Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Joco Gov hates sex

The Joco government has flushed even more tax dollars down the drain (thanks Tony) in an effort to fight a crime that nobody cares about or knew about in our county.  Seriously, what is the difference between a whore you meet at a hotel or a Lions Gate whore you meet at Nick & Jakes?  They both wear to much make up, are way past their prime, are only interested in money, don't care if you are married and will take money in exchange for sex(just in different ways).  

Exactly how many officers and $$$ was spent on this little social cleansing?
Let's see, you have undercover operations, surveillance, officers to do the raid, booking, jail (meals, lodging, supervision) and then probation officers.  How many speeding tickets had to be given out to pay for this "raid"?  How many people were put into a "Diversion program" to fund this? 

I could see the need to crack down on this if it were happening out on the broad daylight and the solicitation was taking place on the streets like some other crappy parts of the metro (KCK & KCMO) but who the hell even knew this was going on???? 

The minute that this crap becomes visible and intrusive on our citizens is the minute that the crack down needs to take place.  Until then lets focus our attention on robberies, muggings, domestic violence and child abuse.  OR how about we just keep our property taxes lower!