Monday, August 30, 2021

Idiots are dying

You do not have to be as brilliant as I am to have seen the two stories coming that I am linking below.  The fact that these idiots were the most vocal of the anti-vaxxers out there is what makes this news.  

1.  Florida Radio dude who was known as Mr. Anti-Vaxx, died from...... umm Covid

2.   Texas 30-year-old leader of the Anti-Vaxx movement died from....umm Covid

As I have said, every American should make their own decisions on getting a shot or not.  So these 2 overly vocal men have now dealt with the consequences of their decision.  So do yourself a favor and if you haven't been jabbed, get jabbed.  You are not proving a point by not getting it.  You are not a hero or brave.  Will their tombstones forever read "he was so brave for not getting the vaccination"?  No.

You are not a soldier fighting for freedom against an enemy that wants to see us dead.  You are a dude that was probably for the shot but changed his mind once Biden won.  People need to learn when to take a stand and more importantly, what issues are worth dying for. Covid shots, not worth dying for.  

I do not care how many of you idiots email me wishing I would change my stance or stop reading because I support people getting shots.  I can think of a million other things worth dying for and almost as many other ways I rather die than drowning in a pool of my own snot with tubes shoved down my throat.  Trust me, I have faced death multiple times in many different formats and am still in one of those battles.  If someone came to you and said, here take this shot and the chances of you dying from cancer if you ever have it will be greatly diminished, you will of course get the shot.  Right?????????