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Monday, October 29, 2012


If this storm were to hit the Midwest Not a single F*** would be given.

But for those of you looking for something to do/watch now that the World Series is over.......

Monday, March 23, 2009


Tonight the new season of "KC Hysterics" kicks off staring Katie Horner, Brian Busby, Gary Lezak & Mike Thompson. I can hardly wait to see what nifty safety tips Katie has for us this year as she tracks a strom in Utah that could hit us at anytime. Another thing to look for is new radars. Will there be a Nexdop 2.o released this year? Will we finally have the technology to watch people get sucked into a tornada and thrown 100 feet?

Anyway you look at it the next couple of months will screw everyones DVR's up.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Anyone else sick of the flood coverage? This crap is getting over the top. Last night I watched an interview on one of the local stations of an elderly couple in which they described the floating patterns of driftwood when the water is rising...........Gripping journalism.

Don't we all know by now that when we get a lot of rain that bodies of water will flood and people that live near these areas will be affected? Do we need 5 stories in one news broadcast or in one paper outlining this crap to us?

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Right now she is on the air telling people to duck and cover in Trenton, Mo. Where the hell is Trenton, Missouri you ask? 94 Miles from KCMO and 106 miles from Gods Country. This is a freaking joke. I just flipped through all of the other stations and she is the only one covering this. Isn't there a station in St. Joe or southern Iowa that would be better suited to cover this.

What a freaking drama queen.
Update: Lezak & Busby just jumped on the bandwagon...

Updated update: Chicago can expect rain....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How pissed was Horner?

The late arrival of the storm last night had to make Katie furious. The past few months have been full of 40 degree/rainy days, a forecast that even she can't mess up. The one chance that she has had this season at scaring the crap out of the mindless drones that tune in for forecast (rather than making fun of her) passed her by. How will she handle it?

I WILL GUARANTEE YOU that the next time there is a chance of lightening in Wichita she will be predicting the end of the world for the metro(in her jeans of course).

Just how bad are the weather people in this town? TKC's blog had a link to a story by the New York Times in which they basically call our TV crystal ball readers, idiots.

Monday, April 14, 2008


It is not a nice day. Why is everyone saying that today? Don't fall for the bait & switch. The normal temp for this time of year is some where in the upper sixties, right now it is 45 degrees. The next time someone tells you that it is nice outside put up the middle finger and let them know that you will not be bamboozled.

Monday, March 31, 2008


1. My daughters are now proud rodent owners. Friday night we went out and got the girls some new pets. We ended up getting the youngest 2 gerbils & the oldest a Guinea pig.

2. Winter will never end. This is the most depressing weather I have ever seen in the metro. Nothing sucks the life out of you more than knowing that everyday that you wake up there is going to be crappy weather. I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

3. Road Construction is on its way back. The weather isn't going to slow down the closing of lanes and bridges in the metro. I still don't know why they just don't build it right the first time.

4. Why isn't Metro Sports in HD? You would think that the channel owned by the cable company would be. I guess they can't even get that right.

5. Stillwell Station is the best unknown BBQ Joint in the Metro. If you haven't been to the gas station for BBQ then you are missing out. 199th and Metcalf & yes there are tables inside to eat at. Try the rib tips & Pork.

6. What is pathetic? Pathetic is when you don't have a team in the race (and never have) and you talk trash about another team. MU & K State fans who haven't seen a good basketball season in decades this applies to you. Stay on the sidelines where you belong.

7. The tax deadline is approaching. I refuse to pay my taxes before the deadline. Why should I? I don't get a refund. Over the years I have found myself despising those that do get money back from the government. If anything those that get refunds should be the ones cutting the check at the end of the year. They are the ones that didn't put in their fair share.

8. The fact that the Royals are opening up in Detroit has taken away from my opening day excitement. I did hear rumors that 88 of the Royals televised games will be in HD. Watching baseball in HD is better than being there.

9. Most blogs suck. Have you ever hit the next blog button at the top of blogger? Holy crap there are some turds out there.

10. Malcom X. I dig this movie. It was on MOJOHD all weekend and I watched it twice. Weird for a conservative Republican to watch, I know but the man was very interesting.

11. Have you read _____ book? I don't think I have read a book from cover to cover in over 15 years(besides what I read to my kids). I think people read just to say that they did. Don't you think that if the book was any good that a movie would be made about it? The only exceptions to that rule are books that contain information to improve my earning power.

12. Backyard living area. I have decided to shelve the patio idea until next year and start from scratch. This means new deck & patio. I have been researching these outdoor living areas and have decided that if I am going to spend the money, that is the way to go.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Common sense right? Then why is it that all I have heard today is that the kids in JOCO are in school today but the kids in Missouri aren't.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Does anyone ever wonder what would happen to this city if we DID get hit with a major storm? If this were to happen in November or December chances are that you would be prepared but not now. We have been hearing tales of "The Perfect Storm" for 4 months now with little or no results. Starting yesterday the cycle started all over again. Fakie, the gay dudes are all hyping yet another winter storm that is suppose to hit us Thursday & Saturday and I don't believe a word they are saying.

Just wait until Tornado season when our group of carnival performers end up causing someone their life because NOBODY BELIEVES THE WEATHER PEOPLE ON TV.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


How is it that we can have 90 billion road projects going on at the same time but CAN NOT REMOVE 3 INCHES OF FREAKING SNOW!

My commute to work is bad enough due to the road construction on 435 and 69 Highway (that they said wouldn't cause any slow downs), the closing of the overpass on 103rd street and the nightmare that Quivira and 435 has become. Well today there was NO SNOW REMOVAL.

435 had two lanes that had any pavement showing and the others were completely snow packed. The ramps getting onto the highways were completely covered in snow, the left two lanes from 69 highway to Roe were untreated and there were no plows in sight.

How is it that the wealthiest county in the region can not hire someone that can handle the simple task of snow removal? If we do not have enough plows, salt, sand etc... then where the hell does all of our tax money go? Isn't public safety the one thing that the government is SUPPOSE to provide?

WE ARE TALKING ABOUT 3 INCHES! What the hell would happen if we had a real winter storm.?

Saturday, December 29, 2007


If you are one of "those" that find joy complaining about winter weather in WINTER then take a look at these sites and you might just stop your complaining.



What type of weather do you expect in December???????????

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Expect round the clock coverage of snow falling, snow sticking, snow being cold, snow being wet and of course snow being slick. Tomorrows news will feature kids sledding down hills and how hardware stores were hit hard by people buying shovels.

This town is so damn predictable.

For those of you wanting more information on snow just follow the link.


The KC METRO area doesn't have enough salt to handle this next snowfall. They are advising drivers not to drive unless they need to. I don't know about you but driving to work is a NEED TO and the roads are going to be slick.

What the hell do the Mayors of these cities do? The lack of planning by these morons is embarrassing.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


The Johnson County Dome might be at risk today with the winter weather approaching. Luckily for us Horner and Lezak have failed so many times in the past that we are stocked up and ready.

If you do not have to go out DO NOT GO SHOPPING TODAY, this storm IS DANGEROUS (actually I have to go out today and don't want to fight crowds)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I just got this photo off of the channel 9 website. Notice what the high temperature they have up is. At the time I copied this it was 33 degrees outside.


Do you need anymore proof? I don't.

Not only do the majority of the weather people in this town have no clue when it comes to predicting the weather, but with the exception of Mike Thompson and Brian Busby do more harm than good. Katie Horner must of had nightmares of clouds when she was a kid because I have never seen anyone more afraid than her of a storm. Gary Lezak's "new data" is simply code for "I blew it "(no pun intended) 10 minutes ago.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Johnson County will finally be able to put its weather dome to the test tonight. Everyone in the world is predicting at least 1 inch of ice (1/2 inch is all it takes to take down power lines) and up to 2 inches of ice. Will the dome that has protected us from Tornado's, Hail, Flooding, Locust, liberals be up to the challenge?

Sunday, December 09, 2007


This weekend was further proof as to why being a "weather person" in Kansas City is the easiest job in the country. I mean where else can you get away with blowing EVERY forecast. Katie Horner was telling people on Friday to stock up at the grocery store, Lezak said it wouldn't happen until Saturday night. BOTH WERE WRONG.

This caused my Saturday Morning trip to Hen House to be a royal pain in the ass. Not only was the storm not holding up until Saturday Night (nice call Gary) but the grocery store was completely out of carts and the lines were backed up to the back of the store (thanks Katie). I am sick of people calling these two the best in town. NEVER are they right and in Katies case they cause more harm than good with the panic they cause.

Horner may be the worst person to live in this city since Bob Berdella.