Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Trump needs to go away

 I am not sure why, but I have been getting a ton of emails lately from team Trump on his upcoming appearances, future plans, and candidates that he plans on backing for the midterms and it is annoying as hell.  Didn't this guy lose the election and then lie to his supporters?  Didn't he hide in shame behind Rudy's melting head?  Didn't he take forever before he accepted the fact that Biden won?  

Hasn't he been a big enough distraction for Republicans that would like the party to more closely align with Libertarians than Status Quo spineless republicans?  Every time he is interviewed we take 10 steps backward.  Every day that he keeps people guessing on his plans for the next election, we take 10 steps backward. Many of you idiots that support Trump now use to laugh at Clinton supporters that spent 4 years crying!!!!  

We need to start identifying strong candidates that will fight back against the media propaganda but will not offend half the country while doing it.  We need to identify a leader that will focus on the job instead of what every single person in his administration says when he is not around.  We need to find a leader that can take a win and not ruin it by running his mouth the very next day.  

Is such a candidate out there?  Marco Rubio would be my first choice.