The Return is Near

Don't count us out yet,  the break is about over and all topics will be covered soon!


As many of you MIGHT have noticed I am taking the majority of the summer off to avoid burnout before this years elections.  I thought I had posted this all ready but apparently it never made it.  

Let's face it all that we would be talking about is teens on the plaza, murder in kcmo, the decline of N. Joco and what a crappy president obama is.  Nothing changes in KC, just the date. 

Over Rated GOAT!

Dear Sir,
You are the Bill Buckner of US Soccer.  Please retire.  You are over rated and have been out classed in every way this World Cup.

Photo of the day

KCMO Liberalism Fail

The liberals TRIED to expand government in the city by making a department to license and and
train people on FEEDING THE HOMELESS.    This idea might go down as one of the stupidest things that I have ever heard of in my life.  Only a liberal would want to make it more difficult for people to give to the poor and needy .Well, i guess when it is liberals that rarely give to charity in either time or money it is ok to try and get some $$ from those that do. 

Let me simplify this for you idiots that feel that you need classes and special permits to take care of the hungry people in your freaking city.

1.  Spot homeless person
2.  Have food
3.  Give food to homeless person.

The End. 

More Benghazi Info leaked

Benghazi Attackers Stolen State Department Phones | The Daily Caller

Does anyone really believe the story that Obama tried to spin about Benghazi anymore?  Does Hillary actually think she stands a chance in hell to win in 2016 without answering real questions about the slaughter that happened on her watch (or lack of)?  

Worst foreign policy in American History. 

Clinton doesn't know when she was for Gay Marriage and why

Carney Spins Iraq and Obama. Very poorly I might add