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Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's your Zoo now East Side, enjoy

Altercation at KC Zoo ‘free day’ leads to arrest -

I have held off on commenting on this story because honestly it was just too big of a target and there was just too much speculation on what happened. BUT NOW I feel like I can.

Let's see how much is wrong with this whole scenario

1.  Free day is suppose to reward tax payers for footing the bill for the Zoo BUT how many people that went actually paid taxes to fund the zoo?  I can guarantee that non of the people in the fight did.

2.  How does the mayor hope that East Side parents getting more involved in their kids lives would be good for them?  By all reports the PARENTS were the main offenders here.  The saying that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree applies.

3.  The Zoo will now suffer the same fate as Bannister Mall, Indian Springs Mall, Worlds of Fun and yes the Plaza.  Attendance will drop, funds will dry up, exhibits will close and blight will set in on the park.

4.  Alternatives will sprout up.  Deanna Rose is all ready a huge hit in Joco and takes away attendance from the zoo.  How long before a "new zoo" gets developed in Joco or West Wyco?  I have heard from several people out here that say that they will NOT be back.

5.  You knew it was coming.  The Zoo is surrounded by a war zone.  This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.  Remember all the people getting car jacked on their way back from Starlight?????  How long will it be before someone get shot at the freaking zoo?  Do they have metal detectors?  Sufficient security?

The city has an average zoo at best, is it really worth the time, gas money and entry fee to put yourself at risk?  Jocoians everywhere will ask themselves this over the next few months and the results will not be good

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Metro Life Expectancy

What does it say about our city when an Elephant at the Zoo (51)  has a longer life expectancy than most East Side Residents? 

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


The taxpayers of KCMO have once again taken money out of their pockets for the benefit of JOCO residents.  Soccer Moms and little kids from JOCO will now be able to see more animals at the zoo as they drive by blight, poor infrastructure, police tape and uneducated kids that tax dollars could of gone to instead.

Monday, June 23, 2008


1. The PR department at the KC Zoo is almost as bad as the zoo itself. This is the crappiest promo I have ever seen. Thank god JOCO has Deanna Rose

2. Anytime that government jobs are cut, it is a good thing. Congratulations to the people of Olathe! I doubt that you will notice a difference yet you will be saving close to a million dollars.

3. Natural Selection fails in Salina.

4. Phil Kline wins one.

5. "Whiners" -LA Homeless guy living in a box

6. Arkansas will never shed its hillbilly reputation if stories like this continue to come out.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


1. The Mayor has to be pissed that this shooting didn't take place a block down the road but I think the timing is PERFECT. As I stated when the mayor launched his idiotic blight rail plan, the East Side of KCMO is NOT the spot to have your light rail hub. What commuter from the Burbs of Missouri wants to deal with random bullets while waiting for the next train, bus or stage coach (he does include stage coaches in his plan doesn't he?)?

2. COTU? Who the hell names a chimp COTU? Even funnier is that someone believes that a caged chimp is the Center Of The Universe. The people that bought the naming rights to these animals are the same idiots that dress up in safari gear when going to the zoo.

3. Let's just hope that these aren't the same people that said that the levees would last in New Orleans....And who the hell goes to school to become a Hydrologist? Wasn't that what Bobby Boucher called himself?

4. MOVIE NIGHT? What the hell is this crap? More KCMO tax dollars being flushed........

5. Who robs a freaking Wal Mart?

6. Once again the show me state amazes me. This time the two Gov candidates are fighting over Viagra. Holy crap.

7. Sick story regarding "child sex trade" in Kansas City. I am sure that the Mayor couldn't be reached for comment due to a blight rail meeting.

8. I can't believe that this story came out AFTER Fathers Day...

9. Three Drive by shootings in one morning. BE PROUD EAST SIDE!