Just some random thoughts, ideas and beliefs I have compiled that will more than likely piss everyone off at least once.

1 Welfare recipients should be made to wear pok-a-dot clown clothing so that we can see who is sponging off of us.

2. Welfare recipients should only be able to shop at designated stores. The food in these stores should not be better than the food US soldiers are eating while fighting in wars.

3. Union workers should be deported to Mexico and Illegals should stay. Your leaders have overpriced your product which is destroying the manufacturing capability of this country.

4. Government officials should have to make public their office spending in real time. I want to log in and see how much these crooks are spending on lunch.

5. Organized Crime should be left alone. They do a better job of controlling it than local law enforcement.

6. Rapist should be eligible for the Death Penalty

7. People convicted of murder or sex crimes against a child should be punished by the parents. If they want to see the dipped in Battery Acid, so be it.

8. Drinking age should be lowered to 18. If you are old enough to enter the military then you should be eligible to purchase booze.

9. The right to Vote should be given only to those with a HS diploma or GED and taken away if you are currently on welfare.

10. Campaign finance restrictions should be dissolved but every penny needs to be made public on the internet.

11. Censorship of TV and Radio should go away. If you don't want to watch or listen to it then find something else. I want TRUE freedom of speech.

12. The Federal Reserve banking system needs to take a hike.

13. There should be a flat tax.

14. Legalization of gambling, drugs, prostitution, carrying of concealed weapons should go in effect asap. To many lives and too much money goes into policing these crimes of personal "ethics".

15. Failing school districts should be taken over by the States asap.

16. States should have more power than the federal government.

17. It should be harder to sue someone.

18. Personal property rights should be respected. The government should not be able to take your land to put something that they "want" on it.

19. Terrorists should be executed within 90 days of capture.

20. The United States should get out of the United Nations asap.

21. If we win a war, we should keep the land.

22. Pork should not be allowed to be included in other bills. All pork projects should go up for a vote and made public.

23. Voting in congress by elected officials should be made mandatory and a yes or no should be the only options.

24. Raises given to elected officials should be voted on by the public and not by those getting the freaking raise.

25. All laws created to protect the stupid should be dissolved.

26. The government and law enforcement should only be able to have video cameras in government buildings.

27. All immigration to the United States should be put on hold until we can all decide on how to fix the current problems.

28. If you lie in a campaign debate you should be made to readdress the lie(s) right away before the debate is over.

29. Campaigning in churches should be made legal.

30. All companies should give time off for government holidays. Why is it that government employees seem to be the only ones off for all holidays? Why are we paying for them to sit while we work?

31. Single ply toilet paper should not be sold

32. I am a firm believer of an eye for an eye and street justice.

33. If I were to become part of an organized religion it would be Catholic.

34. If you belong to a small spin off religion of Christianity then you belong to a cult.

35. Celebrities that say they are going to leave the country after an election should be held to those statements.

36. The adoption process in the United States should become more efficient so that people dont skip over kids born here to adopt kids from other countries.

37. Smoking bans should only be enforced in government buildings. The government should not be able to dictate your behaviors beyond those walls.

38. The prevention of giving out some information regarding the suspect of a crime because it is not PC should not happen.

39. I beleive that section 8 housing should be as crappy as possible.

40. I believe that March should be Irish History month and May Hispanic history month.

41. I believe that Northern Ireland should be given back to the people that it belongs to.

42. There should be more revealed regarding the treatment of the Irish when they came to this country.

44. There should be no such thing as "disadvantaged business" what the hell is that? and why the hell do they win most of the contracts?

45. I believe that the Nobel Peace prize is a joke.

46. I believe in Reganomics.

47. I believe that if the city I live in or the stores I shop at want to put up a Christmas Tree, wish me a Merry Christmas or have a live freaking Nativity scene out front of City Hall that they should be able to as long as a majority are in favor of it.

48. I believe that paying into public schools should be optional and that if you want to send your kid to a private school that you can put that money towards it.

49. I believe that their is no such thing as a green job.

50. I believe that moderates are ruining this country.

51. I believe that people that don't read this blog are ignorant.

52. I believe that my blog is the new voice of the conservative party.

53. I believe that people serving in the military should be given a pay increase.

54. I think the amount of traffic violations that you can receive a ticket for are excessive and only in place to drive revenue.

55. I wonder why police departments announce where thy are going to have DUI checkpoints.

56. I am for tax breaks given to big corporations that DONT send jobs overseas.

57. I believe that spending a billion dollars on aids in Africa is a mistake when that money could be spent here to solve some of the problems that we have.

58. I think that the United States should disband NATO and start over.

59. I think daylight savings time is a joke and should go away.

60. I think the price of personalized plates should be the same as normal plates

61. I believe that the money allocated to welfare would be better used in providing tuition assistance for college.

62. I think that that state run Universities should only be allowed to raise tuition after a public vote.

63. I believe that there should be a playoff system in college football.

64. I believe that women rule the world and that most of the problems that we face are due to men trying to get laid.

65. I believe that gyms should have separate locker rooms for old people.

66. I believe that cyclist that ride in the middle of the road should be fair game to motorist.

67. I believe that cyclist that ride their bikes during rush hour should be ticketed.

68. I believe that the XBOX 360 is the best gaming system ever made.

69. I believe that Dave Chappelle is the funniest man alive.

70. I believe that Carrie Underwood should pose for playboy.

71. I believe that that the chicken $hit in Saving Private Ryan that stayed in the stairwell while his buddy got stabbed is the biggest P***Y EVER IN A MOVIE.

72. I thnk that grunge music sucked.

73. I think that Oprah is dangerous

74. I think the movie "Bring it On" is underrated.

75. I believe that Memphis BBQ is 10x better than KC BBQ.

76. I love Blues music but think Jazz sucks.

77. I thnk people that think Jay Z is the greatest rapper ever are morons.

78. I think that McDonalds has the best Coke but don't know why.

79. I think I could live on Taco Via Sauce alone.

80. I will never buy another GM car as long as the government is in control of the company.

81. I think Monica Lewinsky gave more credibility to what guys have always said that fat chicks are best at.

82. I think that people that liked Napolean Dynamite and Superbad have no freaking taste.

83. I hate it when I see a fat painter at a "starving artist" sale.

84. I think that there is no such thing as a nice pitbull.

85. I think people that believe filtered cigs are better for you are in denial.

86. I think that people that put celebs on their laminated list of 5 to sleep with are retarded. You need to make smarter choices.

87. The three greatest clothing inventions for women are; the thong, boy shorts and jogging bras.

88. I don't think there is an "average looking" redhead. Either they are hot or butt ugly, no middle ground.

89. I am against helmet laws for motorcycles.

90. I think groups of middle aged adults riding mopeds in packs are lame.

91. I think putting 1000 rims on a $5oo car isnt to bright.

92. People that say that they don't see the differnce between HDTV and regular TV are blind.

93. I think that GI JOE was the best cartoon when I was a kid.

94. If I had to, I could eat pizza every night.

95. I love Facebook but think Twitter is retarded.

96. I think that Worlds of Fun should be torn down and in its place there should be a theme park named Ghetto Land.

97. I think that saving KKFI is pointless as is donating money to KCPT

98. I think that Soren Petro is the best sports talk host in the Metro.

99. I think that Call of Duty is the best video game ever made.

100. I thnk you need to find something better to do than read this long ass post.