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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kansas City needs vs Kansas City wants

Anyone that has been following Kansas City politics for the past few years has to be scratching their heads about the prioritization of projects.  The lack of recognition of the basic needs and wants of the citizens of Kansas City is a clear sign of blatant disregard and political elitism by elected and unelected leaders.  Is there anyone in City Hall or the KC Country club that gives a crap?

It would seem to me that the biggest needs for the city are the following 
  • Sewers
  • Tearing down of Abandoned Houses
  • Increased Policing
  • Sidewalks
  • Vacant lot cleanup 
  • Blight (half destroyed buildings, overgrown lawns, gang signs spray painted)
  • Something done with old schools
  • Getting rid of Kemper Arena
  • Improved roadways
  • Better trash pickup and snow removal
  • Lower Taxes
  • More equipment for first responders.

Instead the great minds in Kansas City have spent all their time and effort on the following
  • A light rail system that does absolutely nothing 
  • Redoing the one thing that people in the city thinks works, the airport.
  • A downtown hotel
  • Removing homeless from camps
  • Fact finding trips vacations for government employees 
  • Government control of Union Station (private ownership would have that thing making money hand over fist)
  • Low level drug arrests instead of high level players
  • Gun buyback programs that do NOT reduce crime
  • Retrofitting Kauffman instead of building downtown. 
  • Funkhouser legal fees
  • MAST
  • 1000 other wastes of money

Here are some questions that I have
  • Can you imagine what the city would look and feel like if the leaders actually listened to the people instead of worrying about legacy projects or elitist paybacks for political support?  
  • Wouldn't you like to see the Kemper family invest in cleaning up the city instead of crappy art that only 1% of the residents of this city will see?  
  • Don't the elitist in this city owe the residents something for all of the crap that the taxpayers have funded for them?  
  • Isn't anyone holding the politicians accountable for the lack of progress in addressing the basic needs of the city?
  • Does the city budget contain a breakdown of money spent per region in the city?  I think it would be interesting to see how much tax dollar money went to the Plaza, Downtown, Crown Center, East Side, West Side and NKC.  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Privacy no more

IRS: We can read emails without warrant - The Hill's Hillicon Valley 

I really don't even know where to begin with this.  We truly live in the worst era for personal freedom and privacy in American history.  Why are we looking more China than China?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Looks Like Brownback Sucks Too

The long list of crappy Kansas governors just got another name added to it, Sam Brownback.  It appears that this elitist wants to take away your mortgage deduction credits to help fix the states budget short falls. Who the hell does this guy think he is?

How about you A.  Cut spending OR B. Stop giving tax breaks to companies looking to relocate.  Why should the residents of your state PAY MORE and corporations that haven't been here EVER pay less? This makes no sense.  I am all or tax incentives to lure businesses into our state BUT NOT while at the same time personal taxes go up.

Your time is up and there is no way that you will be reelected to lead our state nor will you have a chance in hell at a presidential bid.  Wait, actually your policies and beliefs are pretty standard with presidential candidates to you might have a good shot at becoming a viable candidate.  Just not one that anyone would vote for or rally behind.  

You truly are a Republican and not even close to being a Conservative or Libertarian on Fiscal issues. You are a sellout an elitist and not worthy of my vote.

Friday, September 14, 2012

I WANT MY 2$!!!!!!!!!! - State of Kansas

Not since Lane Myer was haunted by a switchblade comb packing menace on a bicycle have these words meant more to residents of Kansas.  You see, our politicians screwed up big time with their new modernized DMV computer system and literally want us to bail their asses out for the low low price of $2 per resident.  Oh, and we really don't get much of a say in the whole matter before it happens.

That's right, the state is basically going to increase property taxes on every resident of the state and disguise it as a "fee" to help them make up for their incompetence.

Here is an idea, how about you have 3M discount their price enough to make up for the overtime since it is after all their fault (according to you).  OR how about we hold back the pay of those that worked on the system, decided to purchase the system and WHO LIED to us about how big of a problem it really was.  Shouldn't they be responsible?  They do after all report to the tax payers not the other way around.

In the grand scheme of things $2 to an individual isn't much and they are counting on all of to say "ohh well, it is only $2".  What you need to do is find out what that exact total equals and how that money could of been better spent.

Could we of saved 1 more life with median restraints on our highways with that money?
How many police officers could the state, county and local governments employ with that money?
Could we provide firefighters with better equipment with that money?
Could we of kept open some of the schools that we closed down with that money?

All of these would be a better use of a $2 per vehicle TAX increase on every vehicle in the state.  Instead we are going to spend that TAX money on a cover up of an incompetent group of government employees and the padding of the pockets of DMV employees.

Shouldn't we get to know the names of the people responsible for this and what actions were taken against them before we even consider bailing out their incompetence?  These folks don't still have jobs do they?  Thank about it, cashiers at grocery stores get fired for having a $10 shortage in their drawer.  Surely a multi-million dollar F*** Up like this should lead to the same right?????

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Joco Gov hates sex

The Joco government has flushed even more tax dollars down the drain (thanks Tony) in an effort to fight a crime that nobody cares about or knew about in our county.  Seriously, what is the difference between a whore you meet at a hotel or a Lions Gate whore you meet at Nick & Jakes?  They both wear to much make up, are way past their prime, are only interested in money, don't care if you are married and will take money in exchange for sex(just in different ways).  

Exactly how many officers and $$$ was spent on this little social cleansing?
Let's see, you have undercover operations, surveillance, officers to do the raid, booking, jail (meals, lodging, supervision) and then probation officers.  How many speeding tickets had to be given out to pay for this "raid"?  How many people were put into a "Diversion program" to fund this? 

I could see the need to crack down on this if it were happening out on the broad daylight and the solicitation was taking place on the streets like some other crappy parts of the metro (KCK & KCMO) but who the hell even knew this was going on???? 

The minute that this crap becomes visible and intrusive on our citizens is the minute that the crack down needs to take place.  Until then lets focus our attention on robberies, muggings, domestic violence and child abuse.  OR how about we just keep our property taxes lower!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Hoodrats with free Smart Phones?????

You get up every morning and put in a solid 10 hours of work so that you can provide your family with the things necessary to function in the world today.  Maybe if you are lucky you can save up for some luxury items like Cable TV, High Speed Internet, Smart Phones, Steak for dinner and maybe a nice vacation.  Well, it appears that you do it all for nothing. 

Why do it when you can get EVRYTHING for free?

That's right folks, over a billion dollars of our tax dollars are going to provide the welfare cases in this country with SMART PHONES.  Because every welfare mom should have 10 Iphones to keep in touch with the officehusbandteachersscout troopsneighborhood watch...and everyone should have the same opportunity to play Angry Birds that you do.  

Is there anything else left that the middle class can provide for the lazy class?  Hell, who wouldn't like to have $2000 a year added to your annual income?  Instead, we have that ripped from our pockets by the government creating a 4k swing in our take home.  Feels good right?

This country is going to hell.  

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Can you make the homeless homeless?

Thanks to a story I read on Tony's Kansas City I found out that YES you can make the homeless homeless.   This is typical of Kansas City.  See, the people that run the city can't make peoples lives any better BUT they have a long history of making people who are all ready miserable even more worst off.

It's the HIGHER plan and city leaders have flawlessly executed it now for over 40 years. 
  • Murder Rate, Higher
  • Unemployment, Higher
  • Uneducated, Higher
  • Homelessness, Higher
  • Taxes, Higher
  • Poverty Rate, Higher
The only thing that is lower is the life expectancy and expectations of the city's residents.  

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mission Gateway Joke

There are so many things wrong with this story that it is hard to find a starting place.  We are all being duped here by city, county and state officials for their inability to qualify a developer and their inability to sell the blighted field. 

1.  STAR Bonds were issued by Kansas in 2008 for this project as it was proposed to them.  STAR bonds are only issued for "regional attractions" with tourist attractions.  In 2008 this was passed with the thought of an aquarium being put in but with the aquarium going into Crown Center do we really expect someone to put one in Mission?  If the aquarium doesn't get built then the STAR Bonds should be canceled. 

2.  This is Wal-Mart that we are talking about here.  Does Wal Mart really need economic incentives to open a store in JOCO?  It's not like they are going out on a limb and opening a store on Prospect.

3.  How long will it take for these bonds to be paid back (if ever)?  This economy isn't exactly set up to support 150,000 feet of retail and and 150,000 square feet of office space.  Does the state need to pay for the massive screw up that Mission made?

4.  Isn't there a Wal Mart around the corner from this place now?  We are really going to pay for them to move down the street?  Did we finance the opening of their last store?

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


The taxpayers of KCMO have once again taken money out of their pockets for the benefit of JOCO residents.  Soccer Moms and little kids from JOCO will now be able to see more animals at the zoo as they drive by blight, poor infrastructure, police tape and uneducated kids that tax dollars could of gone to instead.

Monday, August 01, 2011


So let me get this straight.  The state of Kansas and city of Overland Park are giving out sweetheart deals to companies on the Mo side to come over to Kansas so that the tax base will increase.  BUT now, the city of Overland Park is wanting to increase our taxes to pay for these deals.  Why bother?  

I would rather keep our taxes low and only increase them for schools, parks and protection than to increase them for another 4 story office building with a large parking lot.  OR how about you give kick backs to companies/developers to rebuild the blighted parts of JOCO.  Like ummm Metcalf South, all of 75th street, the mistake in Mission etc...  

If you want to come to Overland Park and open a business in an nice community great.  If you need money to make it "worth it" then take your business down to prospect where the tax incentives are incredible. 

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thank you for supporting the E - Tax

On behalf of all of us in Johnson County I would like to thank you ignorant fools for keeping your tax scam.  We will continue to welcome KCMO companies and white collar employees fleeing your corrupt crime filled city to our oasis of commerce. 

Try collecting a Tax from a vacant building and empty houses lol. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


You silly KCMO bastards crack my ass up. Seriously, one month you are bitching about cutting city jobs and not being able to hire additional police officers and THIS WEEK you are talking about raising taxes to fund museums that are rarely visited. This is almost as funny as light rail...I said almost.

Call me crazy but isn't crime a far more serious problem than museum funding? If you want to increase taxes wouldn't it be a better idea to use that money to hire additional officers and buy some Humvee's for the officers patrolling the East Side?

Does Kansas City really need a Museum? What is so historical about this town? We slaughtered some Indians, had crooked politicians and at one point in town had a cattle industry that was thriving. Do we really need to fund a museum that is full of crap that other than being old has no historical significance?

The following museums can be found in the metro area.

Arabia Steam Boat
Negro League Baseball
Toy & miniature
American Royal
Kemper Art
Union Station
Garment District Museum
Thomas Hart Benton
Hair Museum
Doll Museum
Alexander Majors
Strawberry Hill
Missouri Frontier
Harry Truman
Mahaffee farmstead
Jackson County Jail Museum
AND THAT IS JUST A SMALL SAMPLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an idea, combine your resources and make one museum that is actually worth a damn. It is no wonder all of the Museums suck, all the crap is spread out at different "museums" . All of these places complain that they are under funded and attendance is poor. NO CRAP! Who has time to go to all of these places to see nonhistorical old crap?

KCMO needs to give these jackass's the finger and get more cops.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


1. Once again violence hits the most overrated community in the Metro.

2. The worst headline I have ever seen for a sports story in media history. "Viking Quest Completed"? The guy that wrote that should be canned.

3. The Kansas City Star continues to cram light rail down our throats. It is almost as if they had an agenda but we all know that isn't possible, right?

4. Are we suppose to feel pity for a bunch of kids that took bad drugs? Give me a freaking break.

5. Will Global Warming be the cause for the sudden aggressiveness of Sting Rays?

6. Cat fight amongst middle school teachers. The lack of pictures for this story is another sign of crappy journalism.

7. Maybe the Chinese Army isn't all that it is hyped to be. What army needs reinforcements to battle monks?

8. Liberals want you to pay more for gas. I couldn't make up this story if I tried.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Have you ever wondered how much time city employees spend on the internet (on your dime) reading useless sites like this one? So far today I have had a city of Lenexa employee spend over an hour off & on reading this blog through out the day.

It is one thing to have someone to surf the net while working but at the expense of a tax payer? Is this why we get money taken out of our checks every week? Is this why we get hit again when buy a home, car, investments, gas, food, clothes, water etc.....

Next time you want to increase my taxes check the productivity level of your employees before you do so.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I don't think anyone is going to top this guy so I am safe in putting this up on Wednesday. Warren Buffett said that he SHOULD pay more in taxes yesterday in a press conference. Thanks Warren, I am glad that you say that NOW after you have made your billions and all of your money is protected in offshore accounts and investments that you come out and say that. Nothing makes me feel better than sending 40% of my pay to the government.

I would like to ask Warren one question. How are the rest of us suppose to achieve financial wealth in the current system? If this jackass wants to pay more in taxes then he can move to Canada.