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Monday, March 03, 2008


1. The look on the movers face when they learned that the 20 -30 heavy boxes of scrap crap were going to the top floor of the new house was priceless.

2. It is impossible to diet when moving. For 7 days straight all that we had to eat was McDonalds & Pizza.

3. Unlike my friend the owl I can not turn my neck to the left or right.

4. We filled up a semi and brought no furniture (see post 1).

5. True fear hit me when it was time for them to unload my TV.

6. The cable guy spent 4 hours at my house on Friday.

7. The cable outlet for our TV in the great room quit working 10 hours later on Friday Night.

8. When we called on Saturday morning they said that they couldn't come back until Tuesday.

9. I hate Time Warner.

10. The look on the neighbors faces when I pulled into our driveway on the Harley was priceless.

11. Fences & window blinds make for good neighbors. Right now I have neither (fences or blinds).

12. The moving company that we used was great. "Father & Son's" moving is locally owned the crew we had came in well under the estimate. If you are moving use them.

Monday, December 03, 2007


There is so much to do during the holidays and usually on December 27th I am kicking myself for forgetting something. Not this year. In the Spirit of Clark Griswold I will get it all in.

1. Plaza Lights
2. Mayors Christmas tree ( or twig this year)
3. Put up Christmas Lights
4. Decorate the inside of the house
5. Get a Christmas tree
6. Candy Cane Lane-lights
7. House with stuff on the roof-lights
8. Wornall Homes- lights
9. Olathe housing development-lights
10. Mission Hills-lights
11. Santa at the Mall
12. Holiday Family Pictures
13. Shopping - Downtown Lawrence
14. Mall Shopping - Weekend before Christmas
15. Christmas cookies
16. Night out on the Plaza with the wife
17. Sledding
18. Reading "Night before Christmas"
19. Decorate Christmas tree
20. Find a Charity to adopt a family
21. See A Christmas Carol LIVE!

Even now I think I am forgetting something.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Thank you to everyone that came over to the house on Sunday. It was a blast. I enjoy cooking for large groups and having people over. I hope that you and your kids all had fun.

Tidbits from Sunday
1. I had my own carny for a day to set up and take down the moonwalk and cotton candy machine. As a boy I could never imagine myself employing a carny. Anything can happen in America.
2. It is not suppose to be 90 degrees in October. When I settled on a date the forecast said 60 degrees. The weather people in this town are a FREAKING JOKE. I could put my 3 year old in front of a weather map and get a more accurate forecast.
3. The food was done AHEAD of schedule. I would like to thank the good people of WEBER and BRINKMAN for making high quality cooking instruments.
4. The Chiefs returned to their true form on Sunday. 10 YARDS OF RUSHING for THE GAME! I have seen fat people run to the Buffet at Ryan's Steak House with more agility than Larry Johnson displayed on Sunday.
5. Thank you to CBS for deciding NOT to put the Chiefs game in HD. They would do it the weekend I am having people over. I think it is a joke that a major broadcasting company like CBS can't put every NFL game in HD.
6. Thank you to Kent & Mark for supplying Beer on Sunday.
7. Congratulations to my brother and his family on their news.
8. Thank you to my wife for her role in the clean up and set up.
9. Congratulations to Kristin for her completion of ONE WINE COOLER. My mother in law out drank my sister in law.
10. My mom was able to make Cotton Candy. Ever since my Dad mentioned to me that my mom wanted to do that I have been trying to figure out how to accomplish this.

Thursday, October 04, 2007



Sunday, September 30, 2007




MOONWALK ARRIVING AT 11AM and will be there until 7pm




Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Those are the words from Rebecca today as I came home with Speedy. Speedy is the creature that I arrived home with this afternoon that scared my wife (she didn't know what was in the bag). The tale of Speedy is a sad one, a tale that would of meant certain doom if it weren't for me. You see Speedy was attempting to cross a road and not having much luck in doing so. Speedy isn't equipped to dodge speeding SUV's and Semis and his one defensive mechanism isn't suitable for the highway. I stumbled upon him on my way back from Topeka today on Highway 24 and rescued him from his near death.

Speedy is a Turtle and he will be staying with us until Friday when we take him to Shawnee Mission Park.

Interesting Speedy Tidbits
1. He is mean
2. He is actually pretty fast
3. He managed to climb out of the paper bag I had him in before I got home and was about to climb out of my trunk.
4. Bridget jumped up on the back of the sofa when I let him loose on the living room floor.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Yesterday I suggested to my wife that it might be a good idea to make reservations for Saturday night so that we could ensure ourselves a spot at the Bristol. She hunted down the phone number on the giftcard and told me that she was going to give them a call, so I hung up.

Tonight she informed me that she forgot to make the reservations. I said that I thought she did that right after I hung up the phone with her, she said that "That is just how my brain works".

I have no idea what that means and I am pretty sure that I don't want to find out.

Notes From This Week

1. Gas Station Car Wash's should just disconnect the dryers. THEY DO NOT WORK.

2. My 10 year streak of not hitting an animal while driving came to and end this morning. At aprox 10:43am I ran over a squirrel in downtown KCK. I have found comfort in the fact that I might of actually done him/her a favor due to its place of residence.

3. Normally I don't like sweets but I discovered Ben & Jerry's Peach Cobbler ice cream this week. I am on carton #2.

4. Manny's Mexican joint on SW Blvd is over rated. Do not believe the hype.

5. You never see Chinese people working at BBQ joints. This topic was covered extensively in my office this week. There is a $50 prize if anyone can bring back photographic proof of this.

6. Midgets can be homeless too. I met "Stan" this morning outside the Federal Reserve Building downtown. He had a cardboard sign asking for money, not will work for money, just money. Two things ran through my head. 1. I had never seen a homeless midget. 2. People in SUV's will never see that guys sign.

7. The Wal Mart in Topeka might posses the scariest collection of white people on earth.

8. My wife can make an incredible salad. The salads I make at the salad bar are inferior to the creation that she brought home last night.

9. My youngest daughter is a freaking comedian. Every thing she does is an attempt by her to be funny, and it works.

10. My oldest daughter might be a little bit spoiled. My wife on the other hand is spoiled.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


435 loop Day Trip

Today we set out to the Blue Springs BBQ Contest/Bike Show. It was hard to choose between that and the Harley Open House but I couldn't resist BBQ. Having been to Blue Springs only once I printed out a map and directions and handed it to my copilot (Kerry). Things were going smooth until we hit what I later learned was Scrapbookers row. Instead of telling me to turn on little blue parkway she was too busy pointing out a bankrupt scrapbooking store. We continued down 40 highway until she realized that we might of gone to far. After making a U Turn at Adams Dairy Parkway (nowhere near our turn) we were finally back on track. That is until she later tells me that she skipped a step in the directions and we had to backtrack once again. My wife was dead set on getting us lost. The way she read these directions can only be compared to the way she follows a Lasagna recipe.

The BBQ contest was pretty good with a lot of samples but the bike show had a lot to be desired. Other than the customs that were there the others were nowhere near show quality. A few of them I even recognized from Craigslist. So after eating some jacked up Funnel Cakes (how do you do that?) we decided to head home.

Once we got in the car we decided to head to the HD factory due to the lack of motorcycles seen at the BBQ contest. We headed North on 435 towards the airport which ended up being the long way. We arrived just as they were wrapping up for the day but there were still some exhibits open and a couple hundred motorcycles to look at so it was worth it, at least to me.

The next decision to be made was if we were going to Old Settlers days in Olathe or yet another Bike event in Platte City (10 minutes from the factory). Becca wanted to ride some rides so we headed South on 435. The copilot once again brought her A game and asked why I was taking the long way and I took her word for it and exited hoping to cut across to what she thought was the "right way". So Highway D ended up taking us to Highway N (both paved) and then back to 435 south. Along the way though we saw orchards and vineyards so it wasn't a complete waste of gas, however my Copilot lost all credibility at this point. The rout I had originally taken was in fact the quicker way home.

After a brief pit stop we headed to Old Settlers days in Olathe. This was the most miserable experience I have had in a long time. We walked up and down rows of Crap booths filled with trinkets the Indians wouldn't of accepted in exchange for Manhattan. Along the way Becca decided to take it upon herself to remind us that she wanted to ride rides, every 2 minutes.

After eating Corndogs and Tacos we headed over to Carniland to ride the rides. Usually when you go to these types of events it is easy to tell the difference between the carnis and the patrons, not today. Never before had I seen more inbreed hill folk in my life. The only thing dirtier than the people in this part of Old Settlers was the garbage on the street. After letting the kids ride some rides we unloaded the rest of our ride tickets on another family and left.

In the course of the day Becca and Bridget were silent for 2o minutes total. It was like having your own play by play crew with you analyzing every move, every word and every action taken. I could swear that Becca drank one of my energy drinks this morning. All in all though it was a good day. I better stop now before I type something that would get me in trouble.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Smoked Pig

The picture to the left is that of babe the pig. While babe the pig may be a lovable character that lived happily ever after on a farm with a mentally ill man, his brother didn't meet the same fate. On Sunday I ran to Price Chopper and picked up 2 10lbs. pork shoulders for a BBQ today. There is nothing better than Babes brother slowly cooked for 6 hours with a nice mixture of Hickory and Apple wood, rub and a little mustard.

Becca was a trooper and was with me from the lighting of the fire to the shredding of the pork. When she asked me what I was cooking I told her that it was pig and she didn't say a word about it. That all changed once I pulled them both out of the smoker ( 8 hours later)and started shredding them. We sat at the kitchen table with the two pork shoulders in one tray and the shredded meat going into the other (Kerry was scrap booking downstairs and Bridget was a sleep). Out of nowhere Becca asked me where the pigs face was and then its feet etc.... Priceless.

By the way Babes brother turned out great as did the chicken that shall remain nameless.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Safari of 2007.

Today we trudged through the Kansas City zoo. Armed with 2 cameras, cash, a stroller and sunblock we went head to head with some of the meanest animals known to man. Unlike the Crocodile Hunter I came back alive and able to pass along some photos of these vicious animals.