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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


1. The Mayor has to be pissed that this shooting didn't take place a block down the road but I think the timing is PERFECT. As I stated when the mayor launched his idiotic blight rail plan, the East Side of KCMO is NOT the spot to have your light rail hub. What commuter from the Burbs of Missouri wants to deal with random bullets while waiting for the next train, bus or stage coach (he does include stage coaches in his plan doesn't he?)?

2. COTU? Who the hell names a chimp COTU? Even funnier is that someone believes that a caged chimp is the Center Of The Universe. The people that bought the naming rights to these animals are the same idiots that dress up in safari gear when going to the zoo.

3. Let's just hope that these aren't the same people that said that the levees would last in New Orleans....And who the hell goes to school to become a Hydrologist? Wasn't that what Bobby Boucher called himself?

4. MOVIE NIGHT? What the hell is this crap? More KCMO tax dollars being flushed........

5. Who robs a freaking Wal Mart?

6. Once again the show me state amazes me. This time the two Gov candidates are fighting over Viagra. Holy crap.

7. Sick story regarding "child sex trade" in Kansas City. I am sure that the Mayor couldn't be reached for comment due to a blight rail meeting.

8. I can't believe that this story came out AFTER Fathers Day...

9. Three Drive by shootings in one morning. BE PROUD EAST SIDE!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The Mayors new light rail plan might be the worst one to date. Who plans a transit system that takes you nowhere? Seriously, what large employers does this thing run by? What a joke. The only thing that this thing is good for is blight tourism. Maybe I can set up a souvenir shop and sell shell casings and crack pipes to urban tourists. I can just hear kids saying "gee mommy, I hope that we can see a drive by". WHO THE HELL GOES TO TROOST ON A DAILY BASIS?

This city is built around Interstate access and suburban sprawl so any transit system that is proposed should run similar routes, not take you away from them. What sane person is going to drive 5 miles, park(surely not free) then walk from the parking lot to the train station, ride the train, catch a bus, get on the light rail, then catch another bus in order to get someplace?

If I were a resident of one of these towns I would want to know what numbers were used to come up with this plan. Seriously, what large employers and large population bases does this thing give you direct access to?

Here is my solution to Kansas City's transit problem.

Friday, February 08, 2008


The Mayor of KCMO is pushing light rail that would link JOCO to the rest of the city. This is the exact opposite direction that the dome needs to be going in. As I have posted earlier we need to incorporate draw bridges, moats, security check points etc... in order for us to preserve the high quality of life that we have. People in the dome have cars, not bus passes.

I would be in favor of JOCO to start requiring work Visas to be used to gain entry for those that work here but live elsewhere.

I would be in favor of 4 parking lots(North, South, East, West) in which people from out of town can park their "cars" and take the JO (nobody uses it anyways) to their place of work or shopping. The parking lot blight in this town has got to stop.

I would be in favor of a JOCO based news program(KSOP). Nobody wants to wade through the 15 minutes of violent crimes that take up the first part of the news before we get to sports & weather.


Thursday, November 15, 2007


1. The xbox360 might be the greatest gaming system ever made. It is easy to use, games are affordable and plentiful and the online play is fast.
2. The cold air is crippling me. It seems that any progress that I made health wise over the summer has been pushed back. I am back to taking pain medicine and using biofreeze. Is there nothing that can be done to help me?
3. When is this road construction going to end? It is suppose to start wrapping up once it hits November yet it seems that the keep starting more and more projects. Here is an idea, FINISH SOMETHING, ANYTHING before starting more projects.
4. I ate at "In a Tub" yesterday for the first time and I couldn't believe that this little gem had slipped my radar for so long. If you are up North and looking for cheap Mexican fast food I suggest you give it a shot.
5. I put a disclaimer up on the blog today. It was something that I felt had to be done in order to maintain some sorta order in here. It isn't as if I have had a lot of negative comments (4 total). Most people that read this spot "get it". Others seem to have a hard time dealing with the fact that someone might have different views of the world than them and they look past the humor in which most of these posts are made. So that is the reason for the disclaimer. This place is suppose to be fun, not a ground for an open debate on social issues(start your own blog). If you would like to leave a comment or shoot me an email that is fine but know that if it is a negative comment it will not be published or responded to, same with emails. This is mostly in regards to anything political. If you have differing opinions on food, music, motorcycles, my rants they will be published.
6. Does anyone else think that a light rail system shooting down Metcalf from 151st street to Johnson Drive (North - South) and from State line to Woodland road on 119th street make sense?. If the other metro counties want to link up great but why are we waiting until KCMO come up with a plan that will stick?
7. The Girl Scout cookie shakedown has begun. I am already on the hook for 10 boxes from my bosses kid and god only knows how many my wife will order from her friends. I think that I will resell them on E Bay in June when people have run out of thin mints and need their fix.
8. On Veterans day I had one person say Happy Veterans day to me. Gee thanks. On a good note this blog is read by many troops serving overseas from this area and I have received some great emails from them.
9. My buddy just spent $700 on a pair of tickets for the MU/KU game. $700! If MU were to lose on Saturday to K State the game becomes a nonfactor. I couldn't imagine spending that much on two tickets to one event. I remember being able to get in for free at half time to KU football games. Thank you to all of you Bandwagon fans for driving up the price of the tickets.
10. LED - Zeppelin if finally available on I Tunes for purchase.
11. I have not watched one KU Basketball game yet this year. I find it hard to start watching college basketball in November unless it is a major preseason tournament. Watching KU destroy the likes of UMKC means nothing.
12. What do Indians do for Thanksgiving?