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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Raytown Logic?

Doesn't it take 2 sides to have a standoff?  Well, someone needs to tell that to the folks over at the Raytown police department.  It seems that they have spent the past 2 hours ensuring that a house didn't move.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Wire - Turkey Slows down murder

KC Killers take the Holiday weekend off to spend with family. Only 1 murder?  Could the city of turned the corner OR did Turkey make people sluggish in their killings?

1.  Note to all WT.  When robbing a "hotel", wear a mask and don't look directly into the freaking camera.
2.  Is it news when only one person is found murdered in the East Side or does it take multiple victims to get more coverage than this?
3.  Sex slave case in Missouri turns into BDSM "How to".
4.  Why would this guy press charges on his friend?  Sooooo he stabbed him, what's the big deal?
5.  Nothing sucks more than getting shot during a gun safety class.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Wire - WTF KC?

Hope does not exist in 50% of the metro.  

1.   East side adds burning bodies to its bag of tricks.  What makes this one extra special is that this was done at 630pm
2.  East side women get their asses kicked/shot by one of the areas finest.
3.  Raytown continues its downward slide with the drive by shooting of a senior citizen.
4.  Why any cab driver would venture into East KCMO is beyond me.  Murder
5.  Prospect is to murder as Olathe is to white trash. Murder
6.  Raytown is as good of a place as any to get shot.
7.  Double play tonight in the East Side.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Let's see what crimes were committed the past two days in the name of the "poor economy".

1. You know this guy will be the most feared guy in prison. "What are you in for?"; "Stealing clothes from women"; "No crap?"; "Eassssssst side BEYOTCH!"

2. Raytowna Beach suffers robberies from it's upscale shopping areas.............

3. Hispanic on Hispanic crime is on the rise in Olathe. I dream of a day in which Olathe is annexed by WYCO and we can rid ourselves of their crime stats.

4. Once they started taking our tax dollars the banks of the United States became fair game. If you pay taxes, robbing a bank has suddenly become a different way to withdraw your money.

5. KCMO cops have no aim. No wonder murderers aren't afraid of them.

6. This guys Eagle Scout project was off the hook.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


It appears that we are back on track in the metro and the effectiveness of my walk down troost was greatly over estimated.

1. The east side is finally off the bench and back in the game putting points on the board. Linwood & Gillham.

2. KCK residents seem to have a Dollar Store Robbery Fetish. Exactly how much money does one expect to steal when they are robbing the DOLLAR store? I know that the Dollar Store is the Nordstroms of KCK but come on....

3. I am not sure that 24th and Cottownwood Creek(KCK) would be safe at 12:30pm let alone 12:30 am.

4. The only click that Missouri teens are hearing is that of a handgun trigger. I for one have been wearing my seatbelt ever since DT died and never wore it before that.

5. Raytowna Beach joggers are not safe. Who knew?

6. Any time a liberal talks about voter registration you know that there is a crime about to be committed, so this story goes here.

7. A crime was actually reported on Quindaro. HOLY CRAP! I have friends on the KCK police department and they said that the reason that you never hear about how bad it really is in that part of town is due to nobody calling it in. They have been numbed to it.

8. As if the wife of the Mayor doesn't have enough problems. I heard her on the radio last week and she made my skin crawl.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


1. Crime is down in KC, well that is what they want you to think. Another murder in the hood. I have just about given up on the City Counsel, Mayor, Police Commissioner and civic leaders for this city. We need to set up a green zone like they have in Iraq and just let those that want to be caught up in gangs and drugs kill each other and focus on the neighborhoods and people that would welcome the attention (like the latino neighborhoods).

2. "Wanna see a dead body?" That line was used in two classic movies, Boyz in the Hood and Stand by me. Well these two had a movie like moment in Raytona yestarday. It amazes me how a dead body out in the open can go unnoticed for so long. The body belonged to Zack Gamble who had been missing since Christmas Eve. Did anyone even hear of this story before now? Where was the 24/7 news coverage (like Kelsey Smith)? I feel bad for the family and of course Zack. This story should of had more coverage than the weather.

3. The residents of Greensburg continue to make the people of New Orleans look pathetic.

4. America has been defeated!!!!!!!!!!!! For some reason I don't remember surrendering.

5. Fine they I say we hunt Pakistanis on Pakistan soil. Allies my ass. Whatever happened to we will go anywhere and everywhere to kill this people? Now we are letting this idiot that can't control his own country prevent us from killing Bin Laden. Bush sucks at being a war time president.

6. Even attempted murderers are selling their sex tapes.

7. Women with hour glass figures have smarter kids. I KNEW IT!