Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Afghanistan - Keep the eye on the ball

 Do not fall for this administration's attempt to turn this into whether we should have stayed in
Afghanistan.  Noooooooooooooooooooooo.  This is about the complete bumbling and terrible planning and execution of our exit.  The way that the administration left our allies to die, be raped, tortured and have all of their rights taken from them SHOULD BE the only topic for discussion right now. 

How can you be someone that cares about the rights of women, yet allow the Taliban to take complete control of the country?  Most of these girls grew up without the Taliban in their lives and will now be turned into sex slaves, especially those girls whose families helped Americans.   And if they refuse?  Shot dead in the streets after being raped.  Good Job Liberals!

How is it that 2 million people can cross our border in the south, yet people that helped our soldiers are being red taped and left behind?

This is typical of the elitist class in America and not simply the exception.  Look at our track record since Korea and tell me that the elites haven't hung our warriors and friends out to dry.

1.  Vietnam

2.  Beruit

3.  Kuwait (left the Kurds to be slaughtered by Iraq)

4.  Central America - Look it up

5.  Somalia

6.  Panama

7.  Yemen

8.  Syria

9.  Iraq pt. 2

10.  Iran (three times)

11.  Ukraine

12.  Afghanistan 

The politicians, generals, media, and intelligence agencies of this country have failed us each and every time that we have sent warriors off to fight both when we are they and when we get home.  Often times in almost every situation we go into, we do more damage to the people that we are supposed to be helping than if we had just stayed home.  If you have served, then you understand the chain of command and can see the giant pile of shit rolling downhill created by people that are nowhere near the battle, have seen a battle, picked up a weapon, and are more concerned over flash polls than effective tactics.   So do not blame the enlisted men.

The left hates the military, they say "thank you for your service" but they don't give an actual shit about you or what you have been through or even if you live or die.  That is until airplanes crash into towers, government buildings, and fields.  Before nightclubs are shot up, office parks are bombed, etc..  Then they care for a year but only because it makes them afraid to go out to Whole Foods etc. but after a few months, they no longer care and again believe that the rest of the world is happy for them to live out their ultrawoke existence thinking that America and Americans are their biggest threat. What they fail to realize is that the only reason that they can safely hate their country and fellow countrymen/women are that we have 18-year-olds that sign up to defend that right, kids they later end up hating.  

This is just another example of how our country is doomed for the next 3 years.  Enjoy trying to support a bumbling old man that was simply elected because the other guy was abrasive and our country becomes less safe because of your thin skin.