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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quick Hits - "It's Cold Out"

Why is it that people must always state the obvious?  "it's cold out there"  Like we didn't just come in from the crap. 

1. Obama disrespects Nobel Prize winner by making the award about him.  Which is funny since almost everything else he talks about is about Bush.
2.  How long will it be before lazy worthless leftist start rioting in our streets?
3.  Liberals will screw anything, including family members
4.  War against Christmas hits Overland Park nativity scene. 
5.  I know it is sad that Elizabeth Edwards died but can we move on?
6.  Religious leaders are great role models.
7.  Only 50 people showed up for a dream act rally in North East KCMO.
8. Unions try to shut down one of Kansas City's largest employers proving once again that Unions destroy jobs.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friday, October 09, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009


Isn't it bad enough that we have to hear people bitch about Mondays, call Wednesdays "Hump Day" and then wrap up the week with "TGIF"?  WHY is it that Tuesdays are now officially Taco Tuesdays everywhere you go?  Are we not suppose to eat tacos on any other day?  Personally I could eat tacos any day of the week as long as they are from either In-A-Tub, Taco Via or Jack in the Box.  Sure these might not be considered authentic but Mi Ranchito showed us what authentic can do to you.  

Thursday is our only hope for normalcy during the week but that isn't exactly safe either.  Thursday is the official beginning to the dreaded question "what are you doing this weekend"...........

1.  If you want federal dollars for art you must first paint a mural or make a statue of our emperor. 
2.  Obama has been helping pimps and whores for over 20 years.  
3.  You mean that Beer bellies aren't good for you..........
4.  The racist bus attack on a white kid in Saint Louis was done by gang bangers.  Nice.
5.  Gay Vultures.  Yes I said Gay Vultures.
6.  Haitian police capture the jack ass that murdered his family.
7.  Could Bill Clinton be the only voice of reason in the socialist party?
8.  CNN could of come up with the 10 worst things to do on a lazy day.  READ THIS DAMN list.  
9.  After all the crap that this chick has gone through THIS is what causes her to melt down???????
10.   How can someone claim that a Gotti is a professional criminal? 

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Everywhere you look nowadays there is someone out to rob your ass.  The most ruthless of the bunch are politicians and media members.  This week a member of the local media decided to increase his super criminal powers and run for office.  We are all suppose to forget about the countess endorsements that this ass clown has given to the man he is running against. 

Hey Steve, we knew a long time ago that Dennis Moore was a crook, what took you so long?  Do we really need someone with such bad judgement representing us?  You may be better than the alternative but not by much.  How many qualified conservatives have you tanked over the years?  But now we are suppose to vote for you..

We didn't like you 3 years ago so don't count on us liking you now. 

Here are 10 stories that should get you through your news void over the weekend. Sorry KCMO residents, there are no popups.

1.  Obamas quest for acceptance by the rest of the world is on its way.  
2.  Groups like "Values Voters" piss me off.  Whose values?  
3. This kid might have a hard time finding an equal trade at lunch at his Neward daycare. 

4   Are these same officials covering up Hillary Clintons test results?
5.  12 year old sex change?
6.  The UN can only do one thing right.  Lie.
7.  More and more evidence is being found on psychotic couples property.
8.  Man rapes his daughter for THIRTY YEARS and knocks her up 4 times.
9.  Chicken SH** Cop to turn evidence on Gotti to save his own ass.
10.  Brooklyn gets 2 more housing projects and they are excited about it..

Friday, August 14, 2009


There are so many people in the world that say one thing and yet do the other. These people, politicians, leaders etc... never like it when the truth comes out. Lets take for instance the posturing of our socialist friends. For the past several months they have been lying to the American public about health care. Along come some people that actually read the bill and start to tell other the truth about it. What do the socialist do? They attack, smear, blame and get angry at the people that are delivering the truth instead of dealing with the lies they were telling head on.

1. Prayer in this country can get you prison time. Well only if it is christian.....

2. Suicide by fire is a new one.

3. This clown actually expects us to believe that he is suddenly NOT in favor of the fairness doctrine.

4. It is always good when family gets released from prison. Well unless it is the Manson family.

5. This black guy takes a Chappelle skit a little to far and actually threatens other black students.

6. Is creating a Joker poster of the emperor a Crime? Why the hell are the cops "interviewing" people.......

7. Don't liberals know that it isn't a good idea to piss in your cheerios, or in this case Granola. This guy should double his prices overnight and watch them squirm.

8. White House list of enemies sees its first action.

9. Tough love = Total bitch towards all. This is one translation that isn't messed up.

10. Haven't we all had it "Just Pop Out"?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Milk and Cookies blogging is for rookies. You bastards that do nothing more than recite talking points (both parties) bore me to death. Seriously, look to the right, examine the blog rolls, I don't link to many political blogs, they are too ordinary and boring. Where is the passion and originality? Where is the risk? AND if you do post something worth a damn its buried in a 7,000 word post.

Anyways, here are 10 stories worth reading but NOT worth writing a page about.

1. While you sit in the corner and pee your pants about the future of this country these good folks in Arkansas are demanding that they are listened to.

2. Nancy Pelosi says that people opposed to Obamacare are carrying swastikas with them at town hall meetings. AND YOU KNOW THAT SHE WILL GET ANOTHER PASS FROM THE MEDIA!

3. Russian subs take advantage of our wimpy leader.

4. What is the price one would pay to name an inbreed hillbilly kid?

5. The Chinese control our treasury department.
6. Mafia lawyer on trial for plan to silence witness. AWESOME!

7. See what happens when you go with the lowest bid! This is a disgrace to the memory of those that died in those buildings.
8. Irish don't fare so well in Copa Cup in NYC.

9. I am not sure why little kids need to learn how to breast feed. Is that part of Obamacare?

10. How big of a threat is a 76 year old man driving a tractor? wow.