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Neil "Protection Order" Foth - The Legend Spreads and Spread and Spreads

This past week I had to sit through a mandatory class for people going through a divorce and the first speaker on the power point was corrupt, compromised, unethical and unsafe to his own spouse Neil Foth!  It was hilarious and the first time I had heard this mumble-mouthed abuser of trust speak. 

Anyways, there were probably 50 of us there and of course, we spoke about our cases and who our Judges were.  I was able to steer everyone in the right direction that had Neil.  One woman said that he had a pervy vibe lol!  I told her to use it, he seems to dig that. 

After learning of all sorts of rules and regulations that my soon to be ex is breaking I then hung out with the speaker and another large group so that I could relay the truth behind JOCO courts further. It was great!  People were stunned and shocked.  

It seems the best way to relay the truth is in person and in groups in JOCO so whenever I have a trip up there I plan on attending a parenting class or something else that the county offers from the court. Then maybe a trip to the JOCO legal help desk where people in the county are supposed to get help but where the file stealing actually took place.

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Joco still doesn’t care?

I am in Joco today to find out the truth behind the cover ups and lies that took place in December and January. Will they ignore the proof of the printed screenshots, emails, time stamps, exposed files and concern from victims of the abusive power that some have in JOCO starting with a morally corrupt Judge in Neil Foth and trickling down from there.

Neil is an elected official and should be held accountable for betraying the trust of the citizens of our district. We do after all have Judge Protection Order weighing in on family court issues. Reminds me of the South Park skit where fat sally Struthers watched the food donations for the starving people in Africa. 

Why would so many people want to cover up their misconduct?  Let’s remember that supervisors still haven’t even read emails sent that they asked for. Why is it that a county employee is allowed to log in through their bosses computer to access files and transmit them out of the courthouse?  And then be trusted to enter personal case info into the system?  

Don’t worry people your secrets are well protected on JOCO. Lol. 

Site blocked by JOCO after claiming most read: Judge Neil Foth Johnson County Family Court Coward

Last week I made the declaration that this site had been receiving a ton of traffic from Johnson County, Ks computers (once I figured out that Zayo was their provider) and then POOF! GONE!  There go half my damn readers


IS THE KS. BAR & JOCO COURT INNER CIRCLE JERK OF WIFE SWAPPERS AND ASSISTANT BANGERS MAKING PLEAS TO THE COUNTY TO LOOK THE OTHER WAY?  duh, who wants everyone to know that crap about them if it is true... EMBARRASSING!!!!  Home IP addresses never lie and lawyers always have stories because they always feel they are above the law. SO TAKING DOWN A JUDGE??????  How dare a mere pissant of a citizen not connected to the umm "power brokers" inside the Johnson County Court House, where dreams go to die, lives are ruined and careers stall unless you are HWP female.

We know at the heart of the matter is a FAMILY COURT judge already in a failed marriage in which HE LOST HIS ASS, HAD A PROTECTION ORDER FILED IN THE CASE and now makes less than a software developer while HIS WIFE IS WEALTHY!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!! NEIL!!!!
I think it is safe to say that there is NO WAY that this guy ever gets reelected.  I mean seriously, IF I HAVE TO PAPER EVERY CAR IN JOCO WITH FLYERS OF HIS BACKGROUND AND ETHICS, umm yeah, I will, I am that guy.  I already have this story spread in so many social media sites that Grandpa Neil has never heard of that his head will spin.  While this old man is on MySpace and looking for praise on Lycos while returning emails from his personal email of his voters are learning the truth of the crooked ethics that stand behind the family court dork.

Neil stammered in his email, had his underlings not return my calls or read my emails and is now cowering behind a site block. 

JOCO Family Court Judge with Protection Order Neil Foth

Why is it that Neil Foth is allowed to sit and decide family court deccisons and entertain his help while HE HAS A PROTECTION ORDER IN HIS OWN DIVORCE CASE!!!!!!!!!!!!