Monday, October 22, 2007


1. Starting the weekend off with the flu is the best (Could of used a flu shot). This ruined all weekend activities for me which included motorcycle riding, lawn mowing, maple leaf festival and taking the family out to dinner on Saturday. The main fear of mine was letting the girls down. I had promised them on Thursday that while Kerry was teaching her class on Sunday that I would take them to Power Play or as they refer to it "Fun World". It was painful but I was able to deliver on my promise however today I am paying the price.
2. People that blog really let me down this weekend. Is there some Union that I do not know about that says blogging is a Monday - Friday job?
3. I watched transformers last night and loved the movie but as I watched it I kept on thinking of how good it would sound in surround sound (which I don't have). The only way to go with surround sound is wireless and I still can not find an affordable system so until then I will suffer like the pioneers before me.
4. New neighbors moved in on Saturday next to the neighborhood crack house. Lucky for them the people that lived there before never took down the Christmas lights.
5. I have begun research into turkey smoking and plan on giving it a go sometime this fall. The new Weber is the perfect smoker for this.
6. The lazy bastards that live around me refuse to mow the grass in the island on our street. From what I know 3-4 houses are suppose to switch off mowing it every week (that is once a month for you KCMO school grads) yet they let it get out of hand. So once it dries out and I feel better I am going to have to walk down the street and cut it AGAIN.
7. For some reason my blog seems to be a big hit in Europe. I am averaging close to 100 hits per week from Europe. I am assuming that it is mostly from military bases overseas.
8. Every time I pick out a Halloween costume for my wife she rolls her eyes.
9. I found out that the Don Bosco center accepts money from La Raza so I will need to find a new charity to donate to this holiday season.
10. I have come to the conclusion that I will never be satisfied with 2 things. 1. My TV will never have a clear enough picture. 2. My computer will never be fast enough.