Thursday, January 17, 2008


How is it that we can have 90 billion road projects going on at the same time but CAN NOT REMOVE 3 INCHES OF FREAKING SNOW!

My commute to work is bad enough due to the road construction on 435 and 69 Highway (that they said wouldn't cause any slow downs), the closing of the overpass on 103rd street and the nightmare that Quivira and 435 has become. Well today there was NO SNOW REMOVAL.

435 had two lanes that had any pavement showing and the others were completely snow packed. The ramps getting onto the highways were completely covered in snow, the left two lanes from 69 highway to Roe were untreated and there were no plows in sight.

How is it that the wealthiest county in the region can not hire someone that can handle the simple task of snow removal? If we do not have enough plows, salt, sand etc... then where the hell does all of our tax money go? Isn't public safety the one thing that the government is SUPPOSE to provide?

WE ARE TALKING ABOUT 3 INCHES! What the hell would happen if we had a real winter storm.?