Monday, August 23, 2021

KC Covid Coverage sill doesn't "get it" - Time for a Covid Vac Tax Credit

 “I’ve heard from a number of people that said they are very willing to get the vaccine as soon as FDA approval comes through. And that’s fantastic and I hope that’s true,”

That quote is from a story written in the Star regarding the FDA approving the Pfizer vaccination. 

And yes I am fully vaccinated, it wasn't even a debate to me.  Shot in the arm to not die = no brainer.  When I went into the Marine Corps, I received 15+ vaccinations that I had no idea about within a 90-day window.  I lived, kinda.  

Now ask yourself this, have you heard a single person say this?  Yeah, me neither.  We have come to a crossroads in vaccinations in this country and it is time for us all to plan accordingly.  There are those folks out there that for whatever reason they claim will never get the Fauci Ouchi.  Especially now that they are coming out and saying that we need a 3rd shot and probably a 4th one after that.  Especially now that we all know people that are getting Covid, we all have to wear masks, etc.. even if you get the shot. 

Freedom was the main motivator for most people to get the vaccination.  When you take away the "perk" of living life as normally as possible once you get the shot then you are eliminating that motivator.  When you tell people that they are more likely to survive Covid with a shot, those same people do not think they will get Covid regardless and do not regard that as motivation.  

The CDC needs to show us REAL numbers for the following broken down between general population and vaccinated

  • What percentage of Americans get seriously ill from Covid?
  • What percentage of Americans die once they get Covid?
  • How much of an increase in protection does someone gain that has recovered from Covid (has antibodies) 
  • How much protection do masks give to people that are vaccinated?
  • What percentage of school kids die from Covid?
  • How many people end up on ventilators that catch Covid?
  • When you subtract overweight and elderly from the equation, what is the mortality rate for Covid?
These questions should be readily available at all medical facilities, social media platforms, and local/federal government websites.  BUT IT ISN'T!  Why is this? Why is doing taxes easier than getting basic standardized Covid info that is backed by research, stats, and clearly written for those with a 5th-grade education or better?

This lack of standardized info should alarm everyone.  Until this happens, the unvaccinated will not comply, and the more you make them villains, the stronger the stance they will take.  It is like a moronic badge of honor for them and they celebrate their stance.  Soooooooooooo

It is time for this country to move on and accept the fact that unless you are old, fat, and unhealthy you will not die from Covid and yes you will probably catch it.  So get your freaking shots and survive Covid.  Otherwise, it might be time to discuss a Covid Vaccination Tax Credit where those of us that have gotten the shot get a tax break by not using up government resources to care for those that choose to roll the dice.  Anytime the government wants us to living our lives a certain way they always hand out tax credits, this should be no different.