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Monday, August 01, 2022

Incred-A-Bowl eye sore is about to get worst.

 Just when you thought that the  Incred-A-Bowl area couldn't blight the area any
more than it has, boom, here come the developers.  In this proposal, not only will the vacant blight remain, but crappy townhomes will be built behind it.  

In case you aren't familiar with the area, putting those types of homes in that area makes zero sense.  Which seems to be the JOCO way now.  

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

OP Leaders are freaking idiots, Political Hipsters

 A toll road?  Really?  This is the magic band-aid that they came up with their failures to address traffic problems in the South?  And it doesn't go beyond 151st
street where development is booming?  This might be the worst idea to come out of city government since the redevelopment of downtown OP by placing towering apartment complexes in a historic old town area.  Towering apartments that almost nobody can afford.  

Shit, I would rather the city take the big leap of putting in a light rail system, at least that makes some sort of sense.  Not building a road that hardly anybody will drive on because they are charging approx $50 per month for its usage and of course spite.  People that didn't want this (almost everyone) will refuse to utilize it strictly due to spite and they are wanting it to fail so that this type of idea NEVER happens again.  

All elections have consequences and we are seeing that in the city, county, judges, and school board now more than ever in JOCO.  It seems that there is a major push in the county to create a political class of elites.  Maybe they grew up watching too much West Wing.  Political hipsters! Idiots that want to take what made JOCO great and turn it into some left coast shit hole.  

Monday, April 26, 2021

Overland Park police chief’s not the problem - But there is a HUGE problem

 The calls to remove the OPPD Chief have gotten louder, much louder, but is he
the real issue with the Police Department? How about the city council, mayor, judges, and county commissioners?  Do they get a free pass?  Can you imagine the calls that were made by the elected douches of the county and city once this poor kid was gunned down in his house?  The pressure to make the murder go away and "punish" the officer had to be incredible.  

Cluster fucks like this typically only happen when people are forced to go behind the standards and practices that were created to handle a crisis and resolve it for "good PR".  If the chief were to follow the book, I seriously doubt a killer cop would have received 70k to kill a kid at his house. 

OP is currently undergoing a MAJOR identity crisis due to uncontrolled and poorly planned growth.  The choices and decisions the city has made over the past 10 years are choices typical of greed, power, and lack of knowing one's self.   The problem will not resolve itself until JOCO/OP residents start electing capable people with good character like they used to. 

Monday, March 22, 2021

Proud Boys vs. BLM vs. OPPD KILLAS

 If you need any further proof that Overland Park is turning into a burning shit pile then please read this story in The Red Star.  This triangle of hell involves
BLM(Rioters), Proud Boys(Rioters), and Overland Park Police Department(Killers) and if you reside inside the Overland Park area, none of them are to be trusted.  Each faction can't be trusted, resort to violence and operate by their own separate rules.

The OPPD is a draw first, ask questions later type of crowd (unless you are a white woman).  If you are a male of any race, they would much rather shoot first and ask questions later, write a ticket for 6 mph over to justify the reason they pulled you over, solve more fireworks related calls than actual thefts and serve as nothing more than a revenue-generating, adultery committing arm of the JOCO courthouse.  

What purpose does it serve to bring up the interactions that some mouthy OP residents (that probably do not know of any actual Proud Boy members) had with the police department "in passing"?  THAT is the real question!  Why is it that nearly 9 months after the riots of OP in 2020 that this was openly brought up by the Chief of Police for Overland Park?  Isn't it the job of law enforcement to keep the peace?  Not stoke hatred and lump every white homeowner in with the idiots that said "proud boys"?  

MAYBE it has to do with the fact that they are being exposed all over the media for the killing of a kid inside his parent's house.  MAYBE it has to do with the fact that they cut him a 70K check and said move on shortly after the killing.  MAYBE, the OPPD Chief is using the racial tension in this country as a rock to hide behind. 

MAYBE this clown should leave office right away.  It appears to me that he doesn't have the moral compass or macro understanding of how his words can do more harm than good.  He is from Davenport, Iowa where you know....

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Carl Gerlach - Gone-Later BOZO

 The worst Mayor in the history of OP is finally hanging it
, and we should all be thankful.  The idiot that took all of your tax dollars and gave it to retailers to open up strip mall after strip mall to out of town mega stores while ignoring the small businesses of the community is stepping down.  The idiot that turned the OPPD into a shoot first and ask questions later, revenue producing police department is stepping down.. The man that blah, blah, blah he well, kinda sucked.  Just look at what happened to Old Town OP...

So does this mean that the people of OP will elect someone that will value their tax dollars and return the police department into a community first department? Hell no.  The county has turned Blue which means that nothing but waste and a crappy police department will be allowed.  

Ask yourself this.  Was he the mayor of Overland Park or Blue Valley????  Do JOCO residents even need to think longer than 15 secs to come to this conclusion? 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Dreams Crushed in North Overland Park

For the past 15 years, people in Overland Park have wondered what would take the place of Metcalf South.  Would it be a huge park?  How about an area like Prarie Fire or Park Place?   Maybe a retailer that the area doesn't have will move into the area to draw traffic to the area (see IKEA).  Sports fields? Arena? Corporate HQ Campus? 


Have you driven by the area?  What a damn joke.  Right across the street from it is a freaking HOME DEPOT so the area really doesn't need a new hardware store let alone a hardware store that already has several locations in the area.  Has anyone honestly ever felt like they were neglected by the number of hardware stores in the area?

JOCOians that have grown up in the area have been hoodwinked, bamboozled and completely let down by the city planner that allowed for this to happen.  Can anyone in this area get anything right when a mall gets torn down?  Remember the MISSION MALL disaster?  They will go from Aquariums, hotels and multiuse to a freaking Walmart,  Bank of America and Starbucks, just you watch and see.  

BUT that is all North JOCO and doesn't really matter to those of us South of  127th street!  They wouldn't dare let some crappy redevelopment/development happen in our precious land of Blue Valley.  Hell Walmart made their store brick just to move in and that was 15 years ago.   

If you drive out our way you would swear that you were in a different city than OP and if you like it out here, good luck trying to buy a house because prices have gone up so much that a starter house goes for $250K.   

So let them destroy Downtown OP, put a museum in a freaking bowling alley and tear down a landmark and replace it with a Lowes based shopping center.  Let the idiots get all of their bad ideas out of their system before they come out my way.  The only blighted shopping area left is Rosana Square and that is on, oh crap 119th street!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

KC ReWrite

1.  Oxymoron?  Smart Highway in Missouri.  Added bonus, the engineer is from Raytown (where all great ideas come from)

3.  Ignorant people of North JOCO fight redevelopment and embrace blight.  This story posted in the same freaking week shows people bitching about the blight that has all ready taken place and what they should do to fix it.  UNREAL

4.  Kansas City is about to lose Uber because of the politicians want and desire to destroy the free market and bow down to the taxi unions.  What service would the city actually be performing in exchange for the outrageous fees that the city is trying to impose.... Nothing.  This is nothing more than extortion.  How about focusing on crime and fixing your F'd up schools instead of this crap

5.  Johnson County has a new place to eat that features girls with daddy issues bringing them food.  Sadly, men in Johnson County will flock to this place because they think that their last waitress REALLY REALLY liked them.  

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"There was a smell and Flies" - OP Residents

OP police ID homicide victim | Local News - KMBC Home

For those of you that believe that JOCO residents always keep their eyes on minorities in their
neighborhood I present to you the idiots of North OP.  These people were so in tune with their neighborhood that they didn't notice the guy was dead until flies started showing up on his windows. Good job people.

Wait, as I type this I then start to think that the reason that nobody in that neighborhood noticed he was dead was because he was black and they didn't associate with him.  

Either way the people in that neighborhood suck. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Metcalf South...Again.

OP councilman expects big changes for Metcalf South | Local News - KMBC Home

This will be the 20th year that I have heard this song and dance. Every year someone says that Metcalf South will be torn down and every year it remains standing. I am sure that Curt Skoog will be the one that is right though....

Let's face it, the only thing wrong with that mall is sprawl along Metcalf  If more was done over the years to redevelop that area Metcalf South would still be a viable retail center instead of a potential Wal Mart Super Center.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Overland Park Police State- Our County is screwed

OP approves new fees for 'professional' photography in parks | Local News - KMBC Home

WTF!  They are charging people to take pictures of Tax Payer
funded Parks??????? It takes an awfully big elitist douche bag to believe that he can do this crap.  

They say that JOCO is the home of the Republican Party in Kansas, BS!  Has this county or any of it's city's seen a tax that they didn't like, a freedom that they didn't want to restrict or a ticket that they didn't want to write?  
City Council Resolution No. 4049 This county is going to crap!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

North OP Carjacking - The decline continues

Police are looking for serial carjackers in Overland Park - KCTV5

"They were all abandoned in Kansas City, KS"  SHOCKING!

North OP is now outpacing Olathe as the crap hole of JOCO.  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More North OP Violence

1 in hospital, another in custody after stabbing in OP 

The downward spiral of North Overland Park continues at a rapid pace.  Sadly, we are closer to the start of this problem than we are the end. 

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

PSA for the people of OP

4 people in Overland Park taken to hospitals for CO poisoning | Local News - KMBC Home 

Don't leave your freaking car running with the garage door closed.  I can't believe I actually have to say this but it appears that some people can not think for themselves.  It was 40 freaking degrees outside this morning NOT 40 F*(#*( Below ZERO.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

More North JOCO Crap

Police investigating carjackings in Overland Park - KCTV5 

Day by day the northern part of our county is becoming the southern part of another, Wyco. Crimes, property values and blight that once were unthought of in JOCO are now weekly occurrences and overshadow any/all positive news coming out of the area.  

I believe that city leaders have known this was going to happen for sometime now and started rebranding the southern part of the city "Blue Valley" back in the 90's.  Hell the city even gave up on the Shawnee Mission School District in favor of the new and sparkly Blue Valley district. 

I once again say that it is time to finally separate the two areas by more than name and end the charade.  

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

SMSD Leadership Morons

Remember when the SMSD was the best district in the city?  Where common sense overruled liberal ideals that set many other districts back?  Well it is obvious that the current leadership is trying to go the PC route by "taking strongest stand possible against firearms on school property".  

That's right folks, people that want to shoot up schools, buses and sporting events will now be frightened of the No Guns on premises signs that will go up district wide.  Even though this tactic has proven to be more symbolism than substance through out the nation, the SMSD believes that it will work this time.  

Maybe they believe that since the literacy rate in JOCO is amongst the highest in the nation that suicidal murdering maniacs will READ their sign and stop.  

Monday, August 26, 2013

Overland Park Housing Expansion

'Gnome homes' pop up in Overland Park | Local News - KMBC Home 

Even fictitious characters have better housing in JOCO than people living in the East Side.


Monday, July 15, 2013

What happens when MO enters JO

Overland Park man killed in drive-by shooting | Local News - KMBC Home

See what happens when people from Missouri enter the great state of Kansas and more specifically, Gods country (Joco).  Sadly, there wont be any moments of silence at concerts for him, nor will there be a foundation set up in his name because the shooter wasn't identified as a white male.  Because to some, that is the only time a death means something.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

N. Joco Residents are doomed

Plans to build another outer loop highway are on the way and people in Joco that own property inside of 435 should be worried.  If this plan becomes reality then you can kiss your property value good bye and witness the Bannistering of everything North of College Blvd and East of Renner.  

Joco leaders lack any and all concern for the damage that sprawl causes to areas that are currently thriving and other parts of the county that are struggling that are currently inside the loop.  Roeland Park, Fairway, Merriam and parts of Shawnee are all ready crap holes, can you imagine how bad those areas will be if this takes place?

Ed Eilert and the rest of the old ass elitist in this town could careless about the future of this county.  They won't be alive to see Northern Joco turn into a crap hole.  No they will just enjoy the power that they will have if this project gets the  go ahead.

They will have fun seizing property from citizens and determining the price of the land that they jack from private citizens. Eilert and his buddies have a long history of power grabbing and influence peddling.  Ever hear of the Mall of the Suburbs?  Remember how much they purchased that piece of crap bowling alley that NOBODY wanted to buy......