Thursday, May 03, 2012

Hoodrats with free Smart Phones?????

You get up every morning and put in a solid 10 hours of work so that you can provide your family with the things necessary to function in the world today.  Maybe if you are lucky you can save up for some luxury items like Cable TV, High Speed Internet, Smart Phones, Steak for dinner and maybe a nice vacation.  Well, it appears that you do it all for nothing. 

Why do it when you can get EVRYTHING for free?

That's right folks, over a billion dollars of our tax dollars are going to provide the welfare cases in this country with SMART PHONES.  Because every welfare mom should have 10 Iphones to keep in touch with the officehusbandteachersscout troopsneighborhood watch...and everyone should have the same opportunity to play Angry Birds that you do.  

Is there anything else left that the middle class can provide for the lazy class?  Hell, who wouldn't like to have $2000 a year added to your annual income?  Instead, we have that ripped from our pockets by the government creating a 4k swing in our take home.  Feels good right?

This country is going to hell.