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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Crap

1.  Yes the new Facebook sucks BUT what sucks even worst is hearing people bitch about it all day.
2.  If you can't drive the speed limit on the highway then take the freaking side streets. You are more dangerous than people speeding.  Seen on 69 highway this week
3.  Those of you that txt while you are driving are assholes.  While you are typing "OMG" we are all watching your car swerve in and out of your lane. It's a freaking phone.  Dial the number and TALK. Seen on 69 highway this week
4.  Did I really hear Scott Parks say on todays show that he gets a pass because he has two friends that are black?
5.  Have you noticed that the KC Star puts pictures of skanks on their front page everyday now?  Kinda like a certain blogger that they hate...
6.  Today I actually met someone that hadn't had Caseys Pizza.
7. Do you think that you could study and get good grades if people were getting  shot by 3's in your neighborhood?
8.  Economic Stimulus - Putting inner city drug dealers in school districts in the burbs full of pot heads.  

Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Crap

1.  It is lame to hear people brag about going to a preseason Chiefs game even though it has more meaning to it than a September Royals game.
2.  I am all in favor of taking the Sly James curfew, tweaking it and using it in JOCO.  After 9pm if you have license plates from a place other that JO then you should get fined.
3.  Mike Shannin rapping is still better than Kevin Kietzman talking.
4.  This weekend thanks to farm aid, it will be cool for joco kids to look like they are from wyco.
5.  Since when did it become cool to pay $7 for a burger? Morons.
6.  It's sad that Catholic priests in this city get more ass than Joco trophy wives.
7.  The fact that the JOCO fair isn't taking place at Aristocrat motors baffles me.
8.  Is Miranda Cosgrove breaking her ankle really worth of being on Channel 9's front page?
9.  Anyone that pays to go out to Powell Gardens needs to get their heads examined.  There is less to see there than a KCMOSD honor roll.
10.  I stood behind a guy in line this week at the gas station that paid in change. That means that I get to watch this douche bag count out $36 in change in front of the cashier who then RECOUNTS the change that was just counted in front of him.
11.  Don't fall for the bait and switch at these charity cheer leading car washes.  The Varsity is out on the corners in their bikinis trying to get traffic while the flag team is back there washing your car.
12.  People under the age of 50 that ride "Trikes" are douche bags that are too chicken shit to buy a real bike.
13.  Anyone else get a kick out of the idiots stuck on I35 this weekend due to road construction?  You have to hand it to the rocket scientist at KDOT that planned that.  It takes balls to piss off that many people.
14.  When do you think Blue Valley Kids will get together and plan a flash mob for the Landing Mall?
15.  Anyone else pissed that there wasn't more TV coverage of the riots in England? I would love to see leftist getting shot with rubber bullets and sprayed down with fire hoses.

Friday, October 24, 2008


1. Do people that live in KCK and the East Side of KCMO allow their kids to go trick or treating in their neighborhoods?

2. If these parents allow this shouldn't social services come and take their children for endangerment?

3. Can JOCO have too many Best Buys? I am not sure that is possible.

4. Who the hell still eats at Perkins?

5. Why do people not understand how to go through a round a bout?

6. If Missouri roads suck so bad why don't they put up tolls. Every state I have traveled through recently has toll roads.

7. How much would you pay on PPV to watch child molesters get executed?

8. Where the people that founded Kansas City a bunch of quitters? Were these people that were heading out west for gold and just gave up because it was too difficult? It would explain a lot.

9. Is there a bigger HD screen that 65 inches?

10. Why is it impossible to make left hand turns in Olathe?

11. Now that gas is cheap again do you laugh at the idiots that sold their SUV's for Smart cars? I sure the hell do.

12. Does the Mayor of KCMO realize how ugly he and his wife are?

13. Do the people at KCPT think that the sets that they have look good? Have you seen the set of RUKUS? Holy crap.

14. Do you think it is hilarious watching Native Americans rob people of their money at Casinos? I sure the hell do after what we did to them.

15. Do you laugh your ass off as you drive by some of these gated communities in SOJOCO and see half of them up for sale? Have fun scratching off your little community sticker A-Hole now that you can't live there.

16. Why is it that Taco Via and Long John Silvers are no longer at "the mall"?

17. If a mall walker passes out at Metcalf South would anyone notice?

18. Why do religious groups feel it is moral to charge you $3 for a hot dog at a festival? Have fun in hell religious hot dog vendor guy.

19. Why don't they make all major roads 4 lanes to begin with?

20. Who would win in this fight: Larry Johnson vs. Queen Latifah?

21. Why is booze legal and weed against the law?

22. Who are the morons that think that Katie Horner and Laura Moritz are Hot?

23. Does anyone else still think its funny when Gary Lezak says that he is getting 4 inches at his location?

24. Who is the guy that updates his face book status every 5 minutes? Get a life bro.

25. Carrie Underwood or Megan Fox?

26. Corona or Corona light?

27. Does anyone else like the Kansas Sampler commercial?

28. Am I the only one that doesn't believe that the United States landed on the Moon?

29. Where in the bible are dinosaurs mentioned?

30. Can we put together a ballot initiative kicking Roeland Park & fairway out of JOCO?

31. Does the Kansas City Red Star think that anyone reads their blogger sections other than Crime Scene KC?

Sunday, September 28, 2008


1. I was hoping to have my website up by now but due to some software issues (SCREW VISTA) I am going to have to put it off for another 30 days. The website will probably suck worst than this blog so I am sparing you all some pain.

2. This month I was able to fire up the smokers and the grill for my sisters going away party. She is heading out to Cali to pursue her career in fashion design. Despite the rain, wind, cold, tall grass and nagging I was able to smoke a pork butt, sausage, and a slab of ribs. It all turned out pretty good thanks to the Weber Smokey Mountain that holds its temperature better than any smoker I have seen. Anyways, Good Luck Kelsie! Make us proud!

3. Dead Dog Walking No More - As I mentioned in a previous post I had a dog that was facing the end of the road. I finally put her down 2 Fridays ago. I sat with her through the whole thing and thought how clueless she was that today was her last day with me (she was usually clueless anyways) and how despite her being a true mutt with no redeeming qualities how much I would miss her.

4. Promotion at work - As many of you can tell the updates are not as timely as they use to be. I recently got a promotion at work that actually makes it so that I have to work. Anyways, I will be opening up a couple of offices for our company over the next 18 months in different cities. But fear not I have an air card and a couple of laptops so the blog will live on.

5. Uncle Again - It seems like every year we are adding to the family. Congratulations to my brother & sister in law on the birth of Annabelle Kathleen. My brother in law FINALLY has the daughter he has always wanted.

6. Motorcycle - I have had some great short rides this month and have realized how much I missed ridding when I was sick. Lets just hope that winter holds off until December. I am hoping to upgrade my bike next year to something a little bit bigger.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


1. Health - This past week was nearly pain free. They have finally found a medicine that helps me get through the rough spots so I am hoping to be back to normal soon.

2. Cyclist - I had a cyclist pull out in front of me while on my motorcycle this past weekend. I couldn't freaking believe it. When the idiot realized what he was about to do he nearly wrecked in the middle of Renner. These idiots have no business on the road.

3. 4th of July - The one downfall that comes with living in the dome is the nazi like ban of fireworks that every city has. I don't understand why the government must pass laws to protect the stupid. It should be every JOCOians right to blow up their fingers and lose an eye at the expense of shotty chinese gunpowder. Someone asked me how it is legal in KCK & KCMO and I had to explain to them that those communities couldn't prevent gunfire and therefore had no chance at stopping a bottle rocket.

4. Voting- For some reason I have been asked more this election than those in the past as to who I am voting for. The reply "Not for Obama". I am not a McCain fan but the thought of an elitist socialist in the white house scares the hell out of me. Even a senile moderate is better than the other clown.

5. Golden Retrievers - We adopted a 4 year old golden retriever a couple of weeks ago. I was pretty excited to have a big active dog but she may be the laziest coward of a big dog on the planet. She is a great family dog but not exactly what I was expecting.

6. The Olympics - Is anyone going to watch tape delayed sports that they wouldn't otherwise watch at any other time of year?

7. Call of Duty4 - Yes I am still playing this game, it is like crack, I can't stop. I dig the fact that due to X-Box live you can be cussed at in several different languages after you win. I highly recommend parents that will be sending their kids to KCK or KCMO public schools to buy this game for their kids. I can't think of a better way to prepare them for what they will soon be facing.

8. BBQ - Anyone else think that Kansas City BBQ is overrated? With a few exceptions the majority of BBQ joints in this town are garbage. Memphis BBQ is far superior to anything that we have in the metro.

9. Retail Developments- With the slow down of the economy you can count on more blight to come to North OP. With all of the new developments going in south of 119th street, N. OP isn't going to stand a chance competing for JOCO $$ with the exceptions of Targets and Wal-Mart.

10. Blog - I Just hit 1000 posts. I don't know if that is a good or bad thing.

Monday, June 16, 2008


1. Fathers Day: This was the first Fathers day in 5 years that I didn't have a huge BBQ but it was still nice. My girls picked out their own gifts for me and well, umm... it was nice. I still fired up one of the smokers and made a couple slabs of ribs for me and the girls and a Pork Tenderloin for my wife. The ribs turned out great and I was happy to see my 2 little girls enjoy eating ribs for the first time. The tenderloin had good flavor but I think I left it on 30 minutes too long. We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing (too much pain to do anything else) and watching the Woody Woodpecker (greatest cartoons ever) collectors DVD set that my wife got me.

2. Health: I went in for my CT Scan last week and they didn't find any tumors but I still feel like crap. I have been having more good days than bad days lately so I am hoping that the meds are finally starting to kick in, but who knows. I wanted to thank those of you that care for the phone calls and emails that you have sent my way. Even if it isn't serious it is good to know who is in my corner.

3. Death, Are you covered? I remember thinking that I was a little young to be purchasing a life insurance policy 3 years ago but I am glad I pulled then trigger when I did. There is no way in hell that I could get the same type of coverage I have if I tried to sign up today. It is good to know that if something were to happen to me that the family will be more than taken care of.

4. Thomas The Train: Saturday we took the girls to Baldwin City to see Thomas the Train. Everything was great until we rode the train. What a freaking rip off. 35 minute train ride that consisted of staring at 2 junkyards, a house that had a corvette in the drive way but had "outdoor plumbing", flooded farm fields and trash. The funniest part about the whole train ride is that you go backwards for half the time and then go forward the rest. This means that you get to see the Junkyards, trash and flooded farm fields twice. While I say it is was a ripoff it was still worth it because the kids loved it.

5. New Dog: I have decided on a pug but my wife is wanting a Golden Retriever. Can you cross breed the two?

6. Blog: After 9 months I reached the 20k hit mark. Thank you to all of you that make this part of your daily reading. Except for you stalker.....

7. Power Outage: Last Sunday the power to our house went out. This wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that our sump pump lost power. After some brainstorming with some neighbors I ran up to Wal Mart and purchased a power converter that allows me to use my car as a power source and 100 feet of heavy duty extension cord that I ran from the drive way down to the basement. It was pretty simple to hook up and within minutes the basement was saved from certain flooding.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


1. Who the hell watches the Kentucky derby? This is the only uninteresting sport involving midgets there is in the world. The fact that they call them Jockeys instead of midgets baffles me as well.

2. How many burglars case out neighborhood garage sales? These guys get to case out every house in the neighborhood with no questions asked, bad idea.

3. Delusions of Grandeur - Han Solo said it best.

4. Credibility - Those without any are always the first to advise (unsolicited). See also Glasshouses.

5. Replacements & Stand Ins - Can not be trusted.

6. I would much rather get 17 MPG than drive a Geo metro powered by a 9volt battery.

7. Ignorance Island - The population there keeps increasing.

8. How does some place have the best Tacos? The ingredients are all basically the same. Every time this debate comes up the person I am arguing with brings up the salsa. Doesn't that just mean they have the best Salsa?

9. Kansas City Hip Hop = Italian food in Alaska

10. Those that bitch about their situation in life rarely are brave enough to do anything about it and usually end up making it worst by rationalizing their decisions (or lack there of).

11. I have no idea how to cut up a watermelon without butchering it.

12. Thank god you can buy precut watermelon.

13. There is no such thing as making "enough" money.

14. Why couldn't my neighbors trampoline of been destroyed in the storm?

15. Did Katie Horner purposely use blood red on her weather map last week? Wouldn't surprise me.

16. When are they going to rebroadcast the episode of The Office from last week? And why does a channel with another station for weather have to interrupt our TV Viewing? Can't they run a banner along the bottom of the screen saying TUNE INTO CHANNEL 1345?

17. On St. Patrick's Day people always claim to be part Irish. On May 5th do people claim to be Mexican?

18. I hate it when I order a Diet Coke at a restaurant and they ask me if Diet Pepsi is ok. If I wanted Pepsi, wouldn't I of ordered Pepsi? If I order steak are you going to bring me chicken?

19. I have become even more leery of charities that tell you to send in money instead of goods and services. I heard the spokesperson for the local Salvation Army office telling people that all they needed was money. Aren't these groups the same ass clowns that were full of scandal during Katrina fund raising? I trust them almost as much as I trust Ice Cream Truck Dude.

20. Today I was told that I wasn't religious but spiritual by a local religious leader. I have no clue what that means.

21. Right after I was told that I was hit up for a donation.

Monday, April 28, 2008


With the warmer weather hitting the area (and Call of Duty 4) I have found it harder to blog on the weekends.

1. Congratulations to my brothers family on the arrival of the twins.

2. Landscaping - In the coming weeks the landscaping of my yard will begin. I am looking forward to putting our personal touch on the house but not looking forward to the damage that it will do on my all ready messed up back.

3. BBQ season started for me two weeks ago. I have been using the Weber grill the past two weeks and will fire up the smokers this weekend (I hope). While I have given up on plans to hold big BBQ's and even put together a new competition team, this year should still be fun. My new neighbors seem to be extremely interested in learning how to make good quality backyard BBQ so I am sure that they will be over frequently through out the summer.

4. With BBQ season comes motorcycle season. While getting out and riding isn't my #1 priority in life I still like to get out for a few hours every week to clear my head. I have finally picked out the new handlebars for my bike and hope to get them installed by June.

5. Call of Duty 4: As many of you know I became hooked on playing Halo 3 this winter. Well Halo as taken a back burner to Call of Duty 4. The online play of this game is more addictive than crack. If you play this game send me an email, I am always looking for more victims.

6. The Chiefs Draft: Anyone that is still upset that the Chiefs traded the walking 2 time DUI offender need to check themselves after this draft. After listening to sports radio this morning it just goes to show how ignorant most Chiefs fans are. The same callers that were calling in last week saying that the Chiefs sucked are now calling in with playoff hopes.

7. Ice Cream Trucks: The bastards that drive these things through our neighborhoods could be the scariest group of people to reside in our country. We spend every waking moment telling our kids to stay away from strangers, not to take candy from them etc... AND then comes this guy with his clown covered VAN with pictures of Ice cream on the sides driving down our streets with circus music blaring through 15 watt speakers, all to get your kid to COME TO HIS VAN! If school bus drivers and teachers aren't safe for your kids to be around anymore what about Ice Cream truck guy?

Monday, April 14, 2008


On a daily basis there are groups of people in this country that are dead set on taking away your freedoms. It is safe to say that if you do anything in this country by choice, there is somebody out there that doesn't want you to do it. These groups of people are relentless. There is no limit to the tactics that they will try and lies that they will create to take away your freedom and civil liberty. Yet we stand back and do nothing as lawyers turn this country into 1950's Russia. Think I am kidding? Here is a short list of things off the top of my head.

1. Smoking
2. The type of car you drive
3. The amount of money that you earn that you are allowed to keep.
4. Guns
5. The air you breathe
6. What you are allowed to watch on TV
7. What you can and can not say on the radio
8. How your food is prepared
9. How much money you can contribute to a campaign
10. Taking away your property by the government (eminent domain)
11. Who you can hire
12. How you educate your children
13. Where & how you practice religion
14. The type of holiday decorations you can display
15. The counting of your vote
16. Where you get your medical care: THIS IS COMING SOON.
17. How long you can serve in office
18. How to run your business
19. What crops you can & can't grow
20. When & where you can talk on your phone.
21. What you can put on your lawn to kill bugs
22. How products are dispensed
23. How products are packaged
24. Where products are sold
25. What books can be read at school
26. What you can do with your music & movies
27. What you can say to someone
28. That you have to wear your seatbelt
29. Motorcycle helmet laws

It took me 3 minutes to come up with this list. I am am sure that if I were to "try" I could come up with close to 100. Now to the real reason for this post. I just read this story on the KC Red Stars front page. A BOTTLED WATER BAN is coming...Holy crap! I can't believe that our society is so easily fooled.

Don't go and blame government for this crap, look in the mirror first. You are allowing this to happen by empowering these ass clowns to tell you how to live. Are you incapable of surviving without Daddy (the government) there to tell you how to wipe your ass? Are you really that pathetic? GROW UP! Make your own decisions and let others make theirs. Disagreeing with someones choice is one thing, but passing laws that restrict that persons choice is another.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


1. People are terrible with gossip. How many times have you heard, "I am not suppose to tell you this but......"? or the "You can't say that you mentioned my name"? I love these statements. It usually means that you can never trust that person with what you have or will tell them and eliminates them from your "circle of trust". Most of the time people do this to further their own cause but it typically backfires in the end. The best are those that are sent in to "gather information". They are the easiest to spot and the least trustworthy.

2. Kevin Kietzman is a jack ass - This is not new but needs to be mentioned again today.

3. In a Tub made its way back into the lunch rotation again today. My stomach can only handle that place once every 3 months but it is always worth the wait. Needless to say I am paying the price now for what I ate 3 hours ago.

4. The courtesy flush. This pact amongst guys seems to be a thing of the past.

5. MU & Kansas State fans are the biggest crybabies in the world. Most of your teams suck, deal with it. Nobody wants to hear you complain that KU fan wont stop talking about winning the title. Especially since you are the same idiots that bought Bucknell shirts and wouldn't stop talking about another team (not yours, let me repeat, not yours) beating us in the first round. You should be pissed at your AD for running such a crappy athletic department.

6. I was invited to play in a weekly golf league today. Weekly golf league guy is the same as softball guy and there is no way I am going down that path.

7. My Hate for Roy Williams is over. If anything I feel sorry for him now. Carolina fans have been attacking this guy all week.

8. My hate for T Bone Pickens has just started as for my hate for the wannabe program in the armpit of Oklahoma.

9. 610 sports is absolutely terrible. Their coverage of the Royals & Jayhawks is a joke. How does a station that called itself "The football Channel" for so many years suddenly become the baseball channel?

10. 45 degrees on Saturday & Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy crap this sucks.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Things of note

1. Moving is officially done. With the exception of a few boxes in the garage it is over!
2. Patios are expensive. The first estimate I got was $2500. I know the guy so I think it was pretty accurate, just not what I was expecting. So patio plans are on hold for now until we get a master plan together for the backyard. This could include new deck, patio and outdoor kitchen.
3. We still haven't had a fence bid.
4. The catfish living in my 10 gallon aquarium has been sent packing. He will now be residing at a grade school along with the rest of our fish. This makes room for the return of The Gecko.
5. My car is getting close to 100k in miles (in 3 years). I have to get some repairs done but might look into something new instead.
6. I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of people in my neighborhood that ride cruiser bikes. I have counted 3 Harley's and 2 foreign cruisers so far.
7. The Cat is still alive & my older dog is nearly deaf.
8. The next couple of weeks will be spent working on putting together some new personal goals. I did this 5 years ago and can finally say that I have hit them all. The three main areas of focus will be retirement, college for the girls & my career path. At some point I would like to go from making millions for others and make them for myself.
9. Along the lines of goals, I will be heading down to Springfield, Mo this week for business. Those of you that know me know that I can hold a grudge. This will be the first step in the getting even process with a man that screwed my family. I will be taking steps over the next few months to steal every ounce of business that this man has down in that area and put him in the same situation that I faced 6 years ago. This won't be a silent campaign. I want him to know exactly who did it. I have had to put this on hold due to noncompete contract issues but those are all gone.
10. The Giant BBQ's that I have had in the past are history. This was a hard decision for me to come to but it has become clear to me in the past several months that it isn't & wasn't worth it.
11. Did they show Charlie Brown's Easter this year? If they did I can't believe I missed it.
12. I can't believe that Jericho was canceled. This was one of the few shows worth watching on TV. I am hoping that a cable channel will pick it up.

Friday, February 22, 2008


1. If I haven't said it before I will say it now. Home Buying Sucks. People that find this stuff exciting and fun are complete loons. The paperwork, hidden additional cost and slowness of the process can only be compared to hearing Hillary Clinton read me the Koran while naked as I sit in a tub of battery acid getting my fingernails pulled. It takes all of the fun out of the deal.

2. Winter sucks. I actually looked forward to winter this year because it had been so hot all summer. This crap that we are going through now is unbearable.

3. Along the lines of "Winter Sucks" is you bastards can't drive a lick in this town. I have said it before but this weather has just reminded me of how terrible the drivers in this city are. If you feel the need to go 5mph THEN WALK!

4. If anyone has any neon bar signs they are looking to dump EMAIL ME.

5. If it is a crappy neon bar sign don't email me.

6. For those of you that are concerned Skeletor (our cat) is still alive. I think she was one of the original 2 cats that got on the arc with Noah's posse.

7. I type everything in lists. I do this because many of you are like me you want it quick and to the point with a link to the main topic for further reading if you choose.

8. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but stop copying my crap!

9. I am going to be one broke ass Uncle. There are kids falling out of the sky all around me. The month of May is going to be more expensive than freaking Christmas due to all of the new arrivals.

10. My dog has terrible gas. The past few weeks have been brutal inside the house. Our little wiener dog has been dropping more bombs than a terrorist with CP.

11. Note to self: When your daughter invites you to a tea party you better freaking go. Last Sunday I got caught up watching the race and completely forgot about the Tea Party that my oldest was putting together. Well last night she used that fact to guilt me.

Monday, January 14, 2008


  1. Those of you with the History channel need to start watching a series called Gangland. The topics and people covered in this show will open your eyes to crime in our cities. These gangs should be considered terrorist threats to our country and are responsible for thousands of deaths in our country every year.
  2. Has there ever in our history been a worst candidate selection for president? I have my favorite but the religious right of my party will oppose him at every stop and push for the nomination of an unelectable bible thumper that will raise my taxes.
  3. I told my wife that I cut my hand when petting the cat the other day. She asked me how and I told her on the cats bones. This cat weighs maybe 3lbs but will probably out live me.
  4. The Harley fired up without a problem last weekend. I keep hearing about all of this winter prep stuff that you should do for your bike and after 2 years of not prepping it I have had no problems. I do however need to purchase and install my new handlebars.
  5. Why is the newspaper putting videos up on their website? When I click on a link regarding a story I want to read it NOT WATCH IT when I find it on the stars website. If I want video I will go to one of the TV news sites.
  6. The Mayor of KCMO is a joke. I stood behind him when he fought La Raza but the guy just never quits making PR mistakes. It is like a bad (not that there was a good) Ernest movie. Ernest goes to city hall. For a guy that doesn't want the spotlight he and his wife sure do enough to remain in it. Funkhouser and wife just need to shut up.
  7. It amazes me how ignorant the people that have been elected in the state of Kansas are. Instead of focusing on crime, education and our economy they waste their time on abortion witch hunts ( I am antiabortion), gambling, smoking, drinking, music, evolution etc... How about you stop worrying about what is going on inside my house, car and yard and start worrying about what is going on in the classrooms, in the streets and in your treasury.
  8. People over the age of 70 should be tested every year to remain eligible for a drivers license.
  9. An idiot in my office bought a Blue Ray Player but doesn't have HDTV. Good luck with that.
  10. An MU fan acted surprised this morning when I said that I didn't consider this Saturdays game a "big game". When MU becomes relevant again in basketball please wake me up.
  11. Q1 is always so much fun around the office. The owners of my company set lofty goals that we never hit and expect people that haven't performed to suddenly flip the switch and start producing. They always promise me the world "once we get big" and I use to believe in it. Now when they discuss the future I completely tune them out. What they are discussing is their future. People in sales know to go one day at a time.
  12. The 23 year old girl we hired last month in my office is driving a 50k lexus and makes 30k in base salary.
  13. People that email (non work related), message board, blog etc.. while on vacation should be beat down. Get a grip and enjoy your vacation. I got an email from a buddy saying that he was having a great time in Ireland..... My response will have to be from my home computer.
  14. Scrapbook season has once again started. This means classes, crops, girls weekends, etc... 24/7. The amount of time and effort that my wife puts into a class in exchange for a store discount is bad economics.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


1. Booze seems to be the only way to get through holidays for some people. While picking up A SINGLE bottle of wine this weekend I couldn't help notice the amount of beer and booze being picked up by men 35-65. I asked the guy in front of me in line what all the beer was for and he said that half of it was for his family and the other half was for him to deal with his family.

2. There should be a rule against canned or jarred food being used at Thanksgiving. My Sister in law asked for canned cranberries instead of the homemade ones that my Brother in law made last Thursday. I had never heard of anyone wanting something canned over fresh until that moment.

3. Johnson County will never have severe weather again. Since moving back into town 5 years ago I have watched every T-Storm and Snow Storm go North/South of our county. Do we have some sorta bubble over us? Nothing ruins living in the midwest more than lack of storms. Then again we do have Katie Horner around to make a sprinkle or snow flake into the storm of the century.

4. The only thing clients hate losing at more than golf is Halo. Today one of my clients decided that we would swing by his house after lunch to drop off some leftovers for his wife. When we walked in he threw the food to his wife and an xbox controller at me and said 1 game. Well 1 game turned into 3 and 3 to 5 and he still hadn't beaten me. I told him that we should prob get him back to his office and he said "not until I beat you". If he didn't get an email about a meeting I am sure that we would still be there with him winless.

5. Some people should not be allowed to hang Christmas lights. While the city is full of homes with great displays there are others that are absolutely terrible. The absolute worst are the lights that look like icicles hanging from the gutter(with nothing else).

6. Wanna be fans: This past Saturdays game brought out a hoard of wanna be fans that suddenly cared about college football. These people were the main smack talkers last week yet their knowledge for the team, players, history etc... was nil. I had an MU "fan" tell me that there was no way that Jayhawks would win, so I asked him which match ups favored MU and there was no response. I am sure that there were plenty of KU "fans" out there as well that had no clue about the game but since it was the big thing last week they didn't want to feel left out.

7. If I am going to live in this crime, why here and not a Big City? The reason people live here and think it is a great place to raise kids is because of the low crime and low cost of living. Well with the crime wave that seems to be spreading in the Metro why stay? If it was my decision alone I would not be in this city and would live either in the country or a Major city. This area has no culture, history, winning sports teams etc... it feels like we are all just going through the motions here.

8. Why are people so interested in the lives of celebrities? Celeb blogs, "news programs", magazines etc... all talking about how these people have ran a stop sign, got drunk, had marriage problems etc... I am pretty sure that the same stuff is happening either in your house or your neighborhood, yet if a WT singer like Britney Spears does it people think it is news worthy. Generally the people that pay the most attention to crap like this have even more problems than the celebs but will be ultra critical of them. I am not talking about the casual observer here. I am talking about the person that this stuff is more important than actual news.

9. The War on Christmas is a joke. If you are a Democrat/Liberal you should be ashamed of what your party has done to the Christmas season. It is a sad day when you can't have Christmas trees, lights, wreaths, carolers etc... because it might hurt ONE PERSONS FEELINGS or ONE GROUPS. The blame all goes to the liberals in America, nobody else, just them. Your liberal school districts, your special interest groups, your ACLU are all trying to make this country into some blank slate where nobody can say or do anything. Next time you decide to cry about what Christmas has become look at your voter registration card and see which party you belong to before you bring it up.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


1. The xbox360 might be the greatest gaming system ever made. It is easy to use, games are affordable and plentiful and the online play is fast.
2. The cold air is crippling me. It seems that any progress that I made health wise over the summer has been pushed back. I am back to taking pain medicine and using biofreeze. Is there nothing that can be done to help me?
3. When is this road construction going to end? It is suppose to start wrapping up once it hits November yet it seems that the keep starting more and more projects. Here is an idea, FINISH SOMETHING, ANYTHING before starting more projects.
4. I ate at "In a Tub" yesterday for the first time and I couldn't believe that this little gem had slipped my radar for so long. If you are up North and looking for cheap Mexican fast food I suggest you give it a shot.
5. I put a disclaimer up on the blog today. It was something that I felt had to be done in order to maintain some sorta order in here. It isn't as if I have had a lot of negative comments (4 total). Most people that read this spot "get it". Others seem to have a hard time dealing with the fact that someone might have different views of the world than them and they look past the humor in which most of these posts are made. So that is the reason for the disclaimer. This place is suppose to be fun, not a ground for an open debate on social issues(start your own blog). If you would like to leave a comment or shoot me an email that is fine but know that if it is a negative comment it will not be published or responded to, same with emails. This is mostly in regards to anything political. If you have differing opinions on food, music, motorcycles, my rants they will be published.
6. Does anyone else think that a light rail system shooting down Metcalf from 151st street to Johnson Drive (North - South) and from State line to Woodland road on 119th street make sense?. If the other metro counties want to link up great but why are we waiting until KCMO come up with a plan that will stick?
7. The Girl Scout cookie shakedown has begun. I am already on the hook for 10 boxes from my bosses kid and god only knows how many my wife will order from her friends. I think that I will resell them on E Bay in June when people have run out of thin mints and need their fix.
8. On Veterans day I had one person say Happy Veterans day to me. Gee thanks. On a good note this blog is read by many troops serving overseas from this area and I have received some great emails from them.
9. My buddy just spent $700 on a pair of tickets for the MU/KU game. $700! If MU were to lose on Saturday to K State the game becomes a nonfactor. I couldn't imagine spending that much on two tickets to one event. I remember being able to get in for free at half time to KU football games. Thank you to all of you Bandwagon fans for driving up the price of the tickets.
10. LED - Zeppelin if finally available on I Tunes for purchase.
11. I have not watched one KU Basketball game yet this year. I find it hard to start watching college basketball in November unless it is a major preseason tournament. Watching KU destroy the likes of UMKC means nothing.
12. What do Indians do for Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


1. Someone finally takes a stand against the Chicken Dance.
2. KCMO Police detain Toad. In other parts of town people are getting shot, raped, car jacked etc... but the city sleeps peacefully tonight knowing that Toad is locked up. Bond has not been set.
3. PMS blamed for wife missing. It was odd reading about a guy using PMS to cover up for something. If your last name is Peterson, your name rhymes with acey and you are married the holidays suck for you. First Lacey and now Stacey.
4. We all know that drinking leads to pregnancy but now it is safe to drink while pregnant.
5. Women make crappy carjackers. Expect these 5 to utilize the above mentioned Peterson defense.
6. Crappy drivers are the least of your worries when driving on KC highways. I am all for a draw bridge system surrounding Johnson County.

Friday, November 09, 2007


My neighborhood is full of idiot parents. There isn't a day that goes by that my wife and I don't see a little kid walking the mean streets of Lenexa alone. Alone in a neighborhood that is 3 blocks away from the Target store that Kelsey Smith was kidnapped, raped and later murdered. I am not talking about teenagers or 11/12 year olds, these kids are between the ages of 4-8.

Last night on my way home from work I almost ran over one of these kids as did the guy coming down the street 30 seconds behind me. The kids were playing a game IN THE DARK where they would jump out into the street from behind a bush as a car came down the road and then jump back behind the bush. So I pulled into my garage told my wife what happened and that I was going to go up and talk to the kids parents. The kids wouldn't tell me which house there parents could be found so I told them I would call the police if they did that again.

As I was walking back home I looked behind me and thought that if one of those girls died tonight and I didn't do anything about it that it would be my fault (since their parents obviously didn't give a crap about them) so I called the cops. They looked for the kids with no luck but hopefully the site of the police car shining its spotlight through out the neighborhood was enough to scare them into stopping.

Note to parents: If you don't give a crap about where your kids are or what they are doing the it is YOUR FAULT if something happens to them.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Weekend Things of Note

1. Spiderman 3 wasn't nearly as good as the first two movies. There aren't enough special effect in a George Lucas studio to make Tobey Maguire come off as a ladies man. Those scenes were painful to watch. Whoever wrote that script needs to take the time they have while on strike and rethink their career decision.
2. My wife's cat is still alive. I bring this up again because due to daylight savings she has become even worst than before. This wolf like howls that this skeleton like beast belts out at 5am every morning have become louder and even more unbearable.
3. Thanks to the addition of an XBOX360 I have become addicted to Halo. The online play and the number of games helped push it ahead of the PS3 for me.
4. I rode my motorcycle during the Chiefs game and couldn't believe how wide open the roads were. I watched the 1st Quarter, rode and came back to watch the end. This will be my new plan moving forward.
5. I officially have my first internet stalker. It is sad (and funny) really. Some people are not equipped to be proven wrong and will not give up. This person is the metros own Hillary Clinton. I am awaiting smoke signals or sky writing for the next attempt of contacting me.
6. The blog has been averaging around 55 hits per day for the last couple of weeks. Not bad for 2 months of work. I am sure that this number will pick up the closer to the election we get.
7. Time Warner has jacked up the prices on my movie channels so I will now be going with either Everest or AT&T. That is unless TW can beat the price.
8. I completely wiped my HD of all things Microsoft Vista. Installing that piece of crap was the biggest mistake I have ever made with a PC. The thing is I KNEW BETTER but did it anyways.
9. My wife spend 13 hours scrapbooking on Saturday. 13 hours of cutting and pasting stuff to paper. AND THEN scrapbooked more last night. They must put crack in the adhesive.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Notes

1. Craig's visit has come and gone. A few hours spread out over a couple of days are not enough to get caught up after 2 years but we had a good time. He took full advantage of our weak dollar and is going to need another suitcase to haul his loot back home. Hopefully it doesn't take 2 years for him to visit again.
2. The BBQ Saturday Night went off without a hitch and the food turned out better than I expected especially considering my attentions were split. I believe I am one batch of Ribs away before I can consider them competition ready. The trick is getting them out of the smoke and into the foil at just the right time.
3. My sister Wendy made some great caramel apples that might of been the most unhealthy food item I have ever seen. You had to eat through 3 layers of sugar before you took your first bite of apple.
4. Boston won the World Series! Living in KC you have to have other teams to cheer for and being a Celtics fan my whole life I have always been a fan of all teams Boston (especially since I hate all teams in NY and Cali).
5. I am starting to believe that the Nintendo Wii doesn't exist. Why Nintendo has upped production to meet demand is beyond me. This is their one last chance to recapture a bulk share of the gaming market and yet you can't find one to buy.
6. Pizza Shoppee has now moved into my top 3 Pizza Places in town.
7. I will be spending most of my work week finalizing my Christmas list. Remember when these things were due at Thanksgiving? We haven't even carved pumpkins for Halloween yet and I am working on this thing.
8. Why is it that Time Warner Cable boxes no longer support the HDMI input? I hate Time Warner.
9. My brother and sister are in a race to get my old BROKEN recliner. I hope they plan on moving out before Thanksgiving because that thing has to go before we get our Christmas tree.
10. Kerry was sick all weekend. I am writing this down because she always tells me that she NEVER gets sick. I think I nursed her back to health yesterday because she felt "better" today.

Monday, October 22, 2007


1. Starting the weekend off with the flu is the best (Could of used a flu shot). This ruined all weekend activities for me which included motorcycle riding, lawn mowing, maple leaf festival and taking the family out to dinner on Saturday. The main fear of mine was letting the girls down. I had promised them on Thursday that while Kerry was teaching her class on Sunday that I would take them to Power Play or as they refer to it "Fun World". It was painful but I was able to deliver on my promise however today I am paying the price.
2. People that blog really let me down this weekend. Is there some Union that I do not know about that says blogging is a Monday - Friday job?
3. I watched transformers last night and loved the movie but as I watched it I kept on thinking of how good it would sound in surround sound (which I don't have). The only way to go with surround sound is wireless and I still can not find an affordable system so until then I will suffer like the pioneers before me.
4. New neighbors moved in on Saturday next to the neighborhood crack house. Lucky for them the people that lived there before never took down the Christmas lights.
5. I have begun research into turkey smoking and plan on giving it a go sometime this fall. The new Weber is the perfect smoker for this.
6. The lazy bastards that live around me refuse to mow the grass in the island on our street. From what I know 3-4 houses are suppose to switch off mowing it every week (that is once a month for you KCMO school grads) yet they let it get out of hand. So once it dries out and I feel better I am going to have to walk down the street and cut it AGAIN.
7. For some reason my blog seems to be a big hit in Europe. I am averaging close to 100 hits per week from Europe. I am assuming that it is mostly from military bases overseas.
8. Every time I pick out a Halloween costume for my wife she rolls her eyes.
9. I found out that the Don Bosco center accepts money from La Raza so I will need to find a new charity to donate to this holiday season.
10. I have come to the conclusion that I will never be satisfied with 2 things. 1. My TV will never have a clear enough picture. 2. My computer will never be fast enough.