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Friday, July 16, 2021

Biden hates the constitution

 I will keep this one short and simple.  Joe Biden either hates the constitution or hates personal freedoms.  You see, the president has decided to step into the world of social media companies, grab control of their content and decide what they feel is suitable for the "idiots" in our country to consume.  So no
longer are these private companies censoring posts that they "feel" are misleading, Joe is.  

They are utilizing the key phrase here "covid misinformation" as an excuse to do this which is laughable since 80% of the stories first given the label "covid information" have now done a 180 and are now considered truthful.  They have all been wrong on almost everything and even if they hadn't been wrong on everything, do we really need someone to nanny our every thought?  If you are too stupid to get a shot and believe that microchips are being implanted into your body then deal with the consequences.  Those of us that are vaccinated are not under any danger from your stupidity. Personal freedoms come with personal consequences and always have.  

Today it is Covid, but what other speech will they decide to censor for "our good"?  Remember the Patriot Act?  That started off as a way to find and eliminate threats towards our country after September 11th.  Well, a few years down the road and we learn that it was exploited to take away the personal privacy rights of American citizens.  We still have no idea the complete scope of this bastardization of the Act have/are in the past 20 years.  

So good job America.  You have in 20 years' time allowed the government to violate our privacy, speech, and soon enough right to bear arms. We have become a nation of soft weak people that worry more about words than actions.  Hell, we don't even need the government to do it, we censor each other's speech right now.  

Friday, June 07, 2013

Freedoms Lost in America

That isn't the first time I posted that title and it sure as hell won't be the last as long as this administration is in power.  For the past 4 years I have been one of the few people in this area WARNING you about what was really going on behind closed doors and only a select few payed attention or even believed me.  Well I guess that my 100 plus posts were pretty accurate, huh.

This government is dead set on controlling your behavior and snooping in on your private thoughts.     There are so many stories and headlines out there right now that I won't even attempt to link them all.

Sunday, January 02, 2011


"And today, modern governments have all the tools to transform their country into a creeping police state, more so now then ever before, in this electronic age. They have access to information technology that previous full-fledged “police state” governments could only have dreamed about."
BIG BROTHER: The Police State Mentality in the Electronic Age by Rodrigue Tremblay

Monday, August 23, 2010


$300 to blog in Philly!  Will liberal bloggers continue to support living in a welfare state now that they need to pay $300 to bitch about how much they hate America?

Friday, February 20, 2009


Day by day extremist groups are using the government to control more of our lives. Liberals and Extremist on the right are both to blame for the lack of personal freedoms this country now has. Here are just a few examples of that in todays news.
Caution: Reading the below stories may cause nausea

1. Environmental wackos in the government now want to plant GPS chips in your car and tax you by the mile. This is wrong on so many levels in sickens me. Does anyone really want the government tracking your every move through GPS?

2. Religious extremist on the right want to dictate to the public which books are acceptable to be on the shelves at libraries.

3. Chicago plans on placing cameras on every street corner.

4. Republicans have to force the democrats into saying that they are for freedom of speech.

5. Lawmakers are living high on the hog ON YOUR MONEY while you are scared to death about the economy. HOW OUT OF TOUCH ARE THESE BASTARDS!

6. The President of the United States threatens mayors on how to spend money. It use to be that the government would try to stay out of the way of the state, now they are reaching down all the way to city governments. We now have a CENTRAL GOVERNMENT issuing orders through out the nation.