Friday, April 09, 2021

Judge Neil Foth's Troubles Ignored by KS Supreme Court

 To say that the KS Court system is one big country club full of secrets, coverups and lies is an understatement.  I had this story emailed to me today by some good
people inside the government after reading my previous statements about the man and I of course couldn't believe what I was reading.

1.  There is proof that Judge Neil Foth tampered with a case that was not assigned to him to push actions for an employee of his.

2.  He knows of leaks of private and personal information coming from inside the courthouse to parties outside of the courthouse.  The information leaked is stored on closed systems and is not part of the JOCO Public Court Files that is accessible to the public through their website.

3.  Information leaked contains private information about the mental health cases of people residing inside Overland Park.  This information was then spread throughout several neighborhoods inside the city about this person.  HIPPA is obviously not carefully followed by Judge Foth who despite knowing of such leaks, did nothing to remedy the situation.  I myself was presented with such information and could not believe that this was all simply a few keystrokes away from people that were not directly assigned to the case.  When I brought this up, it was ignored.

4.  Private lawsuit information that was once again kept on a separate system from the public was also leaked out of his office.  At stake was a matter involving several hundreds of thousands and involved up to 9 people.  Their private information was pulled, leaked, and distributed without a single notification to any of the parties involved.  

If you dig further, there is more but those are some of the more serious highlights.  So, how is it that this man not only gets to keep his job without a proper investigation but he gets to keep his role in EDUCATING JUDGES????????  Come on Kansas, you are supposed to be better than this.  Our judicial system is supposed to be better than this.  

Johnson County residents should be able to have their personal information kept secret and not leaked, sold, tampered with.  The courts are supposed to be above that.  We put a lot of trust into not only judges, but paralegals, admins, guards, etc. in our courts do we not?  Do they not get a taxpayer-funded paycheck?

Just know this.  If you have any personal/private information, active/inactive cases inside the JOCO courthouse either private or public, that information is being passed around more than a Kansas Divorce attorney at a Judicial luncheon.  

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Tuesday, April 06, 2021


 I will not drag on in this post because the two stories listed today by the Star should tell you everything.  As KCMO violent crime goes up, the Star decides to attack the police and make their jobs more difficult.  Stay Bloody KC, this is the paper you purchase, the elected officials you support and the city you deserve.

1.  KCPD Rick Smith is dishonest according to The Star

2.  The Star backs the claims that the police beat a criminal

KC Caves to Homeless


There is nothing better for local business, tourism etc.. than homeless camps.  KC has decided to follow in the footsteps of such great city's as San Fran, NYC and LA when it comes to homeless folks so we can all expect similar results.  Congrats KCMO, you have officially become a shithole.  

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Friday, April 02, 2021

“Follower of Farrakhan” - Attacks D.C.

 The look of disappointment on the faces of liberals
everywhere must be something to see
.  They were all HOPING & PRAYING (do liberals Pray?) for this person to be a white male.  Sorry liberals!  

Maybe they will follow this story closely since a cop was killed and it was an attack on the capital.  Chances are, this thing is gone by Monday.  

Almost Daily Link Blast

We cover the news and internet so you don't have to because let's face it, you suck at it and we are great at it.

1.  "Black Army" coming to a city street near you this summer.  The TV should be incredible and end well.
2.  Blue Valley school district parents take first steps towards suing the district over maks.
3.  The GOV of MO is saying NO to Covid passports...for now. BUT what good does it do for locals to say no if Airlines, Stadiums, Arenas, etc.. all mandate them?
7.  Lil Nas X is about to get his bag taken away by NIKE for selling satanic shoes with blood in them.
8.  Despite all of the development in the area, KCK remains a shithole.  A dad was killed watching his kid play soccer by a stray bullet?  As if watching little kids play soccer wasn't bad enough.

JOCO lives more valuable than KCMO lives

If ever there was a doubt into the population worth more to the big thinkers in the country then the percentage of people receiving Covid vaccines should clearly illustrate this.  Keep in mind that this is with the fumbling rollout orchestrated by the former Parks & Rec leader that is now in charge of Kansas.  This is also despite the Chiefs opening up Arrowhead for jabs.  

Stay losing KCMO.  

Thursday, April 01, 2021

The Liberal Star admits to Murder Numbers

    At the first of the year, the group think from inside the Star, political leaders etc..
all keep saying how the murder rate was dropping which is pretty funny considering that KC just came off a killing spree in 2020 and that the flipping of a calendar doesn't mean all is well.  So why is it news that the pace is similar?

My prediction (which is always correct on KC Murder) is that 2021 will be higher than 2020.  There are just too many factors that have gone unchanged or gotten worst since last year.  Let us show the math

  •  The Weather - We came off of a record month of cold and the numbers are still on pace with last year.  Everyone that has been paying attention to my blog has learned that Killas hate the cold and once short sleeves come out, bodies drop
  • Police Restrictions - In an overreaction towards lawless protestors last year, the KCMOPD is now weaker to take on violent crime.  They will excel at shutting down illegal lemonade stands in the white neighborhoods.  
  • Economics- The Trump economy is going away and the new norms set by Covid layoffs will continue through 2021 under a tax and spend Biden economy.  Just today, the unemployment numbers took a surprising jump that caught old man Biden flat-footed.
  • Operation Legend - Gone
  • Clubs will be opening that was shut down most of 2020
The only thing that could lower the death count, aim.  

Men Pros are sick of Women Pros pay complaints

 Ahhh, when liberals fight amongst each other it is certainly entertaining. 
Especially when it is highly public figures squabbling over millions of dollars.  Especially when it is once again, entitled white women fighting with minorities.

Honestly, though, anyone that has watched the NBA vs.WNBA knows damn well that the player's skill levels, athleticism, and marketability are MILES apart.  This is why you can't give away tickets to the WNBA and the NBA costs 1k for shit seats in the rafters.  

BUT since it is all about equal pay for equal work, the NBA players should split their pay regardless of status with the WNBA.  In today's America, fair is fair, even among liberals.  

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

This Week in Liberal Stupidity

The best part about a liberal is well, they are fun to laugh at.  Their
stupidity and groupthink are at an all-time high now that the 80-year-old stammering fool is leading the country.  And before you go and say something about Trump to me please remember, I wasn't a huge fan of his either.  Policies of Trump = Good, the man = cringe.  You see under Trump, I wasn't babysat and raped of my income by the government.  There was a sense of freedom to succeed or fuck up as much as you wanted.  Not now.  Nanny State is in full effect.  

1.  Cuomo MIGHT go down as the creepiest person in NY since Harvey Weinstein.
2.  How can we trust the judgment of a man that keeps allowing his freaking pet to bite Whitehouse visitors.  
3.  Biden says that he won't push for a vaccine passport...So count on a vaccine passport
4.  So, Biden is pushing a spending package at 2.25 trillion dollars and assures us all that there will not be an increase in taxes for those making below 400k.  Does anyone believe this?  Seriously, come on liberals!  Do you like having other people spend your money for you????? Gas prices, grocery prices, electricity prices, house prices, car prices etc.. ALL ARE GOING TO INCREASE!!  So even if you fall under 400k, YOU PAY
5.  1 million illegals will be crossing the border unobstructed due to Biden.  Has anyone seen the videos of the kids stacked like firewood into cramped spaces?  He makes those kids wish they were living in the "kids in cages" era.

Hank Williams III- workin man

Monday, March 29, 2021

Topeka Gangsta's are Broke

 This haul is really kinda pathetic.  So pathetic that the whole city should be
embarrassed for first, calling it an "operation", second, naming the "operation", third, the shitty haul that they got from all of those arrests.

 A joint operation conducted by federal, state and local police over 10 days has led to more than 250 people being arrested in Topeka and the seizure of 24 guns, nearly 19 kilograms of illegal drugs and $25,000 in cash.

So if you arrest 250 and get 25k in cash then how much was that per arrest? More complex math (thanks metric system) 250 into 19 kilograms.  And my favorite 250 into 24 guns.

Not only do Topeka gangstas have a fat bankroll of $100 on them but they also have 1 gun per gang.  WTF!!!!

Yo!  Feel free to keep the doors unlocked and walk the streets of Topeka, Ks with nothing more than a pocket knife.  Shit, you could conquer all of Topeka with a Sword.  GANGSTA!

150 people in JOCO are Super Woke

 Now JOCO may have its fair share of issues but having lived there for 40 years I
can safely say that hatred towards AAPI is not one of them.  If it was then there would probably have been a demonstration about an event that happened locally and not half the country away by some lunatic.  In fact, there have only been 2 occasions in my life that JOCO suffered real racial crimes and neither of them was directed towards Asians. 

1.  The shooting at the Jewish Community Center - Was carried out by some redneck psycho from SE Missouri.  He came to the area because he preyed upon our diversity.  You see there isn't one person in JOCO regardless of faith that hasn't attended a Bar Mitzvah.  If they haven't then they probably never got invited to any other events either.

2.  The shooting of folks in Olathe that he thought were Al Queda.  This mental midget was homegrown and might have been the stupidest fuck in the area.  You see, he shot non-Muslims because they were brown and spoke "funny".  Even this jackass was barely a JOCO resident.

In both instances, the community rallied against the hate quickly. End of story. 

BUT JOCO whites in a chatroom decided that something should finally be done in JOCO to raise awareness of a problem that doesn't exist in their community.  HOW VERY BRAVE!  This had far less to do with the AAPI community and more about their own self-worth.

Oh, and a special fuck you to those that hold signs saying "silence is violence".  No, violence is violence.  Your crying wolf and exploitation of tragedies to make you feel better about being white do more harm than good. Those of us who have nearly died due to violence understand what violence is.    

What if John Albers was Black?

 The story of the murder of John Albers is far from over, especially since his mother is now going after the Chief of Police in OP for lies he told.  Outside of
the JOCO area though, nobody cares that a 17-year-old kid was shot 6 times for backing his car out of his family's driveway and the only reason I can understand is that the kid was white and from the burbs.  

This means that there will not be a single protest, no building lit on fire, no trendy spray painting of ACAB on the side of Wendy's, and yes a complete total pass on any legal ramifications for the former officer (who got paid nearly 12K per bullet that hit the kid).  Nooooo, the officer is probably in Arkansas fishing on a brand new bass boat that the city basically gave him.  

Imagine doing your job sooooooooo poorly that you ended the life of someone and your boss saying that they had to let you go but you get 70k. Who wouldn't sign up for a 70k severance package for being really shitty at their job!  AND THIS was considered punishment for KILLING a kid.  

City's have been torn down for suspects being shot despite them being in possession of murder weapons, high as fuck, assaulting cops, etc..  Yet this past summer the woke whites of JOCO marched for a man in Mn. and did nothing for Albers.  

Fuck you, woke jocoians for your racial pandering and neglect of a kid in your own city.