Monday, August 01, 2011


So let me get this straight.  The state of Kansas and city of Overland Park are giving out sweetheart deals to companies on the Mo side to come over to Kansas so that the tax base will increase.  BUT now, the city of Overland Park is wanting to increase our taxes to pay for these deals.  Why bother?  

I would rather keep our taxes low and only increase them for schools, parks and protection than to increase them for another 4 story office building with a large parking lot.  OR how about you give kick backs to companies/developers to rebuild the blighted parts of JOCO.  Like ummm Metcalf South, all of 75th street, the mistake in Mission etc...  

If you want to come to Overland Park and open a business in an nice community great.  If you need money to make it "worth it" then take your business down to prospect where the tax incentives are incredible.