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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

How are Liberals F'ing your life up today?

 I mean honestly, these dipshits think about how they can ruin your life more than
they do to improve their own lives.  They are always crying that the world is going to end from some man-made bullshit, or that the government isn't giving them enough and protecting them from themselves.  The paranoia in this group is next level.  Always in other people's business because that is how they create their own self-worth. 

1.  California will no longer sell new cars that run on gas.  Because these batteries are magic and do not require fossil fuels to charge them.  Also, ever seen how these batteries are made?  What it does do to the environment?  The fact that you cant ever dispose of them?  Good call 

2.  If you commit a crime, the government will implant a chip into your body.  No big brother here..

3.  The "mayor" of Chicago is now waying that ads against her have darkened her skin?  Are you shitting me? Is this woman now trying to run as a white person?  Even though she kept white folks in the media out of her office?  

4.  Home prices decline at a rate faster than in 2011.  Shoulda sold sooner.  Also, your home price is going down, but your property taxes are increasing.  Hmmm

5.  Super Woke Starbucks, isn't woke when it comes to Unions.  When the left eat each other it is so satisfying 

6.  Both Bidens have such crappy immune systems that they have both now caught Covid right after they were negative for Covid.  Maybe wearing a mask everywhere you go has weakened your imune system....  Or maybe you are just an ancient relic full of cognitive decline that is prone to sickness now.

7.  Italian man tested positive for Covid, MonkeyPox, and HIV all at the same time.  Look for him to be in the balcony of Biden's state of the union and keynote speaker at their convention in a couple of years.

8.  Liberals hate everything, including food, which is why they continue to push eating bugs on us.

9.  Biden gives handouts to leftists by canceling 10k off of their student loansA huge middle finger to those that served their country or worked to earn the money for a degree.  

10.  Bird Flu is racist as it only kills Black Vultures in Georgia

11.  Liberal Hollywood elitists are breaking water regulations cus they feel that they are too important to go without.  

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Almost Weekly Link Blast

Stories that you need to read to avoid becoming a complete

1.  Housing market is now in recession

2.  Being Woke is a thing of the past and the media is starting to purge all these douches from the airwaves, print, radio etc.. Yet some of you Karens still haven't gotten the memo and still try to be "more woke" than your neighbor.  This is funny since none of you gave a shit about politics or the country until it was cool to hate the Orange Man.

3.  Texas school district is banning almost all books

4.  Most companies still keeping their employees remote due to umm Covid? have set a deadline to return to work for Labor Day.  The people that said "follow the science" in every conversation are once again fighting science because it doesn't allow them to live their hermit lifestyle.

5.  "man-made" climate change was supposed to usher in the era of Mega Hurricanes, yet this year has once again been silent so far.  I am sure the lack of them will also be due to men eating hamburgers.

6.  Swimming in a Nebraska river leads to a child's death from an amoeba

7.  Dipshit Americans donated millions to a billionaire after his home was raided by the FBI.  Maga people crack me up.

8.  Target (yes that store) took a huge loss in the BS economy.  

9.  Manchin admits that the inflation bill won't do shit to solve inflation which makes one ask, WHY THE FUCK DID HE VOTE FOR IT.  

10.  Liz Cheney, who nobody likes and is only supported by wacko violent JOCO Liberal women after she went after Trump, is considering running for president. Some people have zero self-awareness.  

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Almost Daily Link Blast

No theme today, just random crap that you should read so that you
aren't a boring jackass.  Trust me, your friends, family, and coworkers will all appreciate you stopping by this blog and having something to discuss other than how fat your wife has become. 

1.  This story is titled Jill Biden apologizes but is it really an apology if she simply runs her press flunky out to say it?  She should have to grab the mic and explain why she thought calling Hispanic's tacos was a good idea.  
2.  Fauci had decided that this Covid shouldn't interfere with our lives.  I guess polling showed that forcing people to get shots, lockdowns, mandatory masks, schools going remote and playgrounds being shut down was not going to happen under Biden.  Weird, because it is still Covid, so was "the science" wrong?
4.  This MIGHT BE the biggest fake news story to hit in 2022 and even the cognitively functioning Joe Biden fell for it.
5.  This toddler, from great parents, was punching and calling cops Bitches. I predict great futures for all of the children in this family.
6.  Democrats are so unhinged that they now want to do away with the Supreme Court.  Keep in mind, that the Supreme Court is kinda in place forever. 
7.  Oklahoma man uses the standard Bigfoot defense as the reason that he killed his fishing buddy.
8.  Armed family found living in children's museum in Nevada.  They might have seen Night a the Museum one too many times.
10.  For $18 a month, your BMW can have heated seats.  Yes, keeping your ass warm now has a monthly charge. 

Monday, July 11, 2022

Almost Daily Link Blast - Liberals Suck Day #7,999.999.999,001

 Condensing liberal destruction into bite-size pieces for us normal folk.

1.  Biden tells the father of school shooting victim to sit down and shut up at the White House.  Holy shit.

2.  64% of Dems now hate Joe Biden and believe he is a creepy old man with dementia and a fucked up family. Yet they voted for him and ruined our economy, public safety, etc..

3.  Biden is incapable of walking from events.  This goes along with his inability to speak clearly, remember what he said three minutes prior, and not perv out on young women.

4.  25h amendment is now being considered for the crypt keeper.  

5.  Liberal conservation plans are leading to the destruction of Yellowstone Park.  

6.  Schumer has Covid despite having received 4 shots.  

7.  The tolerant leftist mayor of a small town, now known to us as Mayor Pete, says that it is ok to publicly harass a Supreme court justice while he is trying to eat dinner.

8.  Homeless hit the Hamptons.  

Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Could the Left Suck More? - Almost Weekly Link Blast

 18 months in and it is clear that the left is completely clueless about life,
government, economics, safety, guns, foreign policy, comedy, immigration, energy, media, news, and food.  I am sure there is much more that they suck at but let's just stick to the basics for this link blast.  Those of you that voted for Biden or any of his leftist army is responsible for the shithole that this country has become.  By far, the worst I have ever seen over my 4 decades of existence.  

1.  Emergency responders that have gone to EVs are now realizing what a mistake it was to save the planet instead of people.  EV's can't make it to calls.

2.  There have been more mass shootings under Biden than any other president in American History.  Americans feel unsafe in their own neighborhood. 

3.  While America burns to the ground, Pelosi is showing her boob job off on Italian beaches.  Warning this link continues harmful images that should not be viewed by men that ever want to maintain their ability to have sex in the future.  

4.  CNN is bailing on its left-leaning ways, and will now try to transition into a News outlet.  Which makes one ask, haven't they been calling themselves a news leader for the past decade?

5.  Animal rights activist was actually an animal murderer.  House of rabbit horrors. 

6.  Home ownership rate drops to lowest since the 80s when we were recovering from Carters' disastrous presidency.  

7.  Black Woman Macy Gray is under attack by the left for saying that a woman is a woman.  The left hates science.  

8. Biden's immigration policy has led to the slaughter of migrants for 18 months now.  Such compassion.  

9.  The kids of the left are being spied on by China

10.  American workers and companies are planning on a recession

11.  Tech Wackos are against religion because it isn't as whacky as the ones they invented.  

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Wayback Wednesday - Al the way back to Covid Scares

 This week we are going all the way back to Ummm 6 months ago.  You see our
friend Covid and all of the scares, vaccines, lockdowns, masks, etc.. are all about to come back, JUST IN TIME FOR ELECTIONs.  Imagine that.  Nothing shady could happen at all from this.

Also, a bunch of has-beens that we thought had vanished or wished they would vanish from the public eye are all making returns to the news.

1.  Fauci caught rebound symptoms after taking the Covid pill because he is vaccinated.  Makes you feel warm and fuzzy that Fauci can't even take the correct meds, yet is advising the nation on what to take.  

2.  The dirty people of KCMO are spreading Covid at such a high rate that Jackson County has reinstated mask mandates.  

3.  Research from the Bay area states that Mask Mandates do not work.  A little bit troubling for the above story. Keep in mind, that this story is from the SFGATE, not exactly a crazy right-wing publication.

4.  The top doc in NYC (for whatever that is worth) says that the new version of Omnicron is the worst version of Omnicron.  Good grief.

5.  Remember Serena Williams?  She is still trying to be good at tennis and failing

6.  R. Kelly gets 30-year sentence for being a creep.

7.  Two extremely old people ignore their religious beliefs for political gain.  Pope meets Pelosi.

8.  Sodomy law in texas from 1973 is making the news.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Almost Weekly Link Blast - Wayback Wednesday Edition

Historical crap that took place this week in the past and present

1.  For the past 2 years we heard about how science had gotten rid of Polio from the planet.  Wellllllll, they might have been lying to you, again.  Polio found in England!

2.  For those of us that served our country, today is an extra special day.  THE GI BILL was signed into action.

3.  In 1963, Stevie Wonder released his first single

4.  Biden would do almost anything except loosen his stranglehold on domestic oil production.  His gas holiday will equate to nothing, zip, zero.  Thanks for giving us peasants a few pennies. Not even 20 cents per gallon.  Yes, this is historic since gas is at historic price levels.  

5.  Kraft is changing Mac & Cheese to Mac & Cheese.  Rebranding done decades late and for free by consumers.  

6.  Biden wants to limit nicotine in cigs because he has nothing else in America to focus on. 

7.  Mark David Chapman pleads guilty to killing John Lennon. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Wayback Wednesday - Almost Daily Link Blast

A handful of links that will remind you of better times or show you how this
country repeats its mistakes from its past(especially when you elect fossils to lead the country) 

1.  Brinkley at 68 will make you reevaluate your wife using aging as an excuse.  

2.  Biden reminds more and more people of the incompetent jag that was Jimmy Carter on a daily basis.  His letter to Oil companies is just another example.

3.  It only took them 675 years but science finally figured out what caused Black Death.  This means that in 2697 they will finally understand Covid.  

4.  Stock Market instability reminds people of the Lehmans collapse, which reminded people of the crash that lead to the Great Depression.  

5.  Remember the Sony radios we use to listen to the Royals games on?  They had two dials, one for tuning and one for volume and they had an antenna.  Well for $8300 you can get a slightly upgraded version of this retro classic.

6.  Porsche is going Retro with the next 911

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Almost daily link blast - Leftist Sicko Edition

These folks never fail to represent the Democrats in the best possible way.  Role models, all of them.  

1.  Armed psycho arrested before he got his wish in killing Kavanaugh over abortion leak.  
2. Leftists firebomb a  pro-life pregnancy clinic.  
3.  Just in time for election season, MONKEY POX MASK mandates.  That is right, they are trying to say that now MONKEY POX is airborne.  If you are wearing a mask to prevent this rare nonfatal disease then you are a giant douche.  
4.  Yet another sex crime reported against a man that has more sex crime convictions than he does hit movies.  This man was a bag man for the left and often lectured YOU on how to live your life.
5.  Ever since the FBI became more about politics than enforcing the law, they have failed this country in almost every case that has been brought to them.  Their investigative skills are terrible and their corruption is second to none.  This time, these women are fighting back against their failures to prosecute a sexual offender.  

Monday, June 06, 2022

Almost Never Daily Link Blast

Special shot out to all of you virtue signalers out there this week.  I
noticed all of the Ukraine flags to rainbow this week.  You are changing the world one shrunken jpeg at a time.....  

1.  The journalist will have at least an hour before they do anything.  Calling in Negotiators, SWAT, Air support, Ewoks, and Avengers all to assist in the matter - Ulvade Police Threaten Reporters.

2.  NYC may not care about the people BUT they do care about vaccines!  This might finally lead to a crackdown on violent crime in the city.  RIP Booster shots.. - Bullets hit Covid Vaccine Van

3.  That is great!  I know when I served we always checked to make sure our ammo provided the right political message before it split someone's dome in half. - Rainbow Bullets for the USMC in June

4.  Reason #165 to thoroughly clean your seafood - Woman gives reason why she gave birth in Ocean.

5.  With as much first-hand experience with mentally ill, illegally armed, drug users you would think that Biden would have a better response than ummm Guns are Bad, durr.  - Hunter does it again

6. Biden's policies are ready to go for triple the price of gas at the pump since he took office - Saudis tell Biden to step

Friday, September 24, 2021

Almost Daily Link Blast

My links are better than the crap you read.  My explanations are better than your own thoughts. 

Actually, these links suck.  I am on a conference call and paying little attention to the shit that I am posting below. But you guys wanted more links...

1.  Online daters get less than 1 sec before a swipe.  Now, this is funny to me because I know of people that change their first names to their middle names, lie about their interests/hobbies, their personalities, what they are looking for, etc.. all in hopes of getting a simple swipe.  What they do not realize is that once a person meets them, the truth will come out.  Ho's gotta Ho, I guess.  

2.  Maple Candied Bacon in your Air Fryer.  Umm yes.  If you do not own an air fryer then you probably still have a DVD player, Samsung phone and use your microwave to fix dinner.

3.  Remember when the United States sent anyone from Japan into camps (under a democrat)?  Amazingly, it never gets brought up.  When discussing injustice in America it always goes from the '60s to Civil War.  

4.  55 of the scariest pictures that you will ever see on the internet that aren't liberals in Bikinis 

5.  Memes about being an adult that are pretty accurate.  

6.  61 facts about video gaming that you can probably live without.  

10.  Your boss will now be snooping on you long after your work from home holiday is over. 

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Almost Daily Link Blast - Rare Political Edition

 To save you all from emailing me or hitting me up in Twitter messenger over headlines
that are currently flooding the media, I will take this rare moment to dive into politics with Rapid Fire over every headline I think YOU should be paying attention to because I am brilliant and most of you are not. 

1.  Reporters who have sat back and said nothing about Biden's mental incompetence, cognitive failure and inability to walk up freaking stairs are suddenly concerned about a "cough".  Holy shit.  

2.  Gray Wolfs back on the endangered list after Trump took them off.  To say that Trump was a moron with his policies on animals would be nice.  These things never should have been removed in the first place.

3.  Adults stopped acting like adults a long time ago, Covid just made them worst.  Liberals might be the most mentally unstable group in the world along with anyone that showed up on Jan 6th to peacefully protest inside of umm congress.

4.  Environmental wackos now want to be part of your soil.  Yes even after death you will be haunted by them every time you eat due to their new scam of composting their corpses when they die instead of being buried or set to fire.  IF your carrots are a little green, you now know why.

5.  Those of you idiots that haven't been vaccinated can have fun with this Covid calculator to estimate if you will catch the Delta Strain.  Might as well have fun on the internet before you die, right?

6.  56% of Americans can name all three branches of government...BUT let us just ignore that and continue to believe that our education system is run by geniuses that are interested in educating our kids instead of indoctrinating them.  Ignore the lowering of standardized test scores to get into college, CRT before math and reading, social promotion to graduation EVEN IF YOU CAN NOT READ AT A 5th-grade level.  GOOD JOB TEACHERS!  They failed to do what a freaking 3 minute School House Rock commercial during Saturday morning cartoons could do.  Then again, most liberals think that the CDC, OSHA, and IRS are branches of the government...

7.  Another example of how shitty our FBI has become.  They had to apologize to our Olympic gymnast due to their mishandling of the sexual assault cases.  Yet we should still have faith in this organization?

8.  This super cool JOCO guy is a corrupt tool.  I know this isn't news but hey some of you might not know this. Do not be fooled by his hairpiece and edgy pictures of his dogs, he is super duper neet-O.

9.  Ahhh, even the Federal Reserve is corrupt.  Go government, Go.  And yet there is soo many of you that want a bigger government.  Morons.  I guess that once crooked Biden got elected everyone saw that as a green light to get rich while working government jobs too.  

10.  Instead of simply letting people choose if they want to live or die by taking the supposed to work vaccine, Biden is pressuring even more and larger employers into implementing mandates.  Have the rest of you never heard of natural selection?  

11.  Women make up more than half of all new gun owners.  Huh.  Encouraging news in that there is a large portion of the female population that isn't dependent on the government for their existence and safety.  

12.  Nicki Minaj is the latest celeb to get WH invitation to push for Covid shots.  Sure, 9 months after the shots came out and people have dug in, NICKI will push us to a 100% vaccination rate.  Brilliant!  What is even more brilliant is that she isn't down with the whole Fauci Ouchi movement.  I am sure that Biden sniffing her hair will change her mind.

13.  General Milley is a pretty shitty General.  We have all known this for years.  He isn't a real general in the way that we like to think of generals. Noooooooooo, this guy is a political hack that is more concerned over politics than winning wars and saving Americans.  Of course, this shitbird tried to commit treason.  The coverups for this man are nonstop.  We should barely know his name, not be flooded with his incompetence and treason in the headlines DAILY.

14.  Biden wants to give the IRS access to your bank accounts. No, not just terrorist accounts, the super-rich, etc.. no, EVERYONES.  Enjoy having big brother monitor every transaction that you make.  Surely, you don't purchase anything that you wouldn't mind being leaked on Twitter if you get out of line with the powers that be...

Monday, August 09, 2021

Almost Daily Link Blast

Links to the crap that you should know about. Shortened due to lack o shit not dealing with Covid.

2.  KC Mag tries to tie KC residents wearing Cowboy boots to umm Texas.  2 things here.  1.  Are you new to the area?  Not aware of its history?  Also, blame the show Yellowstone for it if anything.  People in the burbs lack identity and try to tie themselves to whatever trendy show is on.  I remember while out riding my Harley a sudden increase of shitty riders on the road due to Sons of Anarchy.  There were even some of them wearing leather cuts that said SAMCRO! Pathetic!  So now they all want to be cast members of Yellowstone.  

3.  15 video conferencing tips so that you do not come across as an ignorant douche.

4.  How to tell that you are dating a narcissist.  This is important, that way you do not end up married to one!

7. Chinese-style censorship has hit the internet in the United States.  The woke left strike again.

8.  Liberal elite are above masking up at parties.  Obama's 60th communist celebration.  

Monday, August 02, 2021

Almost Daily Link Blast

 Ok, so I pulled this from the rotation to see if people actually liked it
and I got dozens of emails asking for it to return and since I am a blogger for the people, it is back.  BELOW are links to interesting and topical shit that you morons are probably too stupid to find.  

1.  White folks in JOCO go crazy for Mexican food that can be found on basically every corner in KCK if they ever left their bubble. 

2.  KC STAR HATES WHITE PEOPLE. Mostly because they are trying to make up for being one of the most racist organizations in KC history.  Overcorrecting much????

3.  Special link for you folks that stink, and there are a lot of you.  The difference between antiperspirant and deodorant.  You are welcome

4.  Baby Yoda update. Plus, who paid attention enough to know what his real name was, or remembered it?

5.  Some men fall in love with narcissists.  NAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

6.  7 Reasons why you can't get over your ex.  YUP, as a recently divorced man, I can honestly say that I will probably never be able to move on from her, and regardless of how nasty the divorce was, I would love to try again.  

7.  The AMA is pushing to remove sex from birth certificates.... Umm, WTF

8.  Jack the Ripper MIGHT HAVE BEEN a WOMAN!  Jill the Ripper?

9,  40 funny Cat pictures

10.  The Worlds most expensive burger is 6k.  Yes, you read that correctly.  

Monday, May 10, 2021

Almost Daily Link Blast

Quick hits from the area.  The truth behind the headlines and liberal group think media

 1.  From the shit state of Missouri, "Birthing people's day" to replace Mothers
Day if someone that was voted into office gets her way.  Cori Bush is just another example of liberal stupidity and why they should be ignored every single time that a liberal offers an opinion. 

2.  Life in Kansas has gotten so bad that it will soon be ok to allow cocktails and beer to be taken home from clubs and bars.  How lame has Kansas become that being drunk 24/7 is now a requirement to live there?

3.  Missouri liberals want to tax gas even more, just as Biden's energy plan has started raising gas prices (and everything else you purchase). 

4.  More Wokeness in Missouri - STL thinks that a ban needs to be in place for discriminating against hairstyles.  Next, it will be shoes, ear lobe length and belt loops.  Meanwhile, the city continues to slip in population yet increase in murders.

5.  The loosening of Covid restrictions has brought to light the mental health issues that were brought upon us all due to an overreaching government.  MASS SHOOTINGS ALL ACROSS AMERICA THIS WEEKEND.

6.  War has begun in Israel and liberal celebs LOVE IT!  

Friday, April 02, 2021

Almost Daily Link Blast

We cover the news and internet so you don't have to because let's face it, you suck at it and we are great at it.

1.  "Black Army" coming to a city street near you this summer.  The TV should be incredible and end well.
2.  Blue Valley school district parents take first steps towards suing the district over maks.
3.  The GOV of MO is saying NO to Covid passports...for now. BUT what good does it do for locals to say no if Airlines, Stadiums, Arenas, etc.. all mandate them?
7.  Lil Nas X is about to get his bag taken away by NIKE for selling satanic shoes with blood in them.
8.  Despite all of the development in the area, KCK remains a shithole.  A dad was killed watching his kid play soccer by a stray bullet?  As if watching little kids play soccer wasn't bad enough.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Almost Daily Link Blast

The links you need to read to be better than Twitter Trolls.  Do not be like your dumb neighbor and make ill-informed posts about topics you are too dumb to understand.  Simply cut and paste the below and be cool like me

1.  Oscars bow down to the pressure of the liberal left.  Instead of these nominees being celebrated for their accomplishments, they are being used as props in the white liberal elites' "diversity" push. True diversity comes when the skin color of a nominee isn't noticed.....

2.  Joe Biden is worst for immigrant kids than any other president in the history of the world, except for maybe what Lincoln did to the Irish.

3.  Fauci hates Republicans and their choices.

4.  Liberal white women once threw their panties and Cuomo because he was the man they all wanted.  What do they think now that he has been accused of inappropriately trying to grab their panties amongst other things.  Just look at the wonderful choices these women make when it comes to who they admire.  It is shocking.

5.  Megan Markle is running for president?  I thought those of us on the good side of the pond wouldn't have to deal with all the drama that this person brings with her.  

6.  The hottest drug dealer you will ever see was just arrested.  If we have

learned anything from covering crime it is that hot chicks do not do hard time.  She will surely use the "you don't know how hard it is out here for us hot white chicks" defense.  

7.  Is this really a shock? Wealthy countries are getting vaccines and poor ones aren't...

8.  The most expensive cars ever sold

9.  How to tell when a woman is using you...

10.  Prince Harry is exploiting the death of his mother for more likes and followers.  Classy.

Thursday, March 04, 2021

Almost Weekly Link Blast - From around the way

If you don't read these stories then you are an idiot.

1. The Uniter and Chief hates anyone that lives south of NYC.  He calls us
hillbillies, etc.. just because we demand to live free and not cower inside like little children. To be fair, the man was alive when the states had the war over slavery and his memory is a little off.

2.   Most 99-year-olds would be denied heart surgery due to well, the age of the patient.  If you are wealthy and married to the queen, you get bumped to the front of the line.

3.  TikTok claims yet another- This time the green-haired Saudi hottie had her kids etc.. ripped from her for well, being hot on TikTok.

4.  Ugly women are body-shaming hot women again online.  So much for that whole sisterhood thing.

5.  Teen Mom goes to OnlyFans to pimp out her favorite sex toy. For all of you old people out there, OnlyFans is where the girl next door and D list celebs go to pose naked for your $$$

6.  More proof that the elites are getting Covid vaccines before the rest of us.

7.  Apes get vaccines before most humans.

8.  Cuomo uses the defense of yet another liberal woman abuser, Clinton

9.  As we march more towards book burning, there is now a push to burn movies.  Merica!

10.  Will Biden be accused of putting kids in cages?

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Almost Daily link Blast - Chestfeeding Edition

Yeah, I know, this crap is far from daily.  This top headline simply demanded me doing a deeper dive into the internet to see what other woke or interesting crap was taking place. 

1.  In the UK it is now not "WOKE" if you say breastfeeding or breast milk.  Instead you
are suppose to say chestfeeding or chest milk
.  I shit you not.

2.   In the battle between MIT & Yale it appears that MIT might have "won" this round.

3.  NY TIMES killed a story that was critical of how it handled the N-Word internally this month.  So a Woke paper, gets caught on their BS, a reporter decides to report on the behind the scenes of the incident and how UNWOKE it all went down, Then the Paper of cancel culture, cancels a story that would have canceled other papers, thus creating a new form of cancel culture.  Only a fucking liberal. There is a KC Star opinion writer that must be chomping at the bit to go work for another racist paper, send him an application.

4.  You too can smell like a stank ass Instagram model thanks to her new perfume line.  Lemon flavored bath water has to be in the works right?

5.  2020 gave us the virus and 2021 is going to bring in a trillion locust!  The hits just keep coming 

6.  10 missing person cases that were never solved and are honestly, chilling.

7.  Rare titanic video before it sunk and Jack was left freezing his ass off as the chick took up all of a 9 foot door!

8.  Lil Uzi Vert has Pink Diamond inserted into his forehead.  Nothing says intelligence more than this action.  Seriously, everything this man does or says going forward should be considered gospel. 

9.  This list is awesome.  Top 10 most guarded places on earth!

10.  Soooo, a Utah school decided to give the parents the option of having their kids OPT OUT of Black History month.  This subject is controversial on many levels. 1.  Shouldn't history be history? 2.  If we had not ignored the contributions of black folks for ohhh 200 years, would this correction even be needed 3.  Will there always be a need for "black history" to be taught or will society simply merge overtime and include all American contributions in its history? I would for one like to learn more about the Irish in America than we left because of a food shortage, people hated us, we built railroads and were slaughtered in the civil war.