Thursday, August 26, 2021

No words

 I am sick to my stomach over the loss of 12 Marines, a Navy Corpsman, the death of families that
helped us, and those that are going to be left behind by our country.  

You woke fucks voted for this piece of shit of a President that as VP was 

  • Against going in and killing Bin Laden
  • Last pullout of Afg that resulted in us needing a troop surge
  • Benghazi
The blood is on your hands for voting in a senile old man because you thought that the Orange man was mean.  

Let's see who Biden has let down in just 8 months

  • Cubans
  • Haitians
  • People living in border towns
  • People crossing into our country illegally
  • Inner cities where people are getting slaughtered nightly
  • His Covid lies
But hey, you don't have your Twitter feed full of mean stuff from the Orange guy so I guess it was worth it to you.