Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Wire -Dead City Walking

Look for a nice uptick in crime this weekend.  The weather is nice, guns are loaded and there is plenty of revenge to be had.  Happy shootings this weekend fellas.

1.  Psycho plots to shoot up High School in Missouri
2.  Family of molested girl passed on telling the cops and decided to just keep the man away.  OH, the girl was 5.
3.  Gardner standoffs suck compared to KCMO standoffs.
4.  JOCO homes will continue to be burglarized until we put up check points on 435 to block all Missouri residents from our county unless they have papers
5.  You know times are tough when the professional crooks in Missouri have to use ROCKS to rob people.
6.  It wouldn't be the same if we didn't have a KCMO stabbing to report.  50 stitches is decent but I would of liked to of see a little more effort.
7.  12 year old raped by 18 year old in Grandview.
8.  Home Invasions in KCMO are making a comeback.
9.  KCK steps up to the plate with a nice gas station shooting off of 10th street.  Rare for such a nice part of town.....