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Thursday, December 16, 2021

$3,500 per year more expensive to live under Biden

Oh boy, who saw this coming...  Joe Biden will go down as the worst president that we have ever had in
this nation's history (even worst than Carter).   It has been only 11 months and let us see what we have as his track record.
  • More Covid deaths under Biden than Trump despite 3 vaccines and an understanding of what Covid actually is.
  • Afghanistan disaster lead to the death of Marines, women, children and left billions of dollars in weapons behind.  Oh, and people, yeah there are still people stranded.
  • Shut down our pipelines and put us dependent on oil from the middle east after we had been energy independent for the past 4 years.
  • Foreign policy nightmares across the board
  • Embarrassing cognitive failures on the world stage
  • Border disaster that has resulted in the deaths of little kids, raping of women and spread of Covid through the lack of testing and redistribution of illegals throughout the country.
  • More violent crime, murders, robberies than at any time since Crack hit the streets
  • Supply chain disaster
  • School shootings
  • Record inflation 
If you voted for this man then you are to blame.  No ifs and or buts.  This is on you and your lack of understanding of who this idiot was for the past 50 years.   You voted for a man that hid in his basement the whole election.  This man showed that he was weak from the jump and incapable of completing a sentence without forgetting what he was talking about.  Ohhhhhhh, not only did you give us JOE, you gave us Kamala....  

Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Joe Biden faces his biggest test as President in KC

 Is it really a good idea to put the president, (who is struggling to speak/think/walk/grope) in a city that has
both a Kansas and Missouri side?  Most people outside of the area that are fully functioning humans have a hard time with that fact.  Imagine the panic this Jurrasic in age man had on board Airforce One! 

Thursday, October 07, 2021

Biden is better than Trump at Killing Americans

How is it that Covid has killed more people under Biden vs. Trump?  There are 3 vaccinations out, the disease is not new to us anymore and we have hundreds of thousands of
people with antibodies.  





Is there anything that this jackass has done right?  The man can't even walk up a flight of stairs, finish a sentence, complete a thought in his head, remember names.  Yet you idiots elected him.  I bet you are feeling soooooooooooooooo smart right now. 

Friday, October 01, 2021

Biden Fridays - More Failure

To say that Biden is a complete shit show is a little bit too obvious.  His own party is distancing themselves, failing to file inline, and are panicked over 2022.  Half of the people that voted for him are now regretting doing so. and the other half are just too stupid to realize the epic mistake that they made.  

2.  The Democrats are just now realizing that the AOC wing of their party is actually in control and they do not like it.  Lucky for them, AOC hates them as much as she hates the rest of Americans
3.  Iranians are using Kamala's anti-Israel stance in advertisements against Israel.  
4.  Paranoia runs deep among liberals.  Especially with the sketchiest person behind the Russian interference lie, Hillary Clinton.
5.  Politico unleashes the story regarding Joe Biden's false image and his history of lies.  Of course, they wait until after the election to do this so it means absolutely nohting.
6. Biden's next phase in his open border policy is to never send them back.
7.  Even the most liberal of media outlets are now saying that Biden is a liar.
8.  Pentagon officials are now calling Joe Biden a liar over his AFG withdrawal.  
10.  Kamala who has shitty poll numbers is now higher than Bidens. 

Friday, September 24, 2021

Biden Fridays

It was another wonderful week in Biden's neighborhood.  While the rest of us were working hard to

make it in Biden's America, he was once again taking a vacation.  This idiot has spent more time in Deleware than he has at the Southern Border.  Which it turns out, he has not made one official visit in his 50+ years of public office.  Congrats!  I haven't served a single day in public office but I did spend a fair amount of time on the California/Mexico border while in the USMC.  What I saw in the early '90s was bad, I mean really bad.  If you have ever lived in Southern California, then you know about the crossing signs, rafts, etc..  Nothing I saw then can compare to the third-world settlements that Biden has allowed to set up on our side of the border.  That was under Clinton before he became tough on the border once he saw his polls drop.  So once again, a democrat is in office, the borders have opened and his polls shrink.  When will these idiots on the left realize that while we are all for LEGAL immigration, almost nobody outside of the political white elite is in favor of open borders?  REGARDLESS of what they try to tell us on a daily basis through their propaganda spewing news networks.  

Anyways, here are this week's greatest hits.

1.  Brown migrants are allowed free access across the border, the minute Haitians show up, they decide that GITMO is an option.  This isn't the first time Haitians have been sent to Gitmo by a Democrat president.  
2.  Liberals, including Biden, do not understand the difference between horse reins and whips.  THEN they blame the horses for being cruel to migrants!  How exactly do you enforce a border without intimidation?
3.  Hunter Biden's laptop is about to become a real problem.  Especially, now that the liberal media is starting to jump ship.
6.  Joe Biden's approval continues to plummet.  Those of you that said, anyone but Trump are now getting what you didn't pay attention to.  Thanks for that.
7.  Joe Biden is so toxic that he has candidates within his own party deleting pictures they have taken with him from their websites.  

Friday, September 17, 2021

Biden Fridays -

Where does one begin?  The direction this country is headed in is 10x
worse than anything that the Orange fellow could have done with his mean tweets that upset the woke.  At least he was for limited government and strong decisive military action WHEN needed.  Not the current old senile dementia case running the country currently.  

Remember back in May when people were making stupid tweets like, "he still hasn't played golf", "no controversies", "Biden solved Covid"?  Morons, all of them.  

1.  10k Haitians are currently living under a bridge in Texas due to Biden canceling flights to Haiti to return people seeking to enter our country illegally.  

2.  France is pissed at us, yes FRANCE!  They are even recalling their ambassadors.  

3.  7 Kids and 0 terrorists were killed in the drone strike that was supposed to avenge the death of our troops in Afghanistan.  Yes, 7 kids, 3 adults ohhh and a Toyota were all destroyed by a hellfire missile.  

4.  ONE DAY after Biden gives a press conference about the booster shot rollout the FDA denies approval for the additional shot.  I am sure that we all feel a lot better about the "science" that Biden and cronies have been cramming down our throats.

6.  The idiot forgot the Australian PM's FREAKING NAME on a video conference WITH HIM

You liberals sure know how to pick a president and keep in mind, this is only 8 months into this bumbling old fools term.

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Afghanistan - Keep the eye on the ball

 Do not fall for this administration's attempt to turn this into whether we should have stayed in
Afghanistan.  Noooooooooooooooooooooo.  This is about the complete bumbling and terrible planning and execution of our exit.  The way that the administration left our allies to die, be raped, tortured and have all of their rights taken from them SHOULD BE the only topic for discussion right now. 

How can you be someone that cares about the rights of women, yet allow the Taliban to take complete control of the country?  Most of these girls grew up without the Taliban in their lives and will now be turned into sex slaves, especially those girls whose families helped Americans.   And if they refuse?  Shot dead in the streets after being raped.  Good Job Liberals!

How is it that 2 million people can cross our border in the south, yet people that helped our soldiers are being red taped and left behind?

This is typical of the elitist class in America and not simply the exception.  Look at our track record since Korea and tell me that the elites haven't hung our warriors and friends out to dry.

1.  Vietnam

2.  Beruit

3.  Kuwait (left the Kurds to be slaughtered by Iraq)

4.  Central America - Look it up

5.  Somalia

6.  Panama

7.  Yemen

8.  Syria

9.  Iraq pt. 2

10.  Iran (three times)

11.  Ukraine

12.  Afghanistan 

The politicians, generals, media, and intelligence agencies of this country have failed us each and every time that we have sent warriors off to fight both when we are they and when we get home.  Often times in almost every situation we go into, we do more damage to the people that we are supposed to be helping than if we had just stayed home.  If you have served, then you understand the chain of command and can see the giant pile of shit rolling downhill created by people that are nowhere near the battle, have seen a battle, picked up a weapon, and are more concerned over flash polls than effective tactics.   So do not blame the enlisted men.

The left hates the military, they say "thank you for your service" but they don't give an actual shit about you or what you have been through or even if you live or die.  That is until airplanes crash into towers, government buildings, and fields.  Before nightclubs are shot up, office parks are bombed, etc..  Then they care for a year but only because it makes them afraid to go out to Whole Foods etc. but after a few months, they no longer care and again believe that the rest of the world is happy for them to live out their ultrawoke existence thinking that America and Americans are their biggest threat. What they fail to realize is that the only reason that they can safely hate their country and fellow countrymen/women are that we have 18-year-olds that sign up to defend that right, kids they later end up hating.  

This is just another example of how our country is doomed for the next 3 years.  Enjoy trying to support a bumbling old man that was simply elected because the other guy was abrasive and our country becomes less safe because of your thin skin.  

Monday, August 16, 2021

Afghanistan Loss could have been prevented several times over 20 years

 Joe Biden has single-handedly shit on the graves of over 2500 dead soldiers and pissed on the boots of those injured.  It is that simple.  For all the mistakes that were made before he was sworn in by many others ironically, including him as VP, it was his "plan " that lead to the cluster fuck that we are witnessing today.  So no matter how many excuses and passing of the blame we hear from the left just remember, whose ultimate strategy it was to exit in the way/time that we did which lead to our loss and humiliation on the global stage But let us look back at the history of this debacle, shall we?  

1.  Sept 11th happens and there wasn't an American alive that said that we shouldn't go to that country and wipe out every single Taliban and Al Queda person walking in the wasteland of a country.  

2.  We experience several key victories and wipe out tens of thousands of fighters.  

3.  George Bush thinks that we should invade Iraq to look for mystery weapons and diverts key assets that could have been used in Afg to Iraq.

4.  We wipe Sadam off the map but stay behind to build a nation.

5.  We hunt for Bin Laden all of Afghanistan only to find him in freaking Pakistan and we kill him.

6.  We stay behind in Afghanistan to build a nation.

5.  Iraq goes to hell under Bush but he sends in a troop surge to stabilize the region.

6.  Obama/Biden enter the office and put huge restrictions on the use of deadly force and neuters our warriors.  He instead uses drones to kill thousands.

7.  Obama/Biden pull troops out of Iraq and the country basically falls into the hands of Iran.

8.  While we are wasting our time in Iraq, ISIS is formed and has become one of the deadliest groups in the world.  Obama/Biden fails to stop their advances and the beheading of Westerners is shown daily on the internet.  

9.  Obama/Biden are so bad at foreign policy that they take their eye off of Afg to do nothing about ISIS except "train" Syrians to help the Kurds in fighting them.  We all know how well we "train" middle eastern fighters now don't we?

10.  Instead of saying Fuck Afg, we stay behind with depleted resources until a surge is now needed there as well.  

11.  Instead of pulling out of Afg after the surge, we once again stay behind to build a nation.  

12.  Afg is a disaster, Iraq is a nightmare and ISIS runs the middle east as Trump enters office

13.  Trump destroys ISIS

14. Instead of pulling out of Afg like he said he would, he decided to delay that action and instead listens to the Generals (who have never won a war) and leaves forces there to build a nation.  

15.  Trump finally decides that Afg is not worth anyone dying over anymore and tries to broker a withdraw of forces agreement with the Taliban which would have allowed for a clean exit for our soldiers and Afg citizens that helped us along the way.  The Taliban knows that Trump is borderline crazy so they are not looking to piss him off because MOAB's will be dropped on their brick shithole houses. 

16.  Biden comes back into office as president and is senile and is a pussy.  The Taliban sees this and once he rejects the initial deal Trump had with them, they put into works a plan to take over Afg. They know that Biden is harmless and any threats he makes will not be backed up.  

17.  Biden just last month said that he has no worries about the Taliban taking control of Afg despite what people are saying on the ground.  Said it would be months before the Taliban could make a dent.

18.  Biden is scheduled to give a news conference today, a month before the 20th anniversary of Sept 11th stating that he fucked up and Afg is lost.  

Both parties share some blame, but let us be honest here, Obama/Biden were the worst offenders with Bush being a not-so-distant 3rd due to his invasion of Iraq.  We could have had a clean victory and avoided all of this is after Bin Laden was killed, we pulled the F out of Afg.  Nation-building should NEVER be part of what the United States does.  How arrogant of a country are we to try to make little United States satellite countries in regions that don't want us and we do not understand.  MAYBE it would have worked had Bush not divided our efforts and went to war with Iraq.  Even then, WHY?  

As a Marine, I am not against war, I am against police actions etc.. When we go in, we need to destroy, win and then get the hell out.  Someone messes with us or an ally, too bad for them.  We shouldn't be spending decades rebuilding shit that we destroyed.  IT IS WAR.  War has consequences for the loser and as a country, we have forgotten that.

Now that we have lost the war in Afghanistan, what will our consequences be?  More terrorism.

Friday, August 06, 2021

Creepy Joe Scares the Crap out of little girl

 Yeah, that girl looks totally comfortable with Joe Biden sniffing her hair and breathing on her neck.  

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Democrats leading Black Folks to Slaughter

 Between abortion clinics in their neighborhoods, to defunding the police, the Socialist in America are doing more harm to black people than they did before they hid their Klan hoods and started calling themselves Democrats.  The fact that so many WHITE democrats in Hollywood and politics that continue to show up in blackface, falsify their ethnic identity should tell you all that you need to know about the true feelings and agenda of the White elites of the socialist movement.  

Here is a handy dandy chart that just came out to show the true power of "their plan"

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Vaccines Work or Don't They???????????????

 So, I have been vaccinated since May so those of you that want to flame me for being antivaccination are barking up the wrong tree here.  You see, unlike many recent converts to both wokeness and science on the left, I have always believed they work.  I find it funny that there are sooooooo many people out there that were against vaccinating their children because they didn't trust them but are now out here lecturing others on getting the shot.  I guess those people were ignorant then or suddenly became proscience!  Trust me, I know these people and I laugh at how ignorant and desperate they sound just so they can appear to be part of the socialist movement.

Having said all of that, I want to see if I can track the logic coming from the incompetent Fauci and vacant-minded Biden. So here we go.

`1.  Biden and Harris came out and said that they wouldn't trust any vaccine that came out during warp speed because the orange man oversaw it.

2.  Biden wins and they both immediately get the shot

3.  Despite getting the shot all socialists continue to wear masks in congress going as recently as May despite the CDC stating that masks for people that have gotten the shots do not need to wear them.

4.  Then masks disappear

5.  Biden pushes for 70% of Americans to get the shots by July 4th, they don't.  

6.  The narrative from the left becomes that Republicans are against the shot, despite statistics that show that the majority of the folks that are not getting vaccinated are minorities (as low as 34% of certain ethnic groups regardless of population).

7.  The left puts pressure on private employers to mandate shots to return to work

8.  The left takes over the censorship arm of social media platforms to control the narrative that they want to push

9.  The left says that you are killing people, companies are killing people, social media platforms are killing people if they do not get the shot, control who can go to work/school, and the narrative that they want.

10.  Masks are back EVEN IF YOU HAVE THE SHOT

11.  Threats of lockdowns and restrictions EVEN IF YOU HAVE THE SHOT

12.  PEOPLE ARE GETTING COVID despite having been vaccinated 

So does the CDC, Whitehouse, Socialist, etc.. believe in the vaccination or are they just trying to make it yet another thing to divide Americans?

To me it is simple, you have the option to get the shot, that responsibility falls on you as the individual.  If the shot works, then people like me that have the shot should have nothing to worry about if they do not get vaccinated. If those people want to roll the dice then let them and let them deal with the consequences.  Why would I care if someone is putting their own personal safety at risk?  I don't give a shit about the 100 other life decisions that people make on a daily basis that does not affect my personal safety, how is this so different?

Friday, July 16, 2021

Biden hates the constitution

 I will keep this one short and simple.  Joe Biden either hates the constitution or hates personal freedoms.  You see, the president has decided to step into the world of social media companies, grab control of their content and decide what they feel is suitable for the "idiots" in our country to consume.  So no
longer are these private companies censoring posts that they "feel" are misleading, Joe is.  

They are utilizing the key phrase here "covid misinformation" as an excuse to do this which is laughable since 80% of the stories first given the label "covid information" have now done a 180 and are now considered truthful.  They have all been wrong on almost everything and even if they hadn't been wrong on everything, do we really need someone to nanny our every thought?  If you are too stupid to get a shot and believe that microchips are being implanted into your body then deal with the consequences.  Those of us that are vaccinated are not under any danger from your stupidity. Personal freedoms come with personal consequences and always have.  

Today it is Covid, but what other speech will they decide to censor for "our good"?  Remember the Patriot Act?  That started off as a way to find and eliminate threats towards our country after September 11th.  Well, a few years down the road and we learn that it was exploited to take away the personal privacy rights of American citizens.  We still have no idea the complete scope of this bastardization of the Act have/are in the past 20 years.  

So good job America.  You have in 20 years' time allowed the government to violate our privacy, speech, and soon enough right to bear arms. We have become a nation of soft weak people that worry more about words than actions.  Hell, we don't even need the government to do it, we censor each other's speech right now.  

Monday, May 17, 2021

When you support a candidate that sucks

 A special PSA to all of you Biden & Trump supporters

When you elect a douchebag that is bad for America, that is on you.  You must take
ownership for your vote and stand by your elderly white man.  Both parties have run terrible candidates in the nationwide for 2 straight cycles.  To say that both parties had better candidates that lost in the primaries is a bit of an understatement.  

As a Republican, I was shocked at how Trump won the nomination in 2016.  There were at least 3 other candidates that were more qualified and showed a better temperament than he did.  I took to Twitter, Facebook, the RNC and stated as much.  In 2019, I didn't vote. for either major party candidates.  Shit Kanye would have been a better president than either Trump or ancient, bought and paid for, senile Biden.  I did vote Republican for local elections but that was it.  

I get it though, I hated Hillary and voted for Trump in 2016.  You probably hated Trump and voted for Biden in 2019, The difference was, I never supported him on this blog or privately.  You dipshits all seem to think that Biden is a good decent person.  It is nice to care for senior citizens, help them lift heavy objects, and listen to their stories but do you let them drive to the store?  Fuck no.  Yet you voted this idiot in charge of the free world.  Good job.  

So for that reason, this blog will dedicate itself towards lumping all of you that voted for Biden in with every single action Biden or any of his supporters take.  Kinda like how you lumped together with any Republican in with any dipshit thing Trump or his supporters did.

New Era of Scum in America

The elite media siding with Hamas over Israel is shocking.  There are reports from

KC to London of people screaming shit that Hitler would have been proud of and it is happening on a daily basis and yet the media is taking the same tactics they used in promoting BLM.  Ignore the facts, push an agenda, and spread the hatred of an entire ethnic group that was nearly eliminated in the '30s & '40s.  

This isn't a Palestinian issue, it is a HAMAS issue.  Keep in mind that half of Gaza didn't want Hamas to control the group and wanted to push for a free state of their own etc... The area had been peaceful under Trump's tough stance on Iran (hey dumbass, Iran is basically HAMAS) but once Biden got elected and decided that appeasement was the best approach, the region has once again turned into a warzone.  Keep in mind that Biden was the VP during the beheadings of Americans on Tv and the rise of ISIS.  Democrats are weak on foreign policy and the world knows it.  

So now let us go through the list of shit that has occurred under a 5 month Biden presidency.

  • High inflation
  • Threats of high taxes
  • Border Crisis
  • The uptick in mass shootings
  • Wanting to hand over US Tech to China on Virus THAT CHINA GAVE THE WORLD
  • CDC caving to teachers unions
  • Americans afraid of getting Covid Vac because he and Kamala said they wouldn't trust a trump vaccine. 
  • Cancel Culture run wild
  • Police abandoning their posts
  • Lies about Georgia voting laws, when Deleware (his state) has tougher laws 
So when you run into these suddenly woke liberals that truly hate black folks and Jewish people, be sure to remember that they HATE America and probably you.  

Friday, February 12, 2021

T.J. Ducklo - Another Biden POS

 So this guy made threats etc.. to a female reporter
and the ultrawoke Biden administration decided to simply suspend the guy for a grand total of 5 days!  Yes 5 total days because a reporter was doing her job.  I know that liberals aren't use to people doing unflattering reports on them but reporters still need to earn a check, so they might want to get use to it. 

Monday, April 30, 2012