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Friday, February 08, 2019

Lenexa Cops Kick Ass - OP Police....Not so much

I just got done reading yet another story of how Lenexa Law Enforcement
stepped up and made the people of JOCO proud.  This time they stopped a human trafficker during a traffic stop!

Take a bow LENEXA PD!

In the meantime, OP cops are more than happy to assist you or your spouse with suicide by cop, letting illegals lose to kill sheriff deputies and of course the shooting of teenagers! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Crying Lenexa Residents Hate "Noise"

Proposed Lenexa eatery, music venue draws criticism | Local News - KMBC Home 

Noise problems?  I use to live in that area and trust me, there is all ready a noise problem due to I35, Trains etc.. Get over yourselves Lenexa.  If South OP can have "We buy Gold" stores then you can have a F****** Grinders.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rosehill Elementary Victim of Neighborhood Sucktitude

Having grown up in that area and later lived in the Rosehill area I can tell you that this comes as no surprise.  The once family friendly and middle class neighborhoods that use to surround the school are gone and have been replaced with Section 8 housing and low rent hotels.  Some of the kids that show up for school there look like they haven't showered in days and most are on some sort of government meal program so of course they are carrying viruses.  Who the hell is going to take them to the Doc?  Everyone knows that people on government assistance carry diseases.  duh.   Keep in mind that this is the Richard Grissom Hood

Let's all face the facts here.  The Shawnee Mission School District's greatness is a thing of the past (check out the test scores for West and North) and you can thank local leadership for neglecting Northern Joco and instead expanding West and South. This has allowed for once nice apartment complexes to be turned into section 8 drug zones and single family houses into meth labs.  

That area is just another example of Northern Johnson County going to shit.  Once our kids were old enough to attend elementary school, we moved to Blue Valley without even giving it a second thought.  Who would want their kids hanging around unhealthy kids?  

True Jocoians know when it is time to pick up and head for bluer valleyer pastures.  

Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Wire -Dead City Walking

Look for a nice uptick in crime this weekend.  The weather is nice, guns are loaded and there is plenty of revenge to be had.  Happy shootings this weekend fellas.

1.  Psycho plots to shoot up High School in Missouri
2.  Family of molested girl passed on telling the cops and decided to just keep the man away.  OH, the girl was 5.
3.  Gardner standoffs suck compared to KCMO standoffs.
4.  JOCO homes will continue to be burglarized until we put up check points on 435 to block all Missouri residents from our county unless they have papers
5.  You know times are tough when the professional crooks in Missouri have to use ROCKS to rob people.
6.  It wouldn't be the same if we didn't have a KCMO stabbing to report.  50 stitches is decent but I would of liked to of see a little more effort.
7.  12 year old raped by 18 year old in Grandview.
8.  Home Invasions in KCMO are making a comeback.
9.  KCK steps up to the plate with a nice gas station shooting off of 10th street.  Rare for such a nice part of town.....

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Blue Valley remains safe while old JOCO edges closer to WYCO status. Blue Valley County sounds pretty damn good right now.

1. The ghetto of PV is home to a child porn collector. Remember when PV was nice?

2. Last months wild west bank robbery in Lenexa gets even messier.

3. 3 more whores have been taken off the mean streets of Overland Park. Side note: What the hell is Whore #3 doing with the other two. Most whores are ugly but that one is damn ugly. Is she the bait and switch model?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

AWESOME DAY IN KCK (that should be their slogan)

I for one am glad that Kansas City doesn't have a gang problem.

1. Why use a gun when a grenade is much more effective(if you know how to use it)? It is good to see that KCK is advancing to grenades as KCMO regresses to knives.

2. Parallel to what? Hell? This is the shooting that brought on the grenade attack.

3. KCMO man gets face lift from a 9mm.

4. Cut liver, blood in urine and messed up kidneys and spleen for the kids of this East Side mom.

5. People aren't the only things screwed in KCK.

6. JOCO juveniles go Hi Tech and stupid.

7. Another Ho bust in Lenexa.

8. If you were a peeping tom would you really target a Sears Dressing room? Good god some people have no standards.

9. When one thinks about prostitution the first place they think is Carbondale, Ks.

10. Roof prices are about to skyrocket!

Friday, June 13, 2008

My stalker has returned

It appears that the Lenexa, Ks city employee has nothing to do than hound me in regards to the greatness of Brobecks BBQ (crappy BBQ place in OP). What kind of life does this guy have? While I am glad that I am a hit in the city of Lenexa, it saddens me to see tax payer money being flushed down the drain in order to defend a sub par BBQ joint.

Thursday, May 01, 2008


1. NJ liberals want to tax fast food & call it a SIN. Amazing what is and isn't considered a sin in Jersey.

2. 25th and Troost (where even the tulips die) site of latest slicing/dicing.

3. The hidden ghetto finally makes the news (and it is about time). It turns out that a stabbing took place at the Charter House apartment complex in Lenexa last night. Anyone familiar with that area (97th & Monrovia) will not be shocked by this event because they know that Charter House is nothing more than a Housing project in the middle of JOCO. Prostitution, Drug deals, gang activity and yes even violent crimes take place in this place on a daily basis.

4. The groundwork is being set for the greatest cover up in history. As more and more information comes out against the global warming hoax you knew a response was coming. Today scientist have come out and said that temps should hold for the next 10 years and might even COOL off. So lets follow the time line here. 1. The Ice Age was coming...2. Global warming is going to kill us all...3. Temps are to hold for the next 10 years.... You patrons of the Eco Church crack me up. WHICH IS IT? Lets not forget the f'd up hurricane predictions over the past 2 years as well. Al Gore is nothing more than David Koresh with more money and a bigger audience you lemmings are just as ignorant as the idiots that burned to their deaths.


6. People that hang out in coffee houses suck, so this is good news. Once Starbucks closes they will have to figure out different ways of imitating Ross & Rachel.

7. When a democrat talks about switching teams it typically means something entirely different....

Monday, March 17, 2008


The stance that the city is taking against the American Flag that Perkins flies is a joke and the Mayor and counsel should be embarrassed. To top it off the Mayor says that the flag is a symbol of PERKINS (not America). Who is this guy and where the hell did he come from? Long gone are the days of Rich Becker


Not looking good in the burbs.

1. These two idiots made it a whole 3 blocks before crashing the car that they jacked. I hope those 3 minutes were worth the 10 years that you will be getting.

2. Lee's Summit woman shot by ex boyfriend. Either she was a skank that cheated on him or he was a psycho. I am going to have to go with a combination of both.

3. Knives seem to be the affordable option nowadays when it comes to attempted murder. The gang bangers of this town need to form a bullet coop.

4. Lenexa wannabes want to be like the Varsity in KCMO and have switched to knives.

5. House was burnt but how were the ribs?

Monday, March 10, 2008


Have you ever wondered how much time city employees spend on the internet (on your dime) reading useless sites like this one? So far today I have had a city of Lenexa employee spend over an hour off & on reading this blog through out the day.

It is one thing to have someone to surf the net while working but at the expense of a tax payer? Is this why we get money taken out of our checks every week? Is this why we get hit again when buy a home, car, investments, gas, food, clothes, water etc.....

Next time you want to increase my taxes check the productivity level of your employees before you do so.