Yo! Why the hell is Center coming to JOCO?

Ok, I know that graduation should be a reward for students, which is why I can understand how the idea of taking kids from the Center District that actually graduated to JOCO seemed good but umm
yeah, we really didn't need the tourist revenue. 

The good people of Blue Valley fill up your auditoriums and arenas every year for graduations and not a shot gets fired.  Please keep in mind that this occurs with 10 times as many graduates per school than what Center props up each year.  We also send over approx 7 schools so umm yeah.

On a positive note, I would like to congratulate the 10's of Center graduates in this year's class.  So please wear your tassles to work so that I can spot you in the drive-through.

Dreams Crushed in North Overland Park

For the past 15 years, people in Overland Park have wondered what would take the place of Metcalf South.  Would it be a huge park?  How about an area like Prarie Fire or Park Place?   Maybe a retailer that the area doesn't have will move into the area to draw traffic to the area (see IKEA).  Sports fields? Arena? Corporate HQ Campus? 


Have you driven by the area?  What a damn joke.  Right across the street from it is a freaking HOME DEPOT so the area really doesn't need a new hardware store let alone a hardware store that already has several locations in the area.  Has anyone honestly ever felt like they were neglected by the number of hardware stores in the area?

JOCOians that have grown up in the area have been hoodwinked, bamboozled and completely let down by the city planner that allowed for this to happen.  Can anyone in this area get anything right when a mall gets torn down?  Remember the MISSION MALL disaster?  They will go from Aquariums, hotels and multiuse to a freaking Walmart,  Bank of America and Starbucks, just you watch and see.  

BUT that is all North JOCO and doesn't really matter to those of us South of  127th street!  They wouldn't dare let some crappy redevelopment/development happen in our precious land of Blue Valley.  Hell Walmart made their store brick just to move in and that was 15 years ago.   

If you drive out our way you would swear that you were in a different city than OP and if you like it out here, good luck trying to buy a house because prices have gone up so much that a starter house goes for $250K.   

So let them destroy Downtown OP, put a museum in a freaking bowling alley and tear down a landmark and replace it with a Lowes based shopping center.  Let the idiots get all of their bad ideas out of their system before they come out my way.  The only blighted shopping area left is Rosana Square and that is on, oh crap 119th street!!!!

Information age = Self Destruction of Society

All my life I have always heard and believed that information is power. I have witnessed this several times, whether it be in combat tactics or business.

Having said that... Since we are in what is called the INFORMATION AGE it appears that people are not capable of consuming, reacting or processing this new power.

The country is more divided by income and politics, racial issues, more copycat acts of violence, less focus on those in need locally and more focus on countries and problems that have nothing to do with the outcome of your own community....

Now combine all of that POWER/Information with all of these new mind-altering drugs that have come out in conjunction and WTF do you expect? Peace? Harmony? HAHA! We get bullets, bombs, rapes, suicides, overdoses and broken families.

Staying sane in an insane world

Stop celebrating I haven't died yet.  I decided to sit this election out from blogging because the amount of hate and BS streaming out of the mouths of liberals in 2016 was more entertaining to watch than adding gasoline to the bonfire.  If liberals are all ready pissed why troll them anymore than you need to?  Everyday for the next 4 years they are going to cry themselves to sleep in melted snowflake tears and wake up the next day and picket and spew hate towards half of the country further pushing them away from mainstream America.  

Also, did you know that JOCO was a sanctuary county?  Bet you didn't, neither did I until it came out that the drunk that killed the cop by my house was an illegal that OP sprung loose without turning him into ICE.  JOCOians want cheap labor and the county had decided to turn the other cheek on it so that the elitists F**(*& in Lionsgate can have 2 nanny's instead of 1 and that their spoiled entitled brat son doesn't have to mow the lawn or shovel snow etc..  

Proof that Racist Trump Charges are full of crap. Nothing else needs to be said

You People are F'd in the Head

@Kaepernick7 was wearing a Castro shirt on the same day he was fighting the oppression of the United States??? You don't have to be Ricky Ricardo to know that Cuba MIGHT be one of the most oppressed countries in the world. As a
matter of fact, the backup quarterback would be in Jail for his dumb ass antics.

This is the same crap that i don't understand from women, christians, LGBT etc.. that support Hillary Clinton. You do know that she takes money from people that slaughter and imprison the people that you claim that only "you" care about. That is like a beer lover voting for prohibition, it makes no sense.
The current mindset in this country is numbing.

Now excuse me as I drive a Beagle lover to MU for enrollment.

Hilary Clinton Craps her pants - Literally!

How much worst can this woman's health get?
 She should be looking at nursing homes not making residence in the White House.

Can you imagine the stank on this woman after a long speech on a 100 degree day?

No more Zak Burns????? F&^% KMBZ

So I hop in my car today and turn on 98.1 and hear some liberal douche bag named Wicket t.  How the hell did this happen?  Every single freaking host that is worth a damn ends up leaving or getting canned by this freaking station.  Darla, Merrill, Burns and I am sure others that I am forgetting right

This leaves EJ Becker - The worst morning news host I have ever heard in my freaking life.  His self righteous attitude makes me want to puke and his know it all attitude is a joke when you consider he know very little about anything mainstream at all.

The chick that hosted with Zak Burns - The biggest blah boring female in Kansas City, the only reason anyone even knows her name is because of Zak Burns.

Parks and Dana - Decent enough to listen to but mind numbing if you listen everyday.  How many times can one person listen to Scott Parks ask Rob the producer to validate his manliness?  You could make a drinking game out of "am I right rob" and Dana not understanding the legal system or the constitution.

Wier - This guy got put into the obscure 6pm slot so who knows what happened to his show.

It is times like this that make me thankful for the amazing programming on Sirius/XM.  I use to tune in for local talk and news but no more.  KMBZ is now liberal radio and will flop badly just like every other liberal radio station/programming to hit the airwaves.

Ask a White Guy

Today we launch the start of our new "Dear Abby" type of section called "Ask a White Guy".  Here we will answer questions from readers and offer assistance in interpreting current events of the day.

Dear White Guy.
Will I get shot if I run from the cops and then show them I am armed?

Dear Reader,
It may come as a surprise to you but yes if you do run from the cops you might be thought of as being suspicious.  When you produce a hand gun when stopped officers MIGHT consider you to be a threat.  So yes, you will get shot but don't worry you will be considered innocent despite your criminal record and your death will lead to the destruction of your city.

Schlitterbahn take

First of all, it is terrible that this little boy was killed, let alone on a day that he was supposed to be having fun at an incredible water park.  I feel terrible for the family, people on the ride with him and the first responders that showed up and were helpless in saving the kid.

Now, lets get one thing straight, there is not one single person here to blame except for the person that matched the kid up with 2 light weight women on a raft that needed at least 400lbs to be operated safely.  THAT EMPLOYEE is the only one responsible for a little kid losing his freaking head on the weekend before school starts.

I am sure that it is posted clearly and the people that operate the rides have been trained on the safety standards set by the park after months of testing and adjustments to make the ride safe.  You honestly can't blame the park except for their poor hiring practices and maybe the supervision of this employee that will have to live with the fact that he/she killed a little boy because he/she wasn't paying attention or simply didn't care.

If I were this kids parents I would want to know who this person was and put them up on criminal charges of manslaughter.  As a matter of fact I would want to know the whole chain of command of that day and list them as accessories.

This death never had to happen and it saddens me that somebody making $12 per hour probably ruined this family forever.

OP about to be overrun by Syrian Refugees, Oh joy!

It has been discussed in many circles within law enforcement (including being put on a super secret FBI watch list) for over a decade regarding the growing Islamic population in Overland Park which has been growing at a rapid pace.

  With the building of the new Mosque on 151st and Antioch we now future refugee shipments.  Of course being the great people we are in Overland Park we will welcome them with open arms and not think twice about whether they were vetted properly, are they here to become part of our community or like in many other places in the world will they segregate themselves into their own communities to promote sharia law?
have a huge bulls eye on us for any

Personally, I don't give a crap who, where or what you are as long as you are here to become part of the community and become productive members of our society BUT how do we know what their intentions are when the places they come from have no records of them and we have no clue as to who they are?

I do wonder what went into the selection of the cities that were selected because I seriously doubt that there were a bunch of mayors lining up to get first dibs on what could be the biggest security risk to ever hit their communities.