Thursday, May 01, 2008


1. NJ liberals want to tax fast food & call it a SIN. Amazing what is and isn't considered a sin in Jersey.

2. 25th and Troost (where even the tulips die) site of latest slicing/dicing.

3. The hidden ghetto finally makes the news (and it is about time). It turns out that a stabbing took place at the Charter House apartment complex in Lenexa last night. Anyone familiar with that area (97th & Monrovia) will not be shocked by this event because they know that Charter House is nothing more than a Housing project in the middle of JOCO. Prostitution, Drug deals, gang activity and yes even violent crimes take place in this place on a daily basis.

4. The groundwork is being set for the greatest cover up in history. As more and more information comes out against the global warming hoax you knew a response was coming. Today scientist have come out and said that temps should hold for the next 10 years and might even COOL off. So lets follow the time line here. 1. The Ice Age was coming...2. Global warming is going to kill us all...3. Temps are to hold for the next 10 years.... You patrons of the Eco Church crack me up. WHICH IS IT? Lets not forget the f'd up hurricane predictions over the past 2 years as well. Al Gore is nothing more than David Koresh with more money and a bigger audience you lemmings are just as ignorant as the idiots that burned to their deaths.


6. People that hang out in coffee houses suck, so this is good news. Once Starbucks closes they will have to figure out different ways of imitating Ross & Rachel.

7. When a democrat talks about switching teams it typically means something entirely different....