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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

KCK Kids get short changed in education

It appears that the incompetent folks in WYCO have once again failed the citizens,

more importantly, the children.  You see, they have created such a poor environment for educators that there are a ton of empty slots left.  Who saw this coming from the land of KCK?  Surely not the readers of this blog...

Their solution......which was applauded by the media as being creative... Having teachers from other states ZOOM IN to teach classes.  Seriously, WTF!!!!

If your kid is attending a KCK public school, yank them, move, bail.  Their futures are fucked.  

Sunday, August 23, 2009


You knew that with the great weather we had this weekend that KCMO and KCK would go crazy and judging by the stories below their aim improved. I was pretty sure that last weeks candlelight march didn't work nor did praying on Sunday. It appears that city officials and residents are dead set on letting this genocide continue in their own backyard.

A perfect example of how clueless the Chief of Police in Kansas City is on fighting crime can be found in this story that took place on Friday before all hell broke loose this weekend. Yes, while gangsters, dealers and stick up kids are loading their weapons and plotting their next move KCMO cops are holding meetings with citizens. The effectiveness of this meeting can be found below.

1. Soccer fans take a good look at your new hood. Shot to the head. And you crazy bastards thought driving home from Starlight was dangerous, just wait...........

2. East Side Tummy Tuck - 5 bullets to the gut.

3. KCK is a great place to live...errr die. One dead and another wounded in "gods country".

4. It appears that the life expectancy in East KC is aprox 25 years. This poor bastard was found dead in his tomb.

5. I had to check this one out a few times to make sure it wasn't the same as #1. Turns out ANOTHER teen took a bullet to the head.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

If at first you don't succeed, lower your standards

You have to appreciate a community that celebrates the increase in people applying for their GED's. Could you imagine a news agency reporting this in OP? Good god politicians and school board members would be running for their lives. It just goes to show you that society continues to lower its standards as the business community increases theirs.

The only people that should be celebrating this news are the kids living in JOCO who continue to be the cream of the crop for colleges to recruit and employers to hire.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


It appears that we are back on track in the metro and the effectiveness of my walk down troost was greatly over estimated.

1. The east side is finally off the bench and back in the game putting points on the board. Linwood & Gillham.

2. KCK residents seem to have a Dollar Store Robbery Fetish. Exactly how much money does one expect to steal when they are robbing the DOLLAR store? I know that the Dollar Store is the Nordstroms of KCK but come on....

3. I am not sure that 24th and Cottownwood Creek(KCK) would be safe at 12:30pm let alone 12:30 am.

4. The only click that Missouri teens are hearing is that of a handgun trigger. I for one have been wearing my seatbelt ever since DT died and never wore it before that.

5. Raytowna Beach joggers are not safe. Who knew?

6. Any time a liberal talks about voter registration you know that there is a crime about to be committed, so this story goes here.

7. A crime was actually reported on Quindaro. HOLY CRAP! I have friends on the KCK police department and they said that the reason that you never hear about how bad it really is in that part of town is due to nobody calling it in. They have been numbed to it.

8. As if the wife of the Mayor doesn't have enough problems. I heard her on the radio last week and she made my skin crawl.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


There is a story that has long been overlooked in the metro that is finally getting some attention regarding area schools and their dropout rates. Take a bow KCMO & KCK school districts for achieving these amazing numbers.

Southeast - 60% of the kids drop
Southwest Charter - 55% of the kids drop
Van Horn - Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner 66% drop
Central High - 58% drop

Harmon - 40% drop
Wyandotte - 56% drop

You almost have to try to be bad to hit these numbers