Friday, August 20, 2021


Gov Kelly literally said that that there are people out there using Covid to divide us...  Ummm doesn't she do that on a daily basis?  I love how she keeps trying to make this a political issue when studies have shown that unvaccinated people are split evenly between party lines.  Trying to say that if someone is against a government mandating the behavior of its citizens is the same as saying that you shouldn't get shots or wear masks is idiotic at best.  AT BEST.  In this case, it is nothing more than the power-hungry Parks and rec director trying to divide Kansans more than they already are. If you would listen to her speak then you would think that 100% of liberals in Kansas are vaccinated (they are not). 

My Covid philosophy is extremely simple to follow and depends heavily on personal freedoms granted to us in the constitution.  

1.  Get the shots - If you do not get the shots and you get sick, don't bitch and you should lose your hospital bed if someone that does get the shot (that was supposed to work right) gets sick.  

2.  Wear a mask in high infected areas - If you choose not to, so be it, deal with the outcome.  

3.  If you do not get a vaccine, don't bitch if you get sick, do not take up resources for those that did get the shots.  

If I am vaccinated, why do I give a crap if the person next to me decides to roll the dice and gets sick?  When you tell me that I can still get sick despite being vaccinated, then why the hell are we being told to get the damn shot?  It seems that they are now saying that we are at just as much risk of getting Covid with or without the shot, the only difference is if you live or die.  So, get the shot, stay alive. DUH.  If you want to risk death, by all means, do it.  It is no different than any other of the 1000 life decisions that you make on a daily basis that could result in if you live or die or harm people around you.  

I get it, there are many of you that your Covid stance has become your entire identity.  You see it daily on social media from both sides.  

You have liberal twits thinking that every Republican is against the vaccine, yet they were all stating that they would never get the shot because it was a Trump shot. Biden gets elected and suddenly the shot is safe to them, makes perfect umm sense.  They spend all day on social media spewing hate and feel like they are part of some movement or something for the first time in their pathetic little lives.  Most of these people are cowards that never spoke up before Covid about well, anything.  They desperately need to keep Covid in their lives or else they will lose a part of their new identity.  Also, if you have been a vaccine skeptic in the past and are now suddenly a pro-vaccine person yelling at people not wanting to get shots., you are the biggest loser in all groups. Also, look into your own party and make sure that they are vaccinated before you start saying that it is all a one-party issue, You might actually learn something and come across as a level-headed human for the first time in your life.  

Then you have the group that believes that microchips are in the virus etc...  These same people make these idiotic posts from their smartphones that actually do track you.  These cowards are afraid to get a needle stuck into their arms, yet discuss revolution?  WAKE UP.  75% of the population now has shots and guess what, we aren't all dropping dead, we haven't turned into zombies and we haven't had listening devices implanted into our bodies.  AND EVEN IF we had microchips implanted in us, what do you have going on in your life that you need to worry about if someone overhears a conversation that you have? If you are worried that your buddies might think you are a sellout for getting a shot don't worry, that buddy probably won't be alive long enough to give you crap.