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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

SMSD Leadership Morons

Remember when the SMSD was the best district in the city?  Where common sense overruled liberal ideals that set many other districts back?  Well it is obvious that the current leadership is trying to go the PC route by "taking strongest stand possible against firearms on school property".  

That's right folks, people that want to shoot up schools, buses and sporting events will now be frightened of the No Guns on premises signs that will go up district wide.  Even though this tactic has proven to be more symbolism than substance through out the nation, the SMSD believes that it will work this time.  

Maybe they believe that since the literacy rate in JOCO is amongst the highest in the nation that suicidal murdering maniacs will READ their sign and stop.  

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rosehill Elementary Victim of Neighborhood Sucktitude

Having grown up in that area and later lived in the Rosehill area I can tell you that this comes as no surprise.  The once family friendly and middle class neighborhoods that use to surround the school are gone and have been replaced with Section 8 housing and low rent hotels.  Some of the kids that show up for school there look like they haven't showered in days and most are on some sort of government meal program so of course they are carrying viruses.  Who the hell is going to take them to the Doc?  Everyone knows that people on government assistance carry diseases.  duh.   Keep in mind that this is the Richard Grissom Hood

Let's all face the facts here.  The Shawnee Mission School District's greatness is a thing of the past (check out the test scores for West and North) and you can thank local leadership for neglecting Northern Joco and instead expanding West and South. This has allowed for once nice apartment complexes to be turned into section 8 drug zones and single family houses into meth labs.  

That area is just another example of Northern Johnson County going to shit.  Once our kids were old enough to attend elementary school, we moved to Blue Valley without even giving it a second thought.  Who would want their kids hanging around unhealthy kids?  

True Jocoians know when it is time to pick up and head for bluer valleyer pastures.