Wednesday, July 23, 2008

AWESOME DAY IN KCK (that should be their slogan)

I for one am glad that Kansas City doesn't have a gang problem.

1. Why use a gun when a grenade is much more effective(if you know how to use it)? It is good to see that KCK is advancing to grenades as KCMO regresses to knives.

2. Parallel to what? Hell? This is the shooting that brought on the grenade attack.

3. KCMO man gets face lift from a 9mm.

4. Cut liver, blood in urine and messed up kidneys and spleen for the kids of this East Side mom.

5. People aren't the only things screwed in KCK.

6. JOCO juveniles go Hi Tech and stupid.

7. Another Ho bust in Lenexa.

8. If you were a peeping tom would you really target a Sears Dressing room? Good god some people have no standards.

9. When one thinks about prostitution the first place they think is Carbondale, Ks.

10. Roof prices are about to skyrocket!