Gang Crackdown - Yeah Right

Police, prosecutors warn gangs: We're coming after you | Local News - KMBC Home

1.  Do we really believe that this time they "really" mean it?  This carries as much weight as every other BS new conference that we have heard over the past decade regarding crime, guns, gangs, stupid ass national mayor initiatives etcc
2.  Is Kansas City finally admitting to having a gang problem?  For over a decade now elected officials and the media have ignored the local gang activity and never linked any of it to the violence.  This of course was done to play down how violent this city has become. 
3.  Being a member of a gang isn't illegal. Saying that they are going to crack down on gang bangers in this city still will require people to commit crimes and witnesses to testify.  Are we to believe that the Tips hotline is going to suddenly be ringing off the hook?  Give me a freaking break.

Today's Racist POS

Virginia white supremacists sneak Easter eggs filled with racist notes into kids’ celebration | The Raw Story

Today's Piece of SH!T has been brought to you by the Letter B and Number 4

Almost Daily Link Blast

Back at it for you uninteresting internet searching bastards.  

1.  Missouri can't even keep a crappy coach that everyone said that they should of fired.  Simple Jack believes that it was MU's idea. lol
2. Is Portland Piss worse than Missouri River dead hooker water? And if not, then why the hell do we drink the water from that polluted ass river. 
3.  Obama MIGHT be considered a liar
4.  I would say it is now safe to drive on Missouri Highways but umm yeah
5.  Holy crap someone actually had sex with Chelsea Clinton.
6.  Lisa Carter is taking her "trending" annoyance elsewhere.
7. 10 Near-Trades That Would've Changed NBA History | Mental Floss
8.  30 'Star Wars' Facts You Didn't Know
9.  These Are the Countries that Last the Longest in Bed |
10.  Eccentric axe uses physics to make splitting firewood easier - Boing Boing
11.  How Boston Are You?

Mission Douche Bag Policing on way out?

New Mission police chief expected to be decided next month :: Prairie Village Post

Will the biggest douche bag chief of police in JOCO finally be replaced?  Imagine if you will being able to drive through Mission without getting a ticket for going 6 over the speed limit, failing to signal 100 yards or jaywalking.  Sounds good doesn't it?  Then again, what the hell is there in Mission that anyone would need to go to?  Their Gateway Project? lol.  

More SWMO racism

Missouri mayor endorses suspected Kansas killer’s views | JPost | Israel News

The people of SW Missouri should just all stop talking about this topic.  Good job Marionville on electing this douche.

Easter Confession

Harry Reid calls Ranchers terrorists

Harry Reid Calls Cliven Bundy Supporters “Domestic Terrorists” Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

I think he has it backwards....

Mumbles Lost In The Hood

Mo State Shocker

Alleged Jewish Community Center killer spoke Missouri State | The Daily Caller

Then again, what do we really expect from a town that was home to the Gottfried Tower lynchings.  Of course they were ummm extremely "curious" about white supremacy

Inside the mind of the JCC Terrorist

Wicked Witch of the East is back

I HOPE TO GOD SHE RUNS!   Can you imagine how entertaining it would be to watch her squirm in a debate?  Ohhhhhhhhh please let this happen.

Headline of the Day - Wu Tang Edition

Rapper Reportedly Cuts Off Penis, Jumps Off Balcony in Suicide Attempt

This is awesome on a lot of levels1.  He jumped off a 2nd story balcony thinking that he would die2.  This money quote "It wasn't immediately known if doctors were attempting to reattach his penis."

Terrorism in JOCO

If you grew up in Overland Park, Ks at anytime in the past 100 years then the events of today's terrorists attack at the Jewish Community Center affected someone that you are friends with in one way or another.  Those of us that have kids in the Blue Valley School District have all ready started receiving notifications of the murder of one of our students and tomorrow our kids will have to start dealing with the loss of one of their friends.  Yes, this terrorists attack on our community will hurt more than some think but our community
will come together regardless of faith and heal quickly.  

The question now facing parents in our district is how do we tell our kids what happened?  Do we give them the truth and tell them that a man came in from out of the state, asked people if they were Jewish and then murdered the ones that said yes?  What impact will that have on our kids moving forward?  Or do we simply hide the truth from them and tell them that they were killed by random act of violence?  Or do we skip completely over the details, deny answering questions truthfully and try to preserve their innocence?

I personally hope this hitler wannabe gets death penalty by dismemberment, an inch at a time.  

Here is a copy of the email that we all received tonight.  

Blue Valley Community,
Today is a very sad day in our community. A tragic shooting took place at the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom Retirement Center in Overland Park. The incident resulted in the death of three people.
We share with a heavy heart that one of the victims was Reat Underwood (Losen), a Blue Valley High School freshman. Sadly, Reat and his grandfather were two of the victims.
On a personal note, I had the opportunity to get to know Reat earlier this year at our annual Blue Valley Educational Foundation breakfast. Reat sang the national anthem to begin the breakfast, and his talents were on full display that morning. I found Reat to be an engaging and exceptional young man. The school district has truly lost a great young person. Our hearts go out to the families who are dealing with this senseless tragedy.
Reat and some of our high school students were attending a non-school related event at the Jewish Community Center at the time of the shooting. As a result, a number of families have been impacted district-wide. As a community we will come together to support each other. We encourage you to be especially sensitive and offer support to your child during this time. Helpful resources to assist you in talking to your children can be found at under Hot Topics.
While school is not in session on Monday, we will have support available at our high schools for students who may have a need to speak with a counselor.
We are a strong community and will do everything possible to support each other and our students. Our thoughts and prayers are with all families who have been impacted by this tragedy.
Tom Trigg
Superintendent of Schools
Blue Valley Schools
15020 Metcalf Ave.
Overland Park, Kansas

The Hacker...No Smoking!

Hillary Clinton the Coward

Hillary Clinton is afraid of one woman.  No not Monica or Jennifer or any of Bills's other sluts, no no, she is afraid of Pat Smith.  Who is Pat Smith you ask?  Well she is the mother of one of the people that were slaughtered in Benghazi.  You know, the place that Hillary doesn't want to discus.  

Can this woman really believe that she can be president?

Kansas Highway System Kills 2 more

Two killed in crash on eastbound K-10 near De Soto, Kan. -

How about you try funding  highway safety instead of wasting more money on failed social programs?  How many more people need to die on K10 before we put in cable barriers to prevent these preventable crossover deaths?

Get off your freaking asses and do something useful for a change. 

March Madness Infographic

Headline of the Day - Obama Edition

Obama Misspells ‘Respect’ While Praising Franklin Before White House Concert « CBS DC

Can we really R-E-S-P-E-C-T a guy when he can't even spell the word right? According to liberals yes, just as long as he is a socialist.

Headline of the Day - Pit Bull Edition

Man accused of sex with pit bull - New York News

Two things.  
  1. If you were to picture a guy that would do this wouldn't he look just like this guy?
  2. Of course it's in Florida

KC Douchebag's of the Day - Hickman Mills take a bow

Missouri audit of Hickman Mills School District finds misspent funds, frivolous expenses -

It is all about the children right?  Well then why is it that time after time these "educators" put themselves ahead of the their students?  One day it is a sex scandal, the next it is passing students that can't read and then of course misuse of money.  What a great group of people!

"Many of the district's schools qualify for Title I benefits, which mean at least 40 percent of a school's students are from families that meet the federal government's definition of low-income."
Sounds like the type of people that should be robbed and poorly educated right?  

Jay and Silent Bob Strike back - Credits Roll

Picture of the Day

The World We Live in....

Just how secure are we nationally and personally?

Picture of the Day - Ukraine Edition