It seems that the only white snow left in KCMO is sold by the ounce. 
1.  From the it could only happen in Raytown section – 70 year old man causes explosion, has police stand off and then comes out of the house with a pistol and knife.  Awesome!
2.  Getting shot in the east side is like skinning your knee in the burbs.  Just put a band aid on the boo boo and get back to bangin.  That is 2 shot for the score keepers.
3. JOCO residents robbed in Shawnee by lost East Side residents.   You don’t find many JOCO folks driving glass houses.
4.  Topeka criminals get an early Christmas present.
5.  North OP residents continue to reap the benefits of living close to WYCO
6.  On a serious note.  If you are a chick living in the Waldo area do not walk alone.
7.  Lottery Tickets and Smokes are high ticket items in Shawnee.
8.  East Side guns don’t jam in the cold.
9.  You know your life sucks when you get gunned down standing in the freezing cold on Troost for the crappy metro.

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