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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Link Blast

Is there a haunted house in America that is scarier than living in the East Side?

1. 10 costumes that some might find questionable 
2.  24 of the freakiest human deformities you will ever see.  NSFW
3.  5 Most disgusting diseases that you can get.
6.  Kenny Powers and Rex Ryan use to be one in the same.
7.  The 43 best Jack O Lanterns of all time.
8.  How to buy Halloween candy without getting ripped off
9.  4 places that where cemeteries use to be that are now haunted
10. 15 costumes that are sure to offend at least one demographic.  "The sexy virgin mary" lol
12.  10 Awesome treats to give out for Halloween 
18.  What would Halloween be without Larry Moore's ghost stories?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


This Easter be sure to let your family know that you hate them by purchasing your Easter dinner at Wal-Mart.

No this is not me being a SOJOCO snob, this is me warning you of the poor quality of Wal-Mart meat(if you can call it that). If you go this route you might as well put a can of spam on everyones plate. Skimp and save the rest of the weak but don't go this route for freaking Easter.

Never buy your meat from a place that can change your oil and sell you tires.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


On what is one of the most religious days on the planet it is no surprise to find religion in the headlines. Here are a few of the most interesting.

1. Pope helps Muslim come to our side.
2. Muslim now fears life.
3. Clinton campaign calls Richardson, Judas.
4. Chinese blame their slaughter of monks on the Dalai Lama's plan to destroy Olympics.
5. 15 year old nailed to cross.
6. Militant Church Leader now says that Rev. Wright was "LYNCHED" by the media.
7. AntiChristian films are ok but antimuslim films get pulled.

Monday, December 03, 2007


There is so much to do during the holidays and usually on December 27th I am kicking myself for forgetting something. Not this year. In the Spirit of Clark Griswold I will get it all in.

1. Plaza Lights
2. Mayors Christmas tree ( or twig this year)
3. Put up Christmas Lights
4. Decorate the inside of the house
5. Get a Christmas tree
6. Candy Cane Lane-lights
7. House with stuff on the roof-lights
8. Wornall Homes- lights
9. Olathe housing development-lights
10. Mission Hills-lights
11. Santa at the Mall
12. Holiday Family Pictures
13. Shopping - Downtown Lawrence
14. Mall Shopping - Weekend before Christmas
15. Christmas cookies
16. Night out on the Plaza with the wife
17. Sledding
18. Reading "Night before Christmas"
19. Decorate Christmas tree
20. Find a Charity to adopt a family
21. See A Christmas Carol LIVE!

Even now I think I am forgetting something.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


A group of metro area orthodontists is offering a candy buy-back after Halloween.Orthodontists involved in Smiles Change Lives, a nonprofit organization that delivers medically-necessary orthodontic treatment to children from low-income families, are recognizing National Orthodontic Awareness Month by buying back kids' holiday loot for cash or other prizes.
So here is the scam.
1. Outsource your Trick or Treating to a bunch of illegal alien kids (if it works for farmers it can work for you too).
2. Pay them one piece of candy for every 5 that they gather.
3. Take the collected candy back to the orthodontist and collect tax free cash.

This is a no brainer.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


By Kathryn Richert, The Daily Camera
October 3, 2007 BROOMFIELD -
There won't be little ghosts and goblins at Kohl Elementary School this Halloween. In a newsletter sent home to parents, Principal Cindy Kaier wrote that the traditional Halloween party celebrated in classrooms each year will be replaced by a fall party on Friday. And because the party is focused on fall, not Halloween, children can't wear costumes. Parents expressed frustration that they weren't included in the decision. Brook Kimber said it's hard to explain a random Oct. 5 party to a child. The decision came after a discussion that culminated in an "emotional" meeting with teachers that focused on school holiday parties and how Kohl could continue to celebrate without leaving out anyone.

Another look into the mindset of liberals. These bastards would of hung Norman Rockwell.