Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Fuck Trump 2024

Anyone, that supports this douches 3rd attempt at becoming president should

immediately be put under a 72-hour psych evaluation.  How much more damages are conservatives and Republicans going to allow this man to do to the Republican party?  

This is nothing more than an attempt by an old, isolated, and corrupt man to keep his privileged ass out of jail and grab some cash on his way out.  Will you fall for this crap, again?  Keep in mind he held on to most of his cash during the midterms or spent it on whacko long-shot candidates that had zero chance of winning.

His policies are not the issue, it is the character (lack of) of the man.  Supporting this man ahead of all of the other potential Republican candidates would be the biggest single mistake that the party has ever made.  Yes, even worst than Bob Dole, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Dan Potato, and Mitt Romney.  

You can have a backbone and stand up for your convictions without being an embarrassment to the party/country. Trump has proven time and time again for the past 6 years that he in incapable of this and yet some of you are going to support him.  

Having said all of that, even a douche of a Trump is better than any liberal wacko that the other side will throw our way.  

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Friday, September 09, 2022

Wyco Law Enforcement Might just suck, a little bit

How many stories about F'd up cops in Wyco can 
happen in one blog day?  The number is 3.  3 Stories, 4 officers, and 1 at-risk community.  

3.  Story is below.  

If you reside in KCK and you see those blue lights behind you or you are currently living with a LEO, stay frosty.  

Never heard of Rachel Stuhlmann until today

 Her Story in NY POST but who cares about all that right?

Dustin L. Beechner - Future Death Row resident

 Another story with another POS.  This St. Joe's father decided to take a baseball bat to his 6-year-olds
dome, which of course resulted in her death.  

This is when painful executions should be allowed in the country.  Why allow these murders of children to skate with a painless death.  We do that to the animals that we love, these fucks, do not deserve the same consideration that we give to mans best friend.  

KCK Cop gets off on beating women.

 There is nothing good to say about a man that beats
women and if this story holds up then this guy is a straight-up POS.  Not only is he incapable of protecting the public, but he also can't protect the women he is with, FROM HIMSELF.  

There should be tougher penalties for domestic abusers because it seems to be a problem that is only getting worst, not better. 

Deotis Brown, enjoy getting your cop ass abused by domestic partners in Prison. 

Queen Elizabeth II at Angels Ball Game - 1988

Gang Starr - Ex Girl To The Next Girl

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Thursday, September 01, 2022

Do you still listen to your liberal neighbor?

Why would you?  These people are truly clueless.  Do yourself a favor and
completely ignore them and your happiness will increase 10x over.  These people are the biggest downers on the planet and try to suck you into their depression every time they open their mouths.  They get off by trying to bring you down. 

Practice liberal avoidance and live longer happier, and more fulfilling lives. 

2.  California government is telling people not to charge their electric cars because the Power Grid can't handle it.  Remember, these dopes just made it so that all future new car sales in that state have to be electric in a few years.  These mental midgets might finally realize that electricity and fossil fuels are still needed.
6.  Your "efforts" to control the climate are failing miserably.  How is it that with the world on lockdown and all the latest and greatest steps taken by liberals to control the climate, that greenhouse gasses increased to record levels in 2021? Only a liberal is self-centered enough to believe that they can control the climate on a freaking planet. 

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Bart Scott shocked Stephen A. by claims: KC Chiefs will win Super Bowl LVII with Patrick Mahomes