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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Fuck Trump 2024

Anyone, that supports this douches 3rd attempt at becoming president should

immediately be put under a 72-hour psych evaluation.  How much more damages are conservatives and Republicans going to allow this man to do to the Republican party?  

This is nothing more than an attempt by an old, isolated, and corrupt man to keep his privileged ass out of jail and grab some cash on his way out.  Will you fall for this crap, again?  Keep in mind he held on to most of his cash during the midterms or spent it on whacko long-shot candidates that had zero chance of winning.

His policies are not the issue, it is the character (lack of) of the man.  Supporting this man ahead of all of the other potential Republican candidates would be the biggest single mistake that the party has ever made.  Yes, even worst than Bob Dole, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Dan Potato, and Mitt Romney.  

You can have a backbone and stand up for your convictions without being an embarrassment to the party/country. Trump has proven time and time again for the past 6 years that he in incapable of this and yet some of you are going to support him.  

Having said all of that, even a douche of a Trump is better than any liberal wacko that the other side will throw our way.  

Monday, August 15, 2022

My Take on Trumps Legal Issues

Did you honestly think I cared about a shady billionaire's legal problems?  The fact

that some of you step and fetch Republicans are all up in arms about this makes me laugh.  ALL POLITICIANS should be held accountable for their lies, misdealings, shadiness, broken promises, and extortion.  Your love affair with this man simply because he had an R by his name needs to end.  

Is there a double standard?  Sure.  Hillary got away with having a freaking server in her basement among other things.  Hunter, holy crap, well that story is a never-ending pool of crap.  But why would I or you demand investigations into them and then say oh no, not Trump?  Be consistent people. 

Expect less out of your politicians and you will not be disappointed.

Stick to your personal ethics and do not let whatever party you have allegiances with sway you away from them.

Remember your overreactions to the election stealing misinfo?  This very well could be the same deal.  You can not trust him and the sooner you get away from him, the happier you will be.  

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Good News Republicans

 People are finally bailing on the Orange man!  In order for Republicans to win in the midterms and 2024, they need to bail on this immature jackass asap.  While his policies might have been right, his temperament and lies make him unqualified to represent Republicans in the future.  

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Trump needs to go away

 I am not sure why, but I have been getting a ton of emails lately from team Trump on his upcoming appearances, future plans, and candidates that he plans on backing for the midterms and it is annoying as hell.  Didn't this guy lose the election and then lie to his supporters?  Didn't he hide in shame behind Rudy's melting head?  Didn't he take forever before he accepted the fact that Biden won?  

Hasn't he been a big enough distraction for Republicans that would like the party to more closely align with Libertarians than Status Quo spineless republicans?  Every time he is interviewed we take 10 steps backward.  Every day that he keeps people guessing on his plans for the next election, we take 10 steps backward. Many of you idiots that support Trump now use to laugh at Clinton supporters that spent 4 years crying!!!!  

We need to start identifying strong candidates that will fight back against the media propaganda but will not offend half the country while doing it.  We need to identify a leader that will focus on the job instead of what every single person in his administration says when he is not around.  We need to find a leader that can take a win and not ruin it by running his mouth the very next day.  

Is such a candidate out there?  Marco Rubio would be my first choice.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Conservatives must fight 2 battles to win war in 2022

 As I dive back deeper and deeper into politics for the first time in 5 or 6 years I have found it nearly impossible to find a party that fits my beliefs.  I have been forever a libertarian that traditionally votes Republican due to their (at one time) beliefs in the constitution, strong defense, and small government but is that still the party I identified with since my Grandmother was a Reagan delegate in 1980?  I find it hard to believe that by voting for Republicans that I have to be aligned with the idiots that drank the

Kool-Aid of Trump.  So if I am having that same issue then surely others are, right?

So going into 2022 I believe that Republicans need to put as much distance between Trump and his worshipers as possible in order to bring some decency back to the party to ensure that we rid ourselves of policies that are unAmerican and political opponents that hate our country.  Why is it that we are 7 months into a Biden administration and I am still seeing the name TRUMP!????  Get over it people.  We all made fun of Hillary and her supporters for their crybaby tantrums after the election and how they couldn't believe she lost.  It was great fun and those idiots exposed themselves on a daily basis for us to laugh at. BUT NOW, you morons are doing the EXACT SAME THING!

So let us review the actions of you morons

1.  You riot at the capitol after you spent the summer demanding that action be taken against those that rioted and burned down our cities.  SMART

2.  You do not recognize Biden as president just like the idiots on the left refused to acknowledge Trump as president.

3.  You say that you can't wait to take the TRUMP VACCINE and laugh at those on the left that says that they won't because Trump oversaw it.  NOW you refuse to take the vaccine because of BIDEN.


It is time to move along and focus on the future and not the Orange man.  Trump lost and honestly, there is no way that he will run in 2024, so his political future is DONE.  Why do you care so much about this man?  Burn the posters, scrape off the bumper stickers and drop the Kook Aid.  Republicans win on almost every issue if the person behind the message isn't ORANGE, or an ORANGE disciple.  

Monday, March 22, 2021

TRUMP Social Media Platform? WTF!

 This guy simply will not go away and clear a path for a new crop of Republican candidates that can deliver policy without making asses of themselves or their voters.  Because it doesn't matter how great the policies are if they come out of the mouth of this clown now does it?  If it did, then we wouldn't have an 80-year-old man that can't walk up a flight of steps as president.

Let us just hope that this goes the way of some of his other wonderful initiatives.  

  • Casinos
  • Airlines
  • Steaks
  • College
  • Marriage
  • TV Network
Please, don't let there be an app for Republicans built under a Trump flag.  If you are a donor, please stop giving to this man, he is out of office.  If you are a violent supporter of his, please leave and form a 3rd party.  I ask nicely because many of you are just as bat shit crazy as those on the left.