Monday, September 27, 2021

Chiefs might finally have a #2 receiver - Josh Gordon

 When you pick up a wideout with his skills, you can't help but think of the possibilities.  This guy when not suspended for substance abuse is a terror for opposing teams and will finally put Hardman back into a 3rd or 4th option.  The NFL has not been as active in pursuing marijuana testing, fines, etc..  so there is a chance that he can finally stay clean.  

KC STAR - Panders for 3rd place for admitting they are racist

 There are a couple of ways to look at this story.

1.  The Star did such a crappy job of admitting that they are racist that

they got 3rd place, in a state without a lot of newspapers!

2.  There is nothing worst in the world than pandering for recognition.  Why would a paper that openly admits that they were racist even accept recognition of any type for a self-reporting story?  I mean come on!

Olathe Translated - Native American term used for racism.

I mean come on Olathe, the kid even has a mullet.  I would love to hear one person try and defend this

one.  I mean the kid even uses great-grandpa racism about picking cotton.  So this has to come from a long line of racist inbreeding that only the Olathe area can provide.  I am starting to believe that Olathe is Native American for racist.  

Let us review briefly some of the recent highlights to come out of Olathe in the past few years.
  • A group of Indian gentlemen was unloaded on at a sports bar because the idiot thought they were Taliban.
  • You had a head coach dropping N bombs
  • You have a district court staffed full of people that hate Asians (all countries).  
  • Ever been to traffic court there?  You do not have to be a census taker to see the number of minorities pulled over versus Caucasians.  

Friday, September 24, 2021

Almost Daily Link Blast

My links are better than the crap you read.  My explanations are better than your own thoughts. 

Actually, these links suck.  I am on a conference call and paying little attention to the shit that I am posting below. But you guys wanted more links...

1.  Online daters get less than 1 sec before a swipe.  Now, this is funny to me because I know of people that change their first names to their middle names, lie about their interests/hobbies, their personalities, what they are looking for, etc.. all in hopes of getting a simple swipe.  What they do not realize is that once a person meets them, the truth will come out.  Ho's gotta Ho, I guess.  

2.  Maple Candied Bacon in your Air Fryer.  Umm yes.  If you do not own an air fryer then you probably still have a DVD player, Samsung phone and use your microwave to fix dinner.

3.  Remember when the United States sent anyone from Japan into camps (under a democrat)?  Amazingly, it never gets brought up.  When discussing injustice in America it always goes from the '60s to Civil War.  

4.  55 of the scariest pictures that you will ever see on the internet that aren't liberals in Bikinis 

5.  Memes about being an adult that are pretty accurate.  

6.  61 facts about video gaming that you can probably live without.  

10.  Your boss will now be snooping on you long after your work from home holiday is over. 

Blackstreet - Don't Leave Me

Raekwon - Ice Cream

Biden Fridays

It was another wonderful week in Biden's neighborhood.  While the rest of us were working hard to

make it in Biden's America, he was once again taking a vacation.  This idiot has spent more time in Deleware than he has at the Southern Border.  Which it turns out, he has not made one official visit in his 50+ years of public office.  Congrats!  I haven't served a single day in public office but I did spend a fair amount of time on the California/Mexico border while in the USMC.  What I saw in the early '90s was bad, I mean really bad.  If you have ever lived in Southern California, then you know about the crossing signs, rafts, etc..  Nothing I saw then can compare to the third-world settlements that Biden has allowed to set up on our side of the border.  That was under Clinton before he became tough on the border once he saw his polls drop.  So once again, a democrat is in office, the borders have opened and his polls shrink.  When will these idiots on the left realize that while we are all for LEGAL immigration, almost nobody outside of the political white elite is in favor of open borders?  REGARDLESS of what they try to tell us on a daily basis through their propaganda spewing news networks.  

Anyways, here are this week's greatest hits.

1.  Brown migrants are allowed free access across the border, the minute Haitians show up, they decide that GITMO is an option.  This isn't the first time Haitians have been sent to Gitmo by a Democrat president.  
2.  Liberals, including Biden, do not understand the difference between horse reins and whips.  THEN they blame the horses for being cruel to migrants!  How exactly do you enforce a border without intimidation?
3.  Hunter Biden's laptop is about to become a real problem.  Especially, now that the liberal media is starting to jump ship.
6.  Joe Biden's approval continues to plummet.  Those of you that said, anyone but Trump are now getting what you didn't pay attention to.  Thanks for that.
7.  Joe Biden is so toxic that he has candidates within his own party deleting pictures they have taken with him from their websites.  

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Trump needs to go away

 I am not sure why, but I have been getting a ton of emails lately from team Trump on his upcoming appearances, future plans, and candidates that he plans on backing for the midterms and it is annoying as hell.  Didn't this guy lose the election and then lie to his supporters?  Didn't he hide in shame behind Rudy's melting head?  Didn't he take forever before he accepted the fact that Biden won?  

Hasn't he been a big enough distraction for Republicans that would like the party to more closely align with Libertarians than Status Quo spineless republicans?  Every time he is interviewed we take 10 steps backward.  Every day that he keeps people guessing on his plans for the next election, we take 10 steps backward. Many of you idiots that support Trump now use to laugh at Clinton supporters that spent 4 years crying!!!!  

We need to start identifying strong candidates that will fight back against the media propaganda but will not offend half the country while doing it.  We need to identify a leader that will focus on the job instead of what every single person in his administration says when he is not around.  We need to find a leader that can take a win and not ruin it by running his mouth the very next day.  

Is such a candidate out there?  Marco Rubio would be my first choice.

KC STAR gets story ideas from "The Wire"

 The headline today is about how the worst paper in the nation spent 24 hours with a homeless woman
Those of us that have seen the wire understand that they are trying to take the Dickinsonion approach to cover the homeless problem in KC.  Those of us that saw that show understand how insincere that this approach really was. It also shows just how lame and out of touch that the local paper actually is.

Are they so far gone from covering the news that they are resorting to covering the tragic life of the city's less fortunate?  I do not believe that anybody in the metro is unaware of what being homeless entails.  

Instead of spending 24 hours with a homeless person, how about they spend 24 hours with a NE Crip or blood from the '50s?  Isn't violent crime more of a threat to the safety of residents than homelessness?  Trust me, you will never see one of these woke liberals driving down any of these neighborhoods to grab lunch let alone spend 24 hours with a crew in the hood.  

For a heads up on more stories that the Star plans on releasing this year, be sure to watch season 5 of The Wire.  

Mint Condition - Breakin' My Heart

Monday, September 20, 2021

JOCO kids are smarter than KCMO Kids

 A new report out from NICHE states this fact that
well, we already knew, KCMO schools suck.  Imagine being a kid and waking up every day early in the morning and going to school only to find out 12 years later that the crap you learned doesn't amount to anything.  You will not be prepared for life in any way possible from the 8 hours spent every day for 12 years.  

So what exactly are the kids in the KCMO school district learning?  Someone, anyone, please tell me!

Friday, September 17, 2021


 If you are one of the people thinking of going to D.C. tomorrow for a protest supporting the idiots that rioted on Jan 6th, do not go.  Do you remember the pictures of the fools storming the capital?  Do you really want to be associated with those idiots?  Do you trust those idiots to behave themselves this time?  OF COURSE NOT!

SO DO NOT BE AN IDIOT, STAY HOME and watch football instead.  

Laura Loomer - American Idiot

 I try not to add names of the alt-right to any of my posts/titles/stories but this one takes this one has to be covered because she MIGHT be one of the biggest idiots in America.  You see this is yet another alt-right conspiracy theory wacko that got Covid and now regrets what she said.  

  • Do we feel bad for her getting Covid?  No
  • Did she get the vaccine? No
  • Did she tell everyone that Covid was like food poisoning?  Yes
  • Did she use the pandemic to get followers and likes?  Yes

This is what happens when you choose not to get vaccinated.  Yes, the choice is yours (and should be) but when you choose wrong, you are an idiot.  This is just one out of a thousand terrible takes that this woman has had since she hit the scene a few years ago.  If you are a Republican that supports this woman and the things that she says, please leave the party ASAP. 

Biden Fridays -

Where does one begin?  The direction this country is headed in is 10x
worse than anything that the Orange fellow could have done with his mean tweets that upset the woke.  At least he was for limited government and strong decisive military action WHEN needed.  Not the current old senile dementia case running the country currently.  

Remember back in May when people were making stupid tweets like, "he still hasn't played golf", "no controversies", "Biden solved Covid"?  Morons, all of them.  

1.  10k Haitians are currently living under a bridge in Texas due to Biden canceling flights to Haiti to return people seeking to enter our country illegally.  

2.  France is pissed at us, yes FRANCE!  They are even recalling their ambassadors.  

3.  7 Kids and 0 terrorists were killed in the drone strike that was supposed to avenge the death of our troops in Afghanistan.  Yes, 7 kids, 3 adults ohhh and a Toyota were all destroyed by a hellfire missile.  

4.  ONE DAY after Biden gives a press conference about the booster shot rollout the FDA denies approval for the additional shot.  I am sure that we all feel a lot better about the "science" that Biden and cronies have been cramming down our throats.

6.  The idiot forgot the Australian PM's FREAKING NAME on a video conference WITH HIM

You liberals sure know how to pick a president and keep in mind, this is only 8 months into this bumbling old fools term.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Almost Daily Link Blast - Rare Political Edition

 To save you all from emailing me or hitting me up in Twitter messenger over headlines
that are currently flooding the media, I will take this rare moment to dive into politics with Rapid Fire over every headline I think YOU should be paying attention to because I am brilliant and most of you are not. 

1.  Reporters who have sat back and said nothing about Biden's mental incompetence, cognitive failure and inability to walk up freaking stairs are suddenly concerned about a "cough".  Holy shit.  

2.  Gray Wolfs back on the endangered list after Trump took them off.  To say that Trump was a moron with his policies on animals would be nice.  These things never should have been removed in the first place.

3.  Adults stopped acting like adults a long time ago, Covid just made them worst.  Liberals might be the most mentally unstable group in the world along with anyone that showed up on Jan 6th to peacefully protest inside of umm congress.

4.  Environmental wackos now want to be part of your soil.  Yes even after death you will be haunted by them every time you eat due to their new scam of composting their corpses when they die instead of being buried or set to fire.  IF your carrots are a little green, you now know why.

5.  Those of you idiots that haven't been vaccinated can have fun with this Covid calculator to estimate if you will catch the Delta Strain.  Might as well have fun on the internet before you die, right?

6.  56% of Americans can name all three branches of government...BUT let us just ignore that and continue to believe that our education system is run by geniuses that are interested in educating our kids instead of indoctrinating them.  Ignore the lowering of standardized test scores to get into college, CRT before math and reading, social promotion to graduation EVEN IF YOU CAN NOT READ AT A 5th-grade level.  GOOD JOB TEACHERS!  They failed to do what a freaking 3 minute School House Rock commercial during Saturday morning cartoons could do.  Then again, most liberals think that the CDC, OSHA, and IRS are branches of the government...

7.  Another example of how shitty our FBI has become.  They had to apologize to our Olympic gymnast due to their mishandling of the sexual assault cases.  Yet we should still have faith in this organization?

8.  This super cool JOCO guy is a corrupt tool.  I know this isn't news but hey some of you might not know this. Do not be fooled by his hairpiece and edgy pictures of his dogs, he is super duper neet-O.

9.  Ahhh, even the Federal Reserve is corrupt.  Go government, Go.  And yet there is soo many of you that want a bigger government.  Morons.  I guess that once crooked Biden got elected everyone saw that as a green light to get rich while working government jobs too.  

10.  Instead of simply letting people choose if they want to live or die by taking the supposed to work vaccine, Biden is pressuring even more and larger employers into implementing mandates.  Have the rest of you never heard of natural selection?  

11.  Women make up more than half of all new gun owners.  Huh.  Encouraging news in that there is a large portion of the female population that isn't dependent on the government for their existence and safety.  

12.  Nicki Minaj is the latest celeb to get WH invitation to push for Covid shots.  Sure, 9 months after the shots came out and people have dug in, NICKI will push us to a 100% vaccination rate.  Brilliant!  What is even more brilliant is that she isn't down with the whole Fauci Ouchi movement.  I am sure that Biden sniffing her hair will change her mind.

13.  General Milley is a pretty shitty General.  We have all known this for years.  He isn't a real general in the way that we like to think of generals. Noooooooooo, this guy is a political hack that is more concerned over politics than winning wars and saving Americans.  Of course, this shitbird tried to commit treason.  The coverups for this man are nonstop.  We should barely know his name, not be flooded with his incompetence and treason in the headlines DAILY.

14.  Biden wants to give the IRS access to your bank accounts. No, not just terrorist accounts, the super-rich, etc.. no, EVERYONES.  Enjoy having big brother monitor every transaction that you make.  Surely, you don't purchase anything that you wouldn't mind being leaked on Twitter if you get out of line with the powers that be...