Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Milk and Cookies blogging is for rookies. You bastards that do nothing more than recite talking points (both parties) bore me to death. Seriously, look to the right, examine the blog rolls, I don't link to many political blogs, they are too ordinary and boring. Where is the passion and originality? Where is the risk? AND if you do post something worth a damn its buried in a 7,000 word post.

Anyways, here are 10 stories worth reading but NOT worth writing a page about.

1. While you sit in the corner and pee your pants about the future of this country these good folks in Arkansas are demanding that they are listened to.

2. Nancy Pelosi says that people opposed to Obamacare are carrying swastikas with them at town hall meetings. AND YOU KNOW THAT SHE WILL GET ANOTHER PASS FROM THE MEDIA!

3. Russian subs take advantage of our wimpy leader.

4. What is the price one would pay to name an inbreed hillbilly kid?

5. The Chinese control our treasury department.
6. Mafia lawyer on trial for plan to silence witness. AWESOME!

7. See what happens when you go with the lowest bid! This is a disgrace to the memory of those that died in those buildings.
8. Irish don't fare so well in Copa Cup in NYC.

9. I am not sure why little kids need to learn how to breast feed. Is that part of Obamacare?

10. How big of a threat is a 76 year old man driving a tractor? wow.