowed high-level access into all the secrets of the citizens of this county.  

This is why they want to silence me.  I know the truth, I raise my middle
finger to the good ole boys club of the county and will not bow down to their power plays.  Judge Foth's team even BEG me to take down this blog yet say that nobody cares what it says. LMFAO.  Then they stalk this page morning/noon/night waiting for the next update to prepare to spin because they believe that nobody in this county cares.  I guess the 2.5 million readers that have come by despite being idle for almost 5 years are meaningless and if nobody cares, then you might as well not file a 30-page motion begging to restrict my freedom of speech and ask for an immediate hearing.  

The same people filing this emergency contempt hearing have themselves violated almost every single decision made since this trial began and are currently in violation of several from just a few weeks ago so screw them and their hired gun lawyer 

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