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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

More North JOCO Crap

Police investigating carjackings in Overland Park - KCTV5 

Day by day the northern part of our county is becoming the southern part of another, Wyco. Crimes, property values and blight that once were unthought of in JOCO are now weekly occurrences and overshadow any/all positive news coming out of the area.  

I believe that city leaders have known this was going to happen for sometime now and started rebranding the southern part of the city "Blue Valley" back in the 90's.  Hell the city even gave up on the Shawnee Mission School District in favor of the new and sparkly Blue Valley district. 

I once again say that it is time to finally separate the two areas by more than name and end the charade.  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Brian Boyd - Music Was His Life

On Friday night at 11pm the Blue Valley area lost a great young man and musician, Brian Boyd.  He died south of Lawrence, Ks in a traffic accident just after 11pm and the news of his passing shook the whole area.

I never knew Brian but he was a great friend to my younger siblings in my family and he will be greatly missed by all who knew him or knew of him.  

From what I have been told Brian was a friend to everyone and made sure to treat people as such.  He was considered a genius musically and pushed band members at BVN to become the best that they could be.  That is rare to find nowadays in a "me first" world.  

Here is a quote from one of his best friends.

"It's hard to but the legend of who is Brian Boyd in to words Other than everyone who spent any time with him gained a friend. It's just hard knowing how invincible he had been going through a lot of rough times and always coming out on top with a grin. He was too wreck less and never wore his seatbelt which came back to haunt him."

Rest in Peace Brian and thank you for being there for those in my family that were lucky enough to know you.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Blue Valley Danger Zone

So last weeks drug bust went down and most of the story said that the arrests were made in Olathe, KCK and California right?  Well it turns out that there was a swat team out in our happy Blue Valley hood making arrests that were connected with that raid.

From what I have been told by witnesses is that there was a woman told to lay on the ground outside the house while she had a gun pointed to her head and a whole freaking swat team to raid the house.  This went on for a couple of hours but was only noticed by a few neighbors/residents of  the sub division and there was no mention of it in the news.

It sure would of been nice to know that this was going on in the neighborhood and it would of been nice to know that there were freaking drug dealers under investigation in the hood.  The neighborhood is full of kids and that house is right next to a playground and bike trail that are out on it everyday.

Overland Park leaders should be ashamed of themselves for leaving these kids vulnerable to the activities going on in that house and held accountable come election time.  Kinda makes you wonder what else is going on that we don't know about....

Friday, June 01, 2012

Blue Valley vs. Overland Park

For the past 3 years I have been lobbying to get the Blue Valley region of Overland Park to succeed from the union.  Those outside of the area can't see the difference and think that my idea has no merit, I get it, most of them would die to have what Overland Park has and can't imagine doing better (this gives Blue Valley residents a nice cushion from Missouri transplants looking to better themselves by moving to Kansas).  

Here are just a few examples of the many differences that separate our 2 communities. 

1 Overland Park Resident- Sams Club vs. Blue Valley - Costco
2. Overland Park Residents - Hy-Vee vs. Blue Valley - Hen House
3.  Overland Park Residents -  Aldi vs. Blue Valley - Trader Joes
4.  Overland Park Residents- Price Chopper Card vs. Blue Valley - Gold Card
5.  Overland Park - Shawnee Mission (once great schools) vs. Blue Valley - BVSD (great schools)
6.  Overland Park - Government Housing in apartments vs. Blue Valley - Amli Apartments
7.  Overland Park - 69 Highway (trashy name) vs. Blue Valley - Blue Valley Parkway
8.  Overland Park - Metcalf South vs. Blue Valley - 5 brand new shopping areas
9.  Overland Park - Blighted strip malls vs. Blue Valley - Town Center
10.  Overland Park - Close to Wyco vs. Blue Valley - Close to Stillwell
11.  Overland Park - Payday Loan business's everywhere vs.  Blue Valley - 2 Cash for Gold Stores
12.  Overland Park - Restaurant's closing and left empty vs. Blue Valley - New Restaurants every month.
13.  Overland Park - Soccer Goals set up in farm fields vs. Blue Valley - World Class soccer complex.
14.  Overland Park - Antioch Park vs. Blue Valley - Deanna Rose
15.  Overland Park - Old buildings made into community centers vs. Blue Valley - Community Centers rival gyms that cost a ton to join monthly.
16.  Overland Park - Personal Property blight on the rise vs. Blue Valley - Strong home owners associations that prevent blight.
17.  Overland Park - Full of old people that can't drive vs. Blue Valley - Full of kids driving BMW's that can't drive (ok, both options suck there).

I will stop here because I could keep going for quite awhile and I think my point has been proven.