Tuesday, May 17, 2022

KC METRO fails to achieve Top 50 places to live (including OP)

 All of the changes that have occurred in the JOCO area have finally caught up
with it.  For decades you could routinely see Overland Park, Ks in the Top 50 places to live list, often in the top 10 but that is loooooooong gone.  Everything that once made JOCO and OP great places to live has been replaced by poor city planning, sprawl, lack of middle-class new homes, etc..  All that really remains, are schools in Blue Valley, but let us not forget that Shawnee Mission was once the cream of the crop before the flight south of 435 resulted in the closing of elementary schools.

This failure doesn't really amount to much, but for a city and region that often put these rankings front and center, it would be hypocritical for the area to not point out their slight. 

Have you seen how your increased property tax has made your house payment increase every year? Car Tags?  Imagine making under 50k and trying to keep your house in Overland Park, then having to sell it, and then trying to find a new house that you can afford with your "windfall".  These middle-income earners will all soon be residents of Gardner, Edgerton, and Eudora before too long.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

I have solved the abortion issue, you are welcome

 The New York POST played point guard on this but I will deliver.  

So, here is the deal people on both sides of the aisle, just watch what you eat.  If you do not want to have kids but still want to have as much unprotected sex as possible, there is a meal plan for you!  If you don't care if you get knocked up 2 times a year for the rest of your life, well this doctor has you covered as well. 

NOW, we just need the government to restrict the diet intake for both sides to ensure that we solve this issue once and for all.  THEN AGAIN that would involve the government dictating what one can do to their body through their diet. 

Monday, May 09, 2022

Remember When Content and Originality counted? Now, it is Divide

Remember when we didn't have a million topics to bring up to divide us?  Back in the early days of this blog, there were offers to monetize the content, switch platforms, speak to media outlets, etc.. but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. They didn't realize that much of what I was saying was simply sarcasm to drive home an underlying point about issues and the stupidity and lies that were being fed to us every day.  Instead, they wanted me to lean into it! More and more people started reading the stupid thing and pretty soon even family members were starting to take it all a little too serious.  

I mean seriously people, it is so easy to trigger a lot of you with sarcasm and throwing your own hypocrisy back at you that it was/is pretty entertaining.  But I am good, chances are, you are not.  I take on all parties, you do not.  I am not out to feel like I am part of a group and my feelings are special, you are.  Honestly, I could have a field day with the whole abortion and covid vaccination debate that is now being used BUT I made that argument a year ago, while you were so focussed on your stance, and not what your stance meant as a larger issue.  

  • You can't for one minute say that the government has a right to what happens to your medical health one minute and then say that it doesn't the next.  Do you realize how freaking moronic you sound?
  • You can't say that cancel culture is good but then bitch when the shit you like gets canceled.
  • You can't be for protecting the filibuster under one guy and then want to destroy it the next.
  • You can't be for Supreme Court rulings one minute and then want to pack the court the next.
  • You can't be for climate legislation in our country, yet are ok with purchasing oil etc.. from dictators in another.  The shit is being produced one way or another and if you believe in climate change, then you believe and understand that it is a GLOBAL issue.  Not a state or even a country issue.  
  • If you drive a car that runs on batteries that need to be charged, you have to understand that Fossil fuels are still being used to power your car when it is plugged in.  
  • If you are a member of PETA, you can't be in favor of large windmills that slaughter thousands of birds every year but be against hunters.  
  • If you are wearing this month's Black lives Matter shirt, then you can't ignore the black-on-black killings that happen in your districts, and do nothing about it except defund the police. 
  • You can not be for sending troops into every global conflict that comes along, yet protect your own children from the draft
  • You flee one location because the state has become a shithole due to the policies that you helped pass, then once at your new location you repeat the mistakes you made before.

There are literally thousands of these that I could rattle off but let us use these few examples to illustrate just how fucked up some of your thinking is and how easy it is to formulate posts that make you think.  You have no real backbone or beliefs.  You are just brainwashed and then we all hear your idiotic stances on these issues because of Social media!  

For those of you that suck at blogging and social media, why do you still try?  You peck at your keyboards on your laptop or phone to spew your unoriginal, uninteresting, unfunny "take" and pollute us all with your ignorance and hate to what end?  Is it therapeutic?  Do you feel like that ONE tweet or terrible post is going to change the conversation?  On Twitter, if you have made over 100 posts and you have under 20 likes total and under 100 followers, GIVE UP.  If you blog and can't get subscribers, emails, bookmarks, OR hear about your blog being discussed by strangers out in public, GIVE UP.  

Check out your view count, likes, and followers... Nobody cares.  And if you change who you are, to simply try to achieve a following or get a "like" then do you don't even care about yourself?  So maybe this whole political/current event punditry thing isn't for everyone, right?  I am sure that there is useless shit out there that you can post about that you are extremely knowledgeable about, so do that.  Don't simply throw wood onto a fire that is already burning out of control, just to feel special and involved.  Honestly, everybody is entitled to an opinion but that doesn't mean that your opinion "matters", especially if you are just repeating what you heard from your favorite cable news host.  

You watch MSNBC, CNN, and Fox all day and then spew the same shit you just heard because you play for that specific team and they tell you how to think and feel about every issue.  From Abortion to Zoology, your takes and insights into issues fit nice and neat along whatever channel you watch and then you hit the keyboard like a windup toy and repeat what you heard.  Such talent and insight. 

When was the last time that you went after a member of the party your supported? Probably never...  Sheep and Lemmings are making us all feel more divided than we probably really are, just remember that.  


Bang Bang

TLC - Hat 2 da Back

The Left and Right wing are both full of shit

 We shall keep this short and sweet because even a Missouri HS graduate could
understand it.

1.  The Black Lives Matter Riots

2.  January 6th capital Riots

3.  Abortion rights protest Fire Bombings and Threats 

Both sides have taken to violence, property damage, death threats etc. instead of ya know, using "their words".  Isn't that we use to tell kids when throwing tantrums?  What an embarrassment we have become as a society.   

Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Republican Idiots


With all that is going on in this country and the world, the powers that be decide to bring giant abortion news into the fold?  Did we not just go through 2 years of Covid hell?  High inflation? Supply chain issues? Energy cost? Food shortages? Border Crisis? Crime? Racial tensions? Restrictions on speech? War? 

For as long as I can remember I have always told people that this case would never be overturned .  It made zero sense to me that people would focus all of their attention on undoing a SCOTUS decision that didn't effect how they lived.  To me it is simple, if you are not in favor of abortion, then do not get them.  If you are in favor of abortions, then kill all you want.  Neither side should expect the other to approve of their stance, EVER.  I have not once seen a person change their mind on Roe v Wade and it has been around since the majority of living Americans were born.  SO WHY TOUCH IT?? with so many other issues going on in this country????

Leave it to dipshit Republicans to once again ruin our chances of winning majorities in congress to fix things that actually make a difference to our lives.  Now the party, both parties, will turn into single issue strongholds, all using abortion in their own ways to try to either gain or regain power over the other important things in our lives.  

Let us say that you are an Independent voter that is in favor of 99% of the platform that Republicans are running on, yet are prochoice...  What do you do?

I could honestly post 20 pages on the stupidity of all of this but honestly, why even bother?

Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Missouri Republicans - DIPSH^$@

Missouri Republicans in their infinite wisdom have blocked the nomination of the next health director because he believes in vaccines
..  NOT MANDATES, but simply for believing in freaking vaccines.  I can't believe I am going to type this next phrase but he is PRO-CHOICE in both masks and vaccines, yet that isn't enough to placate the dipshit mob running through Missouri Republican politics right now.  UNFREAKING REAL.  

As I have stated dozens of times since Uncle Covid came to town, I am pro-choice on masks and vaccines.  If you want to die, feel free to do so, I will not stand in your way.  Hell, I got the shots and still got Covid, but guess what, I am still alive (I know that makes some people in OP mad) and I have a preexisting condition sooooooo yeah, give me 50 shots.  

It is disphits like this and those Qanon people, Jan 6th morons etc.. that have made the vast majority of normal Republicans remain silent or switch to Independent or Libertarian.  Maybe after Covid runs through all those groups, we can come back to a normal party.  

Are these the flat earthers I always hear about?  

Public Enemy - Can't Truss It

Whoopi Goldberg Latest Dem to come out against Jewish folks

 Democrats have long been the party of racism in America (The End).  They have tried to rebrand
themselves since the 80s but at their core, they are still the party that is against minorities, Jewish people, and women. Joe Biden's friends were all higher-ups in the KKK, the #metoo movement hit the left in the capital and Hollywood, and their rhetoric towards Jewish people seems to have been ongoing ever since WW2 (tell me that FDR didn't know Hitler had concentration camps YET still kept us out of the war until we were attacked). Every person caught wearing blackface, Democrat.  Hmmmmmmm

Whoopi, where do we even begin.  Remember this is the woman that was with Ted Danson when he was wearing blackface and thought nothing of it.  Should we be shocked that she just thought Hitler was simply killing other white folks, so who should really care?  Imagine whatever fucked up things are going through her head?  Yet everyday mindless zombies tune in to get their talking points from this person.  

If you continue to watch the view then you are supporting hatred in America towards Jewish people.  It is that simple.  This wasn't a slip of the tongue, misunderstood take, lapse in judgment due to the changing times.  Nooooooooo this was good old fashioned well thought over HATE.  This wasn't a tweet from 20 years ago by someone when they were 14, a party they attended their freshman year in college, even a controversial take on Vaccines.  Just HATE.  

LL Cool J ft. Boyz II Men - Hey Lover

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

KS GOP - We can do better than Roger Marshall M.D.

 Seriously, Kansas, THIS IS THE GUY??????????  If there isn't a primary against this guy when he is up
for election then I will be disappointed.  Do people ever read his statements, watch his questioning, listen to his remarks in Senate and think to themselves "GEE that guy is a great representative of Republican values in Kansas?

I literally cringe whenever his name comes across my newsreader because I just know he did some shit to embarrass us.  He literally isn't even worth making a lengthy post citing examples of his statements because I honestly believe he will not last beyond this term.  

Kansans can't sit back and let this guy's mouth and brain ruin a senate seat for conservatives.  Keeping him in office will most definitely turn that seat blue.  Just look at our history of electing dipshit governors that then lead to us putting some liberal governor into office, that nobody can stand policy-wise.  We do this because we have to correct for the idiot that we did elect that we did agree with policy-wise 75% of the time.  That was a lot of we's.  

If we can't get rid of him, can we please surround him with smart people?  

Crooked Ass JOCO Courts Facing a Shit Storm

 So while I was away I had this story emailed to me and I couldn't help but smile.  Do you mean to tell

me that the most corrupt organization in all of JOCO is now under investigation for missing funds?  Imagine if they audited the following

  • PTO Usage $$$
  • Travel Expenses $$$
  • Employee Revues $$$$
  • Hiring policies/promotions $$$
  • Personal information security $$$
  • Case assignment $$$
  • Conflicts of interest between employees and attorneys $$$$
  • Information Security
  • Amount of work being done while people are working remotely during Covid $$$
  • Information Systems and Public Records tampering (changelogs)
Keep in mind, it was only a few years ago that THIS BLOG mentioned financial issues inside the courts among many other things and the COURT threatened to throw me in jail for 72 hours by tying it to my divorce case unless I removed all previous posts regarding the court.  The posts that this blog made at that time reached the Chief Justice of Ks courts, Senators, and County commissioners.  I had several of these people/offices reach out to me about some of these allegations and they did what they could to finally get my case moved away from conflicts of interest inside the courthouse.  

Maybe now, this corrupt place will be fully audited and investigated and those that are at fault will face the consequences of their actions.  Records, emails, screenshots, on the record statements, files.......  

Copy my shit but give me credit

 During my time off I got numerous emails from people pointing to social media posts made my current
or "future" politicians basically copying my takes word for word.  Now the vast majority of these politicians regardless of their party are people that I would not ever support with anything more than a vote that canceled out the lesser of the two evils.  What is even worse, they didn't even acknowledge where they got their take, info, etc.. No link, no mention, nothing.  

Now the reason they didn't is pretty clear, if they would have directed them to the source, they would have found the context and overall sentiment that came along with some of those posts.  They then would have realized that I do not support the person posting them.

Just because two people like the same flavor of ice cream, doesn't mean that they agree with your life story, let alone your voting record or what comes out of your mouth.  

I post a ton of links to stories I read, along with a short write-up about what I believe.  I always give credit to news sources so that people can make their own decision about the story, read the whole article INTACT and see that my summary was actually pretty spot on.  

ALSO, I very rarely endorse politicians.  And I can honestly say that there is not an elected official in the metro area (local or national) that I have endorsed.  Scour the blog.  I think the last guy I thought was worth a shit was Rubio, that you morons passed on for Trump...  

Guess Whose Back

 Going into the holidays I decided to take a few weeks off from blogging.  We didn't celebrate the
holidays this year( I haven't since my divorce) due to the death of our mother but a few of us got together the week before to check in and see how everyone had been handling things.  Fyi, it is times like these that really tell you who people are and who really is in your corner.  I have gone through this a few times in the past few years with my wreck, my cancer, etc... Those that never gave a shit about anything other than $$$$ never showed up for any of those events and made sure that they didn't stand up when my mother died(divorced family never fails to live up to the bar they set).  Lucky for me, I have a pretty great group of friends that have stepped up over the past few months to take my mind off everything.  

Two days after Christmas, I got Covid and it doesn't matter what people say, the crap isn't mild.  It knocked me on my ass for 10 days.  I had a fever of 104 2 times and I was routinely over 101 degrees.  Cold night sweats, congestion, body aches, chills, and then the drain of energy.  I had 2 Pfizer shots and was not eligible for the booster until the end of January.  Then they came out and changed the plan from 6 to 5 months which would have allowed me to get it right before Christmas...  regardless of who/what people said about the shots, if they helped me stay out of the hospital then it was worth it.  I can not even imagine what going through that crap without the shots would have been like.  If you are still on the fence and have never had Covid, get the stupid shots if you don't like death.  This isn't a complex SAT word problem, get the shots and live or don't get the shots and probably die.  

Sure you hear about athletes and celebs that are unvaxxed surviving Covid without the shots but you do not have access to the same medical treatment that they do.  They are able to get IVs, therapeutics, and 24 hours a day medical attention.  When you get it, you won't be able to find Vitamin D, Zinc, Mucinex, Pedialyte, etc.  Also, you will not be able to get a test. Sure some might be available now, but when you are sick on your ass, good luck getting out to get one.  The time you need them in your house is before you catch it so that if you get symptoms it is there.  Instead, you get symptoms and you have to go out in public or stand in line among other people which is not healthy for you or the people you are exposing.  So if you see a test and haven't just had Covid, grab one.  

So yeah, I am healthier now and have caught up on real-life shit enough to get back to this internet crap.  Enjoy!