Friday, April 02, 2021

Almost Daily Link Blast

We cover the news and internet so you don't have to because let's face it, you suck at it and we are great at it.

1.  "Black Army" coming to a city street near you this summer.  The TV should be incredible and end well.
2.  Blue Valley school district parents take first steps towards suing the district over maks.
3.  The GOV of MO is saying NO to Covid passports...for now. BUT what good does it do for locals to say no if Airlines, Stadiums, Arenas, etc.. all mandate them?
7.  Lil Nas X is about to get his bag taken away by NIKE for selling satanic shoes with blood in them.
8.  Despite all of the development in the area, KCK remains a shithole.  A dad was killed watching his kid play soccer by a stray bullet?  As if watching little kids play soccer wasn't bad enough.