Saturday, September 08, 2007

435 loop Day Trip

Today we set out to the Blue Springs BBQ Contest/Bike Show. It was hard to choose between that and the Harley Open House but I couldn't resist BBQ. Having been to Blue Springs only once I printed out a map and directions and handed it to my copilot (Kerry). Things were going smooth until we hit what I later learned was Scrapbookers row. Instead of telling me to turn on little blue parkway she was too busy pointing out a bankrupt scrapbooking store. We continued down 40 highway until she realized that we might of gone to far. After making a U Turn at Adams Dairy Parkway (nowhere near our turn) we were finally back on track. That is until she later tells me that she skipped a step in the directions and we had to backtrack once again. My wife was dead set on getting us lost. The way she read these directions can only be compared to the way she follows a Lasagna recipe.

The BBQ contest was pretty good with a lot of samples but the bike show had a lot to be desired. Other than the customs that were there the others were nowhere near show quality. A few of them I even recognized from Craigslist. So after eating some jacked up Funnel Cakes (how do you do that?) we decided to head home.

Once we got in the car we decided to head to the HD factory due to the lack of motorcycles seen at the BBQ contest. We headed North on 435 towards the airport which ended up being the long way. We arrived just as they were wrapping up for the day but there were still some exhibits open and a couple hundred motorcycles to look at so it was worth it, at least to me.

The next decision to be made was if we were going to Old Settlers days in Olathe or yet another Bike event in Platte City (10 minutes from the factory). Becca wanted to ride some rides so we headed South on 435. The copilot once again brought her A game and asked why I was taking the long way and I took her word for it and exited hoping to cut across to what she thought was the "right way". So Highway D ended up taking us to Highway N (both paved) and then back to 435 south. Along the way though we saw orchards and vineyards so it wasn't a complete waste of gas, however my Copilot lost all credibility at this point. The rout I had originally taken was in fact the quicker way home.

After a brief pit stop we headed to Old Settlers days in Olathe. This was the most miserable experience I have had in a long time. We walked up and down rows of Crap booths filled with trinkets the Indians wouldn't of accepted in exchange for Manhattan. Along the way Becca decided to take it upon herself to remind us that she wanted to ride rides, every 2 minutes.

After eating Corndogs and Tacos we headed over to Carniland to ride the rides. Usually when you go to these types of events it is easy to tell the difference between the carnis and the patrons, not today. Never before had I seen more inbreed hill folk in my life. The only thing dirtier than the people in this part of Old Settlers was the garbage on the street. After letting the kids ride some rides we unloaded the rest of our ride tickets on another family and left.

In the course of the day Becca and Bridget were silent for 2o minutes total. It was like having your own play by play crew with you analyzing every move, every word and every action taken. I could swear that Becca drank one of my energy drinks this morning. All in all though it was a good day. I better stop now before I type something that would get me in trouble.