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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Daily Link Blast

Proof that their is more than porn and politics on the internet. 

1.  Buying lingerie for dummies.  Even though this is suppose to be a serious article, slide #2 is hilarious.
2.  If only Oprah's waistline would shrink as fast as her stations ratings.
3.  Bill Maher gets put in check regarding his NFL/Socialism take by
4.  Orange County Choppers founder on steroids?  Nahhhhhhhhhhh.
5.  Midget - Gorilla Costume - Wrestling - Drop Kicked.  Does it get better?  Could be the greatest video ever on the internet.
6.  7 ways to screw over Starbucks.
7.  Miley Cyrus has come to the conclusion that getting your picture taken while taking a bong hit was a poor choice.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


For the price of $4 your average local burn out can find shelter for 12 hours a day. Not only do they get shelter, they get Coffee and OATMEAL. This move by Starbucks is going to slow down my prediction that the coffee house douche bags would finally go away.
Stay tuned.

Monday, January 05, 2009


If there is one thing that the metro area is full of it is coffee house dipsh*ts. These are the people that seem to have no job, life, family or goals other than making it to the coffee house in the morning and trying to make themselves look as repulsive as possible. Well there is good news Kansas City, that will soon be ending.

With the economy hitting the skids and people competing for jobs it will no longer be "cool" to be marginally employed. There will be enough of those people with out them having to try in 2009. Now this is where trickle down hipster economics comes into play and will finally put to an end the wannabe New Yorkers in the metro.
Less people working means that

There will be less new clothing bought...This means there will be less clothing donated to thrift stores which will drastically effect how they dress.

There will be less high end coffee bought...This means that Coffee Houses may start charging more for the low end stuff and putting restrictions on refills, What will yo do?

Free Wifi will become a thing of the past.........This will eliminate half of the crappy blogs on the internet because we all know that hipsters can't pay for their own internet.

People with good work ethic will be laid off. This means that you can no longer do a half ass job and expect to keep it. You will be one step closer to trading in your Hot Coffee for a cup of Hot Soup at the City Union Mission.

New Car sales will drop and people will hold onto their cars longer. Now you are really screwed, because you can't afford a new car and with a limited supply of used cars you can expect those prices to rise as well. Welcome to a life of bus riding and hitch hiking.

People will no longer be able to afford expensive groceries. This means that places like whole foods will become a thing of the past. There go your Wheat Grass shots.

These are just a few examples of how the recession will make the emo coffee house hipster a thing of the past. But at least you voted for a guy that has no experience in the White House to preserve your lifestyle. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Thursday, May 01, 2008


1. NJ liberals want to tax fast food & call it a SIN. Amazing what is and isn't considered a sin in Jersey.

2. 25th and Troost (where even the tulips die) site of latest slicing/dicing.

3. The hidden ghetto finally makes the news (and it is about time). It turns out that a stabbing took place at the Charter House apartment complex in Lenexa last night. Anyone familiar with that area (97th & Monrovia) will not be shocked by this event because they know that Charter House is nothing more than a Housing project in the middle of JOCO. Prostitution, Drug deals, gang activity and yes even violent crimes take place in this place on a daily basis.

4. The groundwork is being set for the greatest cover up in history. As more and more information comes out against the global warming hoax you knew a response was coming. Today scientist have come out and said that temps should hold for the next 10 years and might even COOL off. So lets follow the time line here. 1. The Ice Age was coming...2. Global warming is going to kill us all...3. Temps are to hold for the next 10 years.... You patrons of the Eco Church crack me up. WHICH IS IT? Lets not forget the f'd up hurricane predictions over the past 2 years as well. Al Gore is nothing more than David Koresh with more money and a bigger audience you lemmings are just as ignorant as the idiots that burned to their deaths.


6. People that hang out in coffee houses suck, so this is good news. Once Starbucks closes they will have to figure out different ways of imitating Ross & Rachel.

7. When a democrat talks about switching teams it typically means something entirely different....