Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Link Blast

Is there a haunted house in America that is scarier than living in the East Side?

1. 10 costumes that some might find questionable 
2.  24 of the freakiest human deformities you will ever see.  NSFW
3.  5 Most disgusting diseases that you can get.
6.  Kenny Powers and Rex Ryan use to be one in the same.
7.  The 43 best Jack O Lanterns of all time.
8.  How to buy Halloween candy without getting ripped off
9.  4 places that where cemeteries use to be that are now haunted
10. 15 costumes that are sure to offend at least one demographic.  "The sexy virgin mary" lol
12.  10 Awesome treats to give out for Halloween 
18.  What would Halloween be without Larry Moore's ghost stories?