KKK returns (maybe they never left) to Topeka

Is anyone shocked that the KKK is promoting itself in Topeka?  The wonderful city has all ready given us Fred Phelps so why the hell not give us even more of a reason to be embarrassed as a state. 

I truly believe that Topeka is where White People move when they give up on life. 

Picture of the Day

Auntie Fee's Egg Rolls

3 Year Old shows Praise Unjustified.

For close to a year now the Mayor and Chief of Police in KCMO have taken credit for a false reduction in crime in the East Side and some of you actually believed them.  With yet another child
getting murdered in KCMO it is going to be hard for them to keep this charade up isn't it?  Doubtful.

The Mayor will blame everything and everyone except the people that murdered this poor kid.  I have all ready heard him blame guns for it and I am sure that the economic situation will be next followed closely by the racial divide in this city.  Not the fact that KC has a gang problem that nobody talks about.  Not that KC is one of the major distribution centers for drugs in America, not that all of the social welfare programs have failed, not that the gun used in the murder was probably obtained illegally, not that the family foundation in the East Side is made of balsa wood..

Can we now call this Mayor and Police Chief a failure in crime prevention?  NO?  Ok, how about the next time a toddler gets killed?  Please let me know.

Remember on Memorial Day

Semper Fi!

Photo of the Day

KC Media Hype Machine

It is Monday morning and you have survived the weekend visit the Mongols made to a city 50 miles away from us.  If you watched, read or listened to the news this past week then you heard every POS media outlet predicting dead bodies in front yards and blood flowing through the streets of KC
because of events that happened 2 states away.

You see regardless of outlet, our news media in this town is terrible.  From the time you wake up in the morning to the time you go to sleep, you are warned of severe storms that never happen, blizzards that never occur, riots that never take place, standoffs that aren't standoffs and viruses that never strike.

Keep crying wolf and nobody will ever take you seriously again.

Cus KCK Keeps it Real

You gotta love this!  Has there ever been so much wrong and right in one photo?

2,000,000 and counting

That is right a local blog that isn't liberal, religious or ass kissing of the media has hit 2,000,000.  Probably could of been there sooner but took 6 months off to recover from a motorcycle accident.  Thanks to Tony, Merrill, Darla and others that have covered us locally and nationally.

Exploitation of Biker Violence by Race Baiting "writer" @jessejholland

This story on the AP is a reach, even for them.  How in the hell do they compare bikers killing bikers to rioters burning down innocent peoples businesses, trashing their cars, blocking traffic and robbing their stores?  There is not a single similarity between the two yet this jackass, @jessejholland, decided to make that reach today.  Is this all that people hired to write about race relations have to
discuss today?

The article even contradicts its self saying the following

"Civil rights attorney Charles F. Coleman Jr. said only minority communities get blamed for violence, while no one blames white families or white communities for fatal violence by white men, characterizing such events instead as "isolated incidents." "

Yet earlier describing the fugitives as this

"Mug shots show an array of suspects: white, Hispanic, a white woman and a man who looked black."

How is this the white community when only 1 of 3 mugshots were of a white person and that more that 50% of the bikers there were hispanic?

@jessejholland is nothing more than a race baiter who isn't even good at race baiting and has embarrassed himself by writing about a subculture that he doesn't understand.  Bikers rarely involve civilians in any of there criminal activities and have never burned down city blocks.  Most of their crimes are committed quietly in the criminal underbelly of this country and involve people that choose to participate in that lifestyle.

If anything we should be thankful that they are offing each other instead of innocent kids sleeping inside a house and getting wasted by a stray bullet from a drive by.  The fact that 9 people died Sunday proves only one thing, Bikers have good aim, gang bangers not so much.

10 signs that summer is hitting JOCO

You can always tell in South JOCO when summer is approaching and the school year is coming to an end. Those of you residing in the poverty stricken areas surrounding us have no idea what stress there

is on us to provide a suitable Blue Valley summer for our kids and the preparation involved to do so.

1.  Trophy wives all turn what I like to call "Leawood brown". 
2.  The term "the lake" is used in every other sentence along with "what mile marker is your house at". You see to live out here everyone automatically believes that "the lake" means Lake of the Ozarks and nobody can comprehend not owning a lake house.
3.  $1200 grills are flying off the shelves that will only be used once.
4.  The horrified look that other parents give you when the hear that you go to a public pool and that your subdivision doesn't have one.
5.  30k motorcycle rode by a douche in shorts, flip flops and his hat backwards.
6.  Vacation bible school-  in JOCO it rarely involves the bible, never is school like and is strictly a way to have your family decide what religion they are by who is offering the best trip.
7.  Mothers start wearing the same clothing that their teenage daughters shouldn't wear.
8.  Garage sales offering layaway
9.  Lawn crews gathering at Quick Trip making it not such a quick trip
10.  The phrase "and that is why we don't go down there anymore" when discussing The Plaza.