Monday, June 18, 2012

Blue Valley Danger Zone

So last weeks drug bust went down and most of the story said that the arrests were made in Olathe, KCK and California right?  Well it turns out that there was a swat team out in our happy Blue Valley hood making arrests that were connected with that raid.

From what I have been told by witnesses is that there was a woman told to lay on the ground outside the house while she had a gun pointed to her head and a whole freaking swat team to raid the house.  This went on for a couple of hours but was only noticed by a few neighbors/residents of  the sub division and there was no mention of it in the news.

It sure would of been nice to know that this was going on in the neighborhood and it would of been nice to know that there were freaking drug dealers under investigation in the hood.  The neighborhood is full of kids and that house is right next to a playground and bike trail that are out on it everyday.

Overland Park leaders should be ashamed of themselves for leaving these kids vulnerable to the activities going on in that house and held accountable come election time.  Kinda makes you wonder what else is going on that we don't know about....